Sheamus’ Losing Streak, Shaul Guerrero News, Axxess

– Chavo “Classic” Guerrero recently appeared on and was asked about his brother Eddie Guerrero’s daughter, Shaul Guerrero, debuting with WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling. Chavo said he wished he could have trained Shaul.

In a somewhat surprising comment, he said he believes that if Eddie were still alive, Shaul would not be involved in the wrestling business. Chavo Sr. also said that Vickie Guerrero has really separated herself from the Guerrero family since Eddie passed away.

– King of the Ring winner Sheamus has lost his last 6 pay-per-view matches heading into his WrestleMania feud with United States Champion Daniel Bryan. So far this year, the former WWE champion has a win-loss record on television (and pay-per-views) of 1-8.

RAW producer Kevin Dunn is reportedly not fan of Sheamus, despite Triple H being a strong ally of his.

– The WrestleMania Axxess signings on Saturday night during the WWE Hall of Fame are usually dreaded by some of the WWE talents as they have to miss the start, or sometimes all of the ceremony. The wrestlers signing during the Hall this year are David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, The Usos, Primo, Chris Masters, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • J.R.399

    So this proves that it doesn’t matter that you have friends in high places. That you must WORK for what you want. HHH WORKED is way up. JOHN CENA WORKED his way up. CHRIS JERICHO, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, THE UNDERTAKER, THE MIZ, THE ROCK ALL WORKED there ways up. JOHN MORRISON’S TIME IS COMING AT WRESTLEMANIA.

  • killer16

    J.R.399 i was thinking the same thing. after i saw this.

  • frijole2011

    Who cares about the Guerreros? Eddie croaked because he was such a hardcore drug addict, and fat Vickie has so much “go away” heat she’s getting kicked off TV. The Axxess signing is nothing but a bunch of boring mid-carders.

  • steamboat86

    anger management frijole2011

  • l3gitjok3r

    Well, @J.R.399 If my memory is correct, The Rock got a push, regardless of his skills, he still needed to improve his wrestling but got a push, being a sole survivor during survivor series and beat HHH for the IC championship, but then again he improved VERY quickly.

  • dean hydra

    @jr 399 exactly what i was thinking. just cause your hunters bff doesnt mean you get a free ride. Also @frijole2011 hop off eddie dude. He may have done drugs but he did whatever he could so he could be a big star im wwe and not be a jobber for life like jtg or barretta. He made his choice but at least he went out somewhat peacefuly and he was honored for being the best there was after he passed. Plus some of those mid carders imo are future world champs like barret and masters who should be getting pushed this year.

  • rabidwolverine

    I agree with J.R.399 to an extent. Some people get rockets put on their back or up the @$$ like Brock Lesnar, Del Rio, and Goldberg for a world title. I didn’t like Shame-us at 1st mainly bcuz he didn’t put his time in and he was kinda green in the ring (could still hold a match though), but I actually thought he started to grow as a main event BIG heel.
    I think the RAW producer is just F@cking up his character with that ridiculous KOTR outfit, extra long Finlay shillelagh and losses to boot. Speaking of which, after losing so many times, it takes any legitimacy out of winning KOTR.
    I get that he’s being put on the back burner, but DAMN (trademark infringement) he’s nothing more than a MARK now. I could understand if losing was a part of a storyline, but there is no change in Shame-us’ demeanor, no build up on his losing streak or anything. If they were going somewhere with it, it’s WAY TOO subtle to follow, and then they just insert him against Mark Henry(which I think is a good fued), but that just seemed like it was on a whim. Kevin Dunn should be removed from handling HIS storylines cuz he’s doing him dirty for not “PAYING HIS DUES” and just destroying a potentially good character.

  • rabidwolverine

    @frijole2011 – Eddie stopped using drugs prior to his death. Anybody in and out of the biz would testify to that. The tragedy is that he didn’t stop sooner.

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    @frijole2011 – you’re coldblood…like matt hardy. lol

  • JuggaloJK

    i think since the sheamus/hhh feud isnt gonna happen they should bring back Finlay and let him wreslte Sheamus

  • supermanthathoe

    John Morrison’s time isn’t coming. He can’t cut a promo to save his life (as a face). He’s nothing more than a glorified gymnast.

  • Realone90

    @frijole2011, Eddie stopped doin drugs years before his prior death. If anybody was a hardcore addict, it was Benoit. He destroyed any respect people had for him, and despite his skills in the ring, Benoit as a person, he’s the real hardcore addict and he’s still burning in eternal hell as we speak. Lay off Eddie and blame Benoit.

  • llennellV3

    The fact that he did what he did, shows that he’s mind was already f’d up. It happens a lot, just not on celebrities. You can blame them for the decisions that got them there, but not for their final decision. Because his mind was NOT stable then. Just like a guy in Colombia that ATE his father..after he cooked him, while he was eating him, do you think his mind was as normal as ours? Nope. Everyone is stuck with their “mind”, I’ve seen families where suicide seems to be hereditary….WEAK minds….can’t really blame them, they were born that way.

    I think everyone has a breaking point where they could seriously blankout, do something stupid and RRREEEAALLLYYY regret it.

    I know it’s F’d up, but hey.

  • tnawwefan4life

    @frijole2011….cold comments on a very gifted wrestler,he passed away from an enlarged heart,sure he did drugs in the past but that was long before he passed most wrestlers that started out many years ago they used steroids to make themselves look impressive.Eddie just happened to be one of those many wrestlers.There were no weaknesses with Eddie.all around impressive

  • LupineMP3j

    It’s rather a shame that Sheamus is stuck where he is. The guy was getting pushed hard before. Now he’s becoming a comedy act, especially with that RIDICULOUS king getup. WHY can WWE not have a freaking King of the Ring match without turning the winner into His Royal Douchebaggery?

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Its good that he gets out of the main event for a while, but to how low he has gone? I don’t like it one bit. I didn’t mind him putting over John Morrison, but he needs to have a little more credibility. You can’t just go from WWE Champ to jobber. At least not so quickly. I look forward to his match with Bryan at WM, even though I want Bryan to win.