Sin Cara Debuts New Look (Photos), Big Show/Bella Added To NXT Taping

– Big Show and Nikki Bella have been added to the lineup for this Thursday’s NXT taping at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

– Sin Cara debuted new ring gear at the WWE live event this past weekend in Dallas, Texas. Check out photos of his new look below.

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  • Daryl.

    Is that AJ Styles? ;)

    • omega riddler

      I don’t see the big AJ Tattoo anywhere

      • Daryl.

        I was joking…

  • Shades

    Are they doing to put Sin Cara and Fandango together? Because thats what this looks like.

  • Undertaker316

    i think kalisto should become the new sin cara, hunico just doesnt have a lucha libre moveset that the character requires

    • raVen

      NO! keep Kalisto as Kalisto. the Sin Cara character has already been tarnished past redemption..and Kalisto has a much cooler mask(s)

      • Undertaker316

        in my opinion kalisto can be the one to bring prestige back to the character, the character is selling a lot of merchandise so it would be good way to push kalisto

  • wwetnadudez

    Outfit makers: oh hey that garbage over there will fit well over his knees and im sure yesterdays pizza will a great design on this to!

  • SomeInternetGuy

    The Phenomenal One, Sin Cara!

  • Jomo


  • Dominic D. Walker

    Seems like a combination of AJ styles, the ultimate warrior and fandango all wrapped into one

  • I Glove

    Gear by Jackson Pollock

  • pwnez

    Did someone pour buckets of paint all over him or something?

    • Aperture

      No silly! He teamed up with Enzo Amore and that was one of the fashion requirements…

  • Dixie Carter

    The king of botching. I heard he tried to sign his new contract and botched it. Vince took his botched verbal agreement because he thinks people might mistake him for Rey!

    • Tom Wing

      No worse than you botching ur tv deal ;)

    • B. T.

      you do know this isn’t the Sin Cara that botched moves? this is Hunico.

      • Dixie Carter

        All the same. Just like Kane was a dentist, then kevin nash, then kane. Whatever Vince could give a rats axx about him. He looks like Rey so the kids accidently buy the shirts thinking its Ray. That is only reason he has a job in WWE.

    • Donny Octave

      …That was Mistico

  • thingschange12 .

    he looks like a colorful AJ styles with a mask on

  • Donny Octave

    I don’t see how he looks like AJ Styles at all with this picture? Is it that he’s wearing a sleeveless jacket with a hood? People always need a reason to complain i guess..

  • Brody

    He still stinks..