Pictures Of Sin Cara Unmasked

WWE held a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on Thursday to announce that lucha libre superstar Mistico (Sin Cara) has signed with the company. The WWE website already features a bio on Mistico and several pictures from him wrestling in Mexico.

Here’s the official statement from WWE:


STAMFORD, Conn. – WWE today unveiled their latest Superstar signing, Sin Cara, formerly known worldwide as Mistico. The announcement took place today during a press conference in his hometown Mexico City, where passionate fans of all ages turned out to see their favorite performer become the newest addition to the WWE roster.

Having already forged a strong international fan following, Sin Cara, known for his high flying style and awe inspiring acrobatics, is expected to reach new heights of global success with WWE.

“Sin Cara is a tremendous performer who brings the crowd to its feet every time he steps into the ring,” said Stephanie McMahon, Executive Vice President, WWE. “With us, his stardom will only get bigger and brighter.”

Upon his signing, Sin Cara said, “WWE is the pinnacle of sports-entertainment. It is an honor and a thrill for me to be able to perform with the world’s best. Being a WWE Superstar will present new challenges, new mountains to climb and new competition. It is a new beginning and a new life. With that in mind, I have chosen the new name of Sin Cara in hopes to represent all the legendary Mexican masked performers and to carry the banner of their legacy to the entire world.”

Check out these pictures of Mistic (Sin Cara) unmasked:

[nggallery id=55]

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  • Timmer82

    Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara at WM 29. I’m calling it now. Rip his arm out and his mask off ADR

  • pucho316

    I don’t like the name at all! Without a face? Really? This sounds like a stupid name TNA would come up with. I know he can’t use Mistico but they should’ve gone with something similar.

  • wweiceman13

    MISTICO WILL OWN IN WWE! Calling it right now.

  • ogre11087

    bout time they a mexican wrestler keep his luchador mask this should be good we have a character with a lil mystery about them how long b4 we see del rio vs. mysterio vs. sin cara

  • BestInTheWorld

    I wonder if 5 weeks is enough to debut him and build a match between him and rey because I think mistico vs rey would be a dream match for WM27 and it would certainly increase the ppv buyrate by targetting the mexican demographic

  • stratojaxter

    Real name Sin Cara? umm no, his real name is Ignacio Almanza.

  • brown281

    rey mysterio vs sin cara/ mistico

  • dmp316

    Y would WWE sign this guy if it piss off Del Rio? You build him up and he is going to win the WHC @ WM so you have BIG plans for Del Rio! And from my understanding Del Rio dont like SIN, so y sign him! WWE need Del Rio right now IMO. He is a great worker in the ring and on the mic, gets lots of heat and is over! Y mess up a good thing?

  • comic_book_fan19

    i don’t know dmp316 maybe because mistico wrestles circles around Del Rio.
    or maybe it’s because mistico doesn’t rip his pants on ppvs .
    i don’t know take your pick .

  • TonyIsChamp

    Another Poweranger coming to the WWE.. Nice…

  • dmp316

    @comic is it really about the wrestling anymore? I have not seen a singles match go more then 10 mins on wwe tv in IDK…… the last 5 years! And we or the WWE has no idea what they are going to do with this guy or how the fans are going to react to him! if I want to watch AAA I will turn on Telemundo or how every you spell it! Masked wrestlers are so 1908’s or in wcw case so 1990s!

  • comic_book_fan19

    i have to say i was wrong about del rio he can wrestle i saw clips where he was wrestling very good now all i have to say is why the hell is he not doing that in wwe.
    and your right showing wrestlers that can wrestle is so 20th century.


    great another skinny little flip flopper – wrestlers are supposed to look like they can beat up the man on the street (although to you skinny little fella marks i expect he does!!)

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots have you seen him wrestle? The guy is pretty amazing and probably would fight circles around legit tough guys.

    where does it say that they only have to have one Mexican star? Mysterio has been their main mexican star for years. It would make less sense for them to invest in just one guy to take mysterios place when they can try it with a few different guys first. If they only focus on Del Rio and only Del Rio then he will get stale quickly.

    Alot of you guys sound really angry.


    where do you get off on a name like that? I’m like MOST wrestling fans and that means im awsome, we actually like Cena – as evidenced by the record profits that wwe is making, u marks dont get it – its the big picture – not some internet geeks that matters!

  • J4Y5ON

    And the award for Hypocrit of the month goes to…. *drumroll*

  • J4Y5ON

    1) First of all your name is worse than his,
    2) You like Cena?! that is mark behaviour.
    3) And your on this site too… and your a troll meaning you are definately a full on geek.

