Sheamus Weighs In On The Rock’s Semi-regular Returns, The Shield’s Impact On WWE

Sheamus joined Chad Dukes of CBS Radio 106.7 the Fan & for an interview promoting the Royal Rumble. Sheamus discusses delivering a White Noise to the Big Show, The Royal Rumble, The Rock, The Shield, and Magners vs. Guinness. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

The Rock: “I personally think it’s a great thing when the Rock comes back for the simple reason that having someone like him come in, a movie star, what he’s done in WWE, it definitely brings an audience back who may have drifted away, who were there in the Attitude era drifted away to other things. It’s a great way of bringing them back in and giving us the current crop of superstars a lot of attention. People may argue “well there’s one less spot in Mania.” Well guess what, pull your
socks up and do what you can to get into the show.”

The Shield’s impact on WWE: “I think it’s been a huge impact. Obviously I’ve had my issues with them, Randy, Team Hell No and Ryback. I think they’re three future individual stars right there. I think Ambrose himself is quirky and he’s got that kinda crazy persona going on, I think he’s definitely gonna be kinda like a Roddy Roddy Piper type character. I think he’s gonna be a big player in the future. I also think Roman Reigns definitely has something as well. He’s big, impressive, kinda reminds me of the Rock, when he first came in. He’s definitely got that stature & that presence about him. Obviously Seth, he’s been around the block as well, done some cool things and he can definitely go in the ring.”

The audio interview is available here.

Daniel Pena

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  • Apex

    Great mind fella.People always trying to start up some drama between WWE stars, and The Rock.

  • Apex

    Seth is known for the cool in-ring style, his moves are bloody fantastic.
    If he works on his character, and promo skills, he’d be the total package.

    • Pozessed

      I think sticking with the SHIELD and mainly Ambrose it is beginning to rub off on him. If you look at the first promo he did with the SHIELD and then the latest one you can see the difference in how he talks.. He sounds better now, but as you said there is room for improvement.

  • Really?91

    All the people Rock brings back, John Cena’s promos turn away.

    • Kris Mystery

      And yet there he is… still the top guy in the company… by a long shot. Must be doing something right huh?

      • Stijnosb

        maybe, but maybe it’s also because of the other superstars f*cking up

      • LuiKang

        Not really, WWE is just still trying to shove that disgusting kung pow chicked down our throat. Notice how they are trying to keep him relevant. Rock & Cm Punk is shitting all over him.

        • Kris Mystery

          The original comment stated that John Cena’s promos are turning people away. Like him or not that simply is not true. Vince McMahon is a smart enough man to not have a wrestler who makes the viewers tune out as his top guy. His top guy is going to bring viewers in. Whether these viewers are children and women makes no difference… as long as they watch the show and buy the merchandise.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            It is true.The ratings show it. When he’s on TV, viewership drops 99% of the time. The main reason he’s still “the guy” in WWE is because of his merch sales.

      • sdelfin

        You make a very good point. Certainly Cena draws. I think WWE had the chance to have Cena appeal to the vast majority but alienated part of the fan base by overdoing the super hero thing. But that ship has sailed.

  • SOBI

    Dean Ambrose reminds me of Scott Hall
    Seth Rollins like Jeff Hardy
    and Reigns of Batista.
    IMO all these 3 will become big stars in the future if wwe uses them right

    • Stijnosb

      “If WWE uses them right” that’s it, i hate the storylines lately, but it’s not all WWE’s fault. i remember stone cold say last year, when asked for his opinion about young wrestlers wining about the rock taking a spot in wrestlemania, he said: “when i was a wrestler, i had to work my *ss off, and if i would relax just one day, my spot would be taken, they need to shut the hell up and work their *ss off and claim that spot that The Rock has now. we did the same back in the day”

      • sdelfin

        I agree, but it’s a different era too. Back then, the wrestlers could and would protect their own characters. These days, it seems that the company does what it can to prevent guys from really getting over.

    • Salvatore J. Gariolo IV

      i have to disagree. ambrose reminds me of brian pillman, where reigns i see more of the rock.. and i see some rvd-like quality in rollins. he has a dyed streak so he’s automatically jeff hardy lol but i do see tremendous potential in all three.

      • SOBI

        well the Rock had great mic skills and
        reigns may have good mic skills but he is far away from the quality of the Rock.
        even in NOD when Rock didnt talk much he still had funny as hell facial expressions where as Reigns has two either emotionless or screaming his ass off.
        on the other two i agree, actually now when i think of it Rollins also resembles the some style of X-Pac

  • bangmango

    respect for sheamus went up. too many cry babies in the locker room spending all day crying when they could be working on their act. rocky maivia was hated when he first debuted and he worked his way up to be the rock. cena and cm punk get handed shit on a silver platter and still bitch and moan. fact is they wouldnt need rock if they could draw crowds like rock austin etc

    • Macc Frost

      can i ask you all a Questions why did vince wanted Rock back so bad all these years ? ….. if cena is a draw but yet ratings always tanked ,PPV buys ain’t as high as it use to but yet he only sell merchindise , isn’t a top Draw suppose to Sell Merchindise , keep Ratings up , Increase PPV Buys , sell out arena’s have mainstream appeal the power to bring in both casual and wreslting fans all in one all one ? i have been criticize for saying this because people are defending cena smh tired of these IWC nicca’s