Sin Cara Unmasked During Match, Who Showed Support For Ryback?

– One of the top stories of the week is Ryback’s ongoing contract dispute with WWE and his Tumblr post from Tuesday about what he feels is an unfair pay structure for WWE performers. While you can be sure there are people in the WWE locker room who agree with Ryback’s positions, the only person to publicly show their support is Cameron. She tweeted:

Meanwhile, Lucha Underground star Brian Cage also voiced his support:

Ryback’s WWE contract is expiring this summer and he’s rumored to be gearing up for a legal battle with WWE over the “Ryback” trademark.

– Sin Cara was unmasked at Tuesday night’s WWE Main Event tapings. The mask came off during his match against Baron Corbin. As soon as his face was revealed, Sin Cara scrambled to put the mask back on.

Sin Cara is currently portrayed by Jorge Arias, who used to wrestle for WWE without a mask as Hunico: