Sin Cara Injured Again, Bruno Sammartino Note, Tyson Kidd’s Recovery

– Sin Cara recently suffered a concussion, which likely took place during his match against Jack Swagger on RAW (3/11). He was evaluated on 3/18 and underwent Impact concussion testing. He missed last weekend’s WWE live events and didn’t work Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings.

– With Monday’s RAW having taken place from Pittsburgh, PA, many people expected Bruno Sammartino to appear on the show, since Pittsburgh is his where he lives. WWE decided against Sammartino even appearing backstage because they want his big return to take place at WrestleMania weekend.

– Tyson Kidd continues to train for his in-ring return and noted on Twitter that he’s been doing jumping exercises at physical therapy. He wrote:

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • DarkWolf

    this guy has had more injuries then Hulk Hogan

    • incaseoffireusestairs

      But NO one, and I mean, NO-ONE, beats Nash!

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      hes tore more quads then Kevin Nash

  • Andres0082

    So the pool now is which one will leave due to injuries first: Rey Misterio or Sin Cara. Looks like it will be up to Del Rio to carry the Latin heritage around.

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      I personally prefer ADR>Sin Cara.They just want him to be the new Mysterio to the kids & sell those fucking masks as merchandise.I swear they care more bout merchandise & social media than fuckin wrestling.I wish sometimes TNA (which I don’t watch) would be kicking WWE’s ass just to light a fire under Vince’s ass.This product has gone to shit.& it’s not the wrestlers its the fucking writers & not knowing how to book them.It seems like all they focus on is the top guys n just fill the shows with stupid promos,rewinds & idiotic storylines like the Mystery GM.They have no sense of direction on where these characters r going.It’s disrespectful to avid fans from the yrs b4 who actually oh idk actually enjoyed watching wrestling.Joey Styles quitting shoot/segment still speaks volumes on todays WWE TV I whole heartily agree with what he said.

      • ravon

        Which explains why they don’t hire real divas who wrestles but instead hire models

        • Lord Spliffmeister

          Oh they have/had divas that can actually wrestle.They just like to give them farting gimmicks ;-)

          • Diana Smith

            lol,now that is funny Lord Spliffmeister :)

      • Stranger

        Sin Cara is way better than Del Rio in the ring, and at least he isn’t forced to talk on the mic. Del Rio is fucking garbage on the mic. His melodramatic “comeback” in response to Zeb Colter a few weeks back was so boring. The crowd hardly gave a crap either. He sucks as a heel and a face because he can’t talk.

        Sin Cara works better because he doesn’t have to. He’s the luchadore who comes out with the mask and offers something in the ring that no one else on the roster can. Sadly though, injuries and the WWE limiting him has damaged all of it.

        • Stranger

          doesn’t have to talk*

          • Lord Spliffmeister

            While I agree the Zeb rebuttal was stupid I still like him more.Sin Cara isn’t forced on the mic becuz he can’t speak English or speaks it but broken I believe.That’s why Mysterio was his mouth piece when they tagged.As for u not liking ADR as a heel or face is all a matter of opinion.He transitioned himself way better than Miz as face that’s for sure.I guess after all the botching n injuries I just don’t c Cara as that guy.Of course that’s just imo.In the end the only problem I have with ADR is he simply stole D-Bry’s Yes!! chants & changed them to Si!! chants.That! & his finisher definitely.

        • Diana Smith

          well said Stranger,the WWE plays favorites and does not promote true talent like Sin Cara because of the glam poster boys they would rather sell

  • A Paul Heyman Guy

    WHO THE HELL CARES *Peter Griffen Voice

    • Diana Smith

      well your asinine screen name pretty much explains your asinine comment

      • A Paul Heyman Guy

        I don’t understand what you said but ok

  • SOBI

    wwe should Put HUNICO as SINCARA again atleast he didn’t always get injured

    • Andrew Campbell

      I didn’t like Hunico as Sin Cara. He was too big and couldn’t fly around the ring like Mistico. Overall he just doesn’t have the “wow factor” that Mistico has.

      It’s just a shame about his injuries. He’s not even 30 yet and is just as injury prone as Rey Mysterio.

      • IKeepsit100

        lol 2 dislikes for telling the truth…wow.

        Bunch of fake fans on this website.

        • Andrew Campbell

          Lol don’t worry man, it’s cool.

      • General Disarray

        He is 30. When you wrestle the style that Sin Cara and Mysterio wrestles, injuries are to be expected. Add that to the fact that most of the WWE “superstars” don’t know how to be a good base. Hopefully Cara is alright. I suffered a concussion a few years ago, and that shit bothered me for months.

        • Andrew Campbell

          You’re right, it’s the wrestling style. It takes a toll on your knees after a while.

        • Diana Smith

          exactly General Disarray,thank you for being unlike the others and having the common sense they were lacking :)

      • raven

        It’s WWE’s fault for rushing him to wwe instead of going to FCW or NXT. Too bad he never made his wrestlemania debut

        • Andrew Campbell

          I agree, he’s definitely improved alot since he started teaming with Rey though. I was hoping to see Rey vs Sin Cara open WrestleMania. Would’ve been one helluva match.

      • Marko

        Actually, he did turn 30 late last year (not to sound like a geek or anything).

        • Andrew Campbell

          I remember reading he was 28 years old around 2 years ago lol so yeah 30 sounds about right.

        • Diana Smith

          right you are Marko :)

      • SOBI

        Yes he didnt look like Mistico but going with that angle again can give Sin Cara some ground work for actually having a career after he recovers,
        Now adays he just returns and no body gives a shit anymore and then he gets beat up and injured and the same thing over and over

  • Jeremy-County Roberts


    ^ the next headline we will see.

    • Diana Smith

      wow and when you injure yourself what asinine task are you performing that means anything?

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Hopefully in a couple of months or by next year when Tyson Kidd is 100% , promise him a MITB contract, he truly deserves it.

  • General Disarray

    Sin Cara has to be the biggest flop in WWE history. In his defense, when he went for a crossbody Swagger did a poor job of catching him, and he came down hard on his head. Hopefully he’s alright. Concussions are no joke.

  • Steve

    if WWE needs to sell those masks, it would be better to bring El Local (aka masked Ricardo Rodrigez) to Raw or SD. He can wrestle pretty good, he is over with the crowd and can always play the funny joking underdog. And he can make a good promo while Sin Cara cant …

    • Stranger

      El Generico >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • jccox01

    Come now, this dude has been injured more than his match count.

    • Diana Smith

      uhhh most times it is because they are too busy promoting their avid drunks and roid users to give Sin Cara many matches

  • Jervaughn Stewart

    Seriously he and Rey are the most injury prone superstars ever

  • XSin Carax

    I like Sin Cara’s wrestling and him as a hole but this is RIDICULOUS

    • Diana Smith

      wow first you try to make it look like you like Sin Cara and then stab him in the back,that is what’s ridiculous

  • XSin Carax

    We miss you Sin Cara hurry your behind up!

  • beatskeetskeet

    Sin Cara can’t handle a bump

    • Diana Smith

      a bump???? did you watch the match where drunk Jack Swagger did what he did to him? oh sorry my bad apparently you were too busy running your mouth and your tongue obstructed your vision to the point where you commented on here without having a clue

  • Ibrahim Essa

    fire him allready.