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    @ufans – lol, dude I asked you a pretty decent question. Have you seen Mistico wrestle? Typical ‘mark’ behavior is to trash a new guy before you’ve even seen him perform. When did John Cena come in to this and on who’s behalf are you speaking on? What is the big picture and how does record profits fit in a conversation about wwe’s new mexican wrestlers?

    Where do I get off with with my screen name? Fans like you are why I’ve got this screen name with stupid follow up responses to fairly ok questions. As you’ve began comparing Cena to mexican wreslters I don’t think I want to discuss wreslting with that kind of logic. I am a geek, that’s what sites like this are for…geeking out over wrestling, everyone is a geek about something, yourself included.

  • nufcman13

    unfortunatly mistico vs mystereo aint gunna happen at WM rey wants to wrestle cody rhodes so ya no :/ but id love to see rey and mystico form a tag team, theirs only like 3 of them in the wwe in the moment :/

  • DaKidRan

    i like mistico, he can definately wrestle, i hope wwe lets him use most of his manuevers, and sin cara is a decent name, as far as his character i wouldnt let him talk for a long time but really just do the whole mystery thing kinda like sting mixed with a little kane

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    @DaKidRan – He doesn’t speak much English at the moment so I doubt he will be on TV for a good while yet but that sounds like a good entrance for him. Mysterio and ADR could pick up their feud again, mysterio could have a storyline injury and bring in Mistico to shut ADR up.

  • Jay-D

    He my become the Rey Mysterio for the young generation coming up.

  • sescoops

    Rey Mysterio, meet your replacement

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    Precisely @ the last two comments. This way ADR will have a mexican star to feud that wont breakdown as easily as Mysterio, no offence to the guy but I’m under the impression that he’s just one knee bump away from hanging up his boots….right?

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Mysterio has said that he plans on retiring when his contract is up. At this point he gets injured almost every match and is spending tons of time out so how much time he’ll be in the ring till then is a guess. They use Mysterio now strategically to bring in Mexican fans to shows and Mexican viewership, which is wise since Mexico is the WWE’s second biggest market.

    Mistico and Del Rio are smart choices for a company with global aspirations. Mistico will be Mysterio’s replacement, that’s not really a secret. But until Mysterio retires, the WWE is going to have a commanding lead in Mexico with the top 3 names in Mexican wrestling signed on,

  • Omega

    Can you say “Rey Mysterio Part 2”?

  • jfx01

    SIN CARA´s joining WWE is pretty similar to Mysterio’s joining WWE. It only needs someone calling him out (chavo again?). This is a huge new between Mexicans fans. He has in undeniable ring-talent, let alone that he is younuger and does more aereal moves than mysterio. Unfortunately, he has in this moment 2 problems:

    1.-Language: He doesn´t speak english. This would take some time to be solved. The thing is. Fans will wait for him to speak on the mic, but for how long? Unless they handle his gimmick like Umaga´s, or using mysterio as his manager and translator. A supercrazy-like gimmick would be useless.

    2.- Injuries: although he is younger (Under 30) he has had some serious injuries, and not exactly in the knees like rey. In this case I dont know how are they going to solve it. Supercrazy said once that, in WWE they wrestle 4 days a week and rest the other 3.

  • comic_book_fan19

    he is a carbon copy of a young Rey mysterio.

  • HornsMysterio25

    ogre11087 great call

  • Zaindon

    sin cara i like you and you are my hero……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Odttuckey

    These pictures are everywhere i mean wheres SIN CARA azul not white or pink or black they really suck I like SIN CARA but not suckish fake pictures of him. And I also hate pictures of Rey Mystero unmasked. they are bad

    • NotMyRealName

      In case you don’t know, these picture are from when Sin Cara was Mistico back in Mexico…there are not fakem and yes, he is ugly XD

  • Sandeshkhanal


  • Dashaun

    sin cara is awesome

  • kosha

    not being rude sin cara did u burn ur face or something

  • Jaja_ju2008

    sin cara is flying man mwauaha!!

  • Herjeac

    sin cara smells

    • sin cara

      your right maaan.

    • sin cara brother

      you dont know him im his bother

    • Hobo With A Shot Gun

      Why are you smelling him

  • awesome

    Sin Cara is one amazing wrestler: better that heath Slater anyday, When Rey Mysterio gets to the hall of fame, sin cara will be the next rey mysterio. Booyakayaka 6-1-9

  • kdog

    Looks like Cody is right after all.

  • Parker

    sin cara is fugly without his mask

  • Adrianthechamp

    Some people say sin cara has a burned face