SmackDown Preview, Punk Update, DDP Talks RAW & More

– WWE will tape tonight’s NXT and Friday’s episode of SmackDown from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • On NXT, we will see another elimination, bringing the field of Rookies to 2.
  • For SmackDown, WWE is teasing a confrontation between Randy Orton and Mark Henry. Also, WWE will likely announce the 8 participants for the SmackDown brand’s Money