Photo: Sheamus’ Beard Is Back

– WWE Superstar Kane had his “first day on the job” as the “Director of Operations” for WWE during Friday’s live event in Brussels, Belgium. Kane came out in a suit and tie and interfered in the Randy Orton vs. Big Show match. Kane helped Orton get the win over Big Show and then called out The Shield to give Big Show a beatdown. Show ended up clearing house of all the heels and challenged Kane to come in the ring and face him one-on-one. Kane backed down and ended up leaving. After the show, Kane tweeted “First day on the job. #WWEBrussels.”

– For those keeping track of the Sheamus facial hair story, the former World Heavyweight Champion appears to be growing his beard back out.

Photo Of Sheamus Clean Shaven (No Beard)

Below is a photo of a recent personal appearance that shows Sheamus’ beard growing back in: