Shane Douglas Says TNA Payed ECW Originals $250

ECW Original Shane Douglas spoke with Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling. Douglas talked about his Extreme Reunion, thoughts on Vince McMahon as a promoter and more. The full interview can be heard on or iTunes.

Douglas talked about TNA President Dixie Carter paying ECW Originals a low amount of money for the TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view:

“After Dixie Carter did her show [Hardcore Justice] and paid the guys a ridiculous sum of money, $250 to go out there and do what we do better than most people do, that to me was just so disrespectful. For somebody who has been born and raised in a billion dollar household with a silver spoon in her mouth and up her backside, to ask guys to go out there and do that, for that little bit of money and then when it did better than any pay-per-view event in the last five years, didn’t even offer so much as an extra penny on top of it.”

“I said then and I stand by it, shame on you Dixie Carter that you’d expect anybody to do that in this day and age. At the same time she pays Ric Flair, 62, 63 years old, $35,000 a night. 60 year old Hulk Hogan, $75,000 a night and then somehow figures that these guys that come from ECW just don’t have any value or worth at all. I plan on disproving that.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Deleted_Account

    Damn I wouldn’t even bother going through airport security for $250. Wonder if on top of that they had to drive themselves to the venue WTF.

    • vadertime33

      true…they prolly did

  • jccox01

    The Rise And Fall Of TNA. Coming 2012.

    • Solomonster_IS_GAY

      What rise?

      • Jmc60

        The complete crap that was TNA: Coming to DVD and Bluray in 2012

    • MayhemRUs

      Sorry I must’ve misread, what Fall? It’s 2012 and even though their ratings are indeed pathetic, TNA is still in business; but hey if you don’t believe me, then check the facts my dear friend/s.
      It’s TNA that’s carrying Spike with their ratings, not BEJ, not Jail, and definitely not Spike’s obsession for a Star Wars 1-6 marathon every freak’n week, Manswers, or MMA stuff.
      TNA ‘s got something to be proud of, not much but it is a big something to Spike’s channel ratings. I’d take a 1.0 viewership any given day over all the other crap Spike has on their station.

      • Deleted_Account

        Spike may need TNA, but that show is just unwatchable.

        • wwetnadudez

          No ones asking you to watch dawg.

          • Deleted_Account


          • MayhemRUs

            It’s only unwatchable because you wont watch it? Well that’s not fair; but I bet you’re not the only one. This really should be a comment page for those who actually watch TNA and have something to really complain about, rather than just ranting about nothing they wont even watch.
            Please go away.

          • Deleted_Account

            I do watch it. For me it is important that TNA succeeds. I do not mark for any company, as they do not pay me, but I do pay them. A better product means more variety, new angles, network wars, but let’s be honest here.

  • Fathead

    This is the guy that won the NWA belt then renamed it the ECW belt right?

    • vadertime33


      • Fathead

        I think I remember him.

  • butterpecs

    That sucks and everything, but on the flip side did those guys willingly do the show knowing they were going to be paid so little? I mean, if you have standards then by all means turn the offer down.

    • siberian_skies

      Exactly! They agreed to that pay. He’s just trying to stay relevant by whining about it now.

    • Deleted_Account

      I missed that line, yeah if they knew about it, they have no right bitching about it.

  • Ohbobsaget

    They were so offended by this that he decided to go and preform that night.

    • Scott Sanchez

      Actually he didn’t wrestle that nite….

  • kquickstillsucks

    I don’t doubt one bit the pay was that low. But I don’t care about Shane Douglas or ECW it’s 2012 it’s over….the memories are nice but anything now is a bastardization of the original ECW.

  • LittleJimmyGotGot

    Who gives a damn. Those ECW guys are just a bunch of slobs who think people still care about them. Your wrestling days are over go get a real job and contribute to society if u want to make big bucks

  • Superlative

    $250 bucks to mediocre wrestlers to go out there and perform for one night on a PPV hardly anyone is gonna watch…sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Obviously they did to since they agreed to such wages. Anyone else tired of Shane Douglas always trying to speak on behalf of anyone whos ever been associated with ECW, not even Heyman is this attached to that company.

    • vadertime33

      not worth it at all.. 250 is trash.. they took cause they thought they mite get another shot… u said hardly anyone is gunna watch but like he said that was their biggest ppv

  • wwetnadudez

    Who honestly gives a shit if they were paid 250? There stars that most of the “wrestling” fans don’t know, honestly the only ones I knew where Rhino, Tommy and Sandman I think, your not really relevant, get over yourself Shane.

    • Jager1017

      that’s ’cause you’re too young to appreciate. what about the dudleys? or balls mahoney? sabu? did you happen to see mick foley or stone cold? justin credible..? blue meanie, steven richards or saturn..? these are all former ecw wrestlers, heard of any of them? think before you speak. probably one of the kids who was all on the rock’s dick for returning because you thought he’d save the wwe. you kids have no respect.

      • wwetnadudez

        Well, that’s a nice little rant you had but I was kind of talking about the PPV, you adults could ask, i swear it’s like you adults have no respect.

    • DAX

      Ehm… Jericho, Austin, Foley, Guerrero, Benoit, Van Dame all came from ECW and thats just guys who won WWE Title. ECW whas a goldmine of tallent.

      • wwetnadudez

        I’m not denying that there was talent there, I have watched some ECW stuff, not just the recent stuff, and like I said to Jager1017, I meant the ppv.

  • Seth Bob

    They don’t deserve any more than $250, lol.

  • WCWPunk

    This pay per view was so 2011. Almost a year ago. And this guy now complains about the pay after AGREEING to wrestle at that pay per view for that pay? What an idiot. Obviously the guy just wants attention seeing he can’t get it anywhere else.

  • qwertyboy

    Flair and Hogan couldn’t start a chant at Raw and go unnoticed. I would pay this guy more to man the hotdog stand.

  • Jables

    He’s still going on about this? Didn’t I see this same thing on this site a couple months ago?

  • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

    Hey, them guys ought to be lucky they even got paid. Personally, as a fan, if I had to go to a TNA show and these guys were annouced, i would want the promoters to pay me $250 for having to sit through that show. I’d want paid quite a bit more if it was a show featuring Hogan, Flair and the Bischoffs. ;)

  • thedirtydog

    Payed? Really SeScoops?

  • Mr_DJ

    getting a “high” PPV rating by TNA standards isn’t impressive

    and the PPV was garbage

  • Jacob.Galliher

    I’m a fan of Shane Douglas, but I’m tired of listening to his bitching and complaining about that show and what the wrestlers were paid. If it’s such a big deal the people that worked the show for the $250 should be the ones upset about it.

    And the weekend ended up getting them more than $250 because most of them were on the Impact taping the following night and most of them were featured in the TNA Xtreme trading card set which got them a payday from the trading card company as well, plus I’m sure their travel and accommodations were taken care of by the company as well.

  • JamieEvsxx

    I guess $250 is better than nothing…nonetheless still sucks they weren’t paid as much…=/

  • Branford Branman Barnes

    TNA Won’t be rising or falling because Spike TV is committed to them through a contract that is what keeps them afloat! But as far as this goes it was only one match I don’t really why people are so up in arms how much do you think TNA really makes on these shows? I bet they bearly broke even. Also alot of those wrestlers were contracted to TNA Dreamer Dudleys come of the top of my head as guys who made more then $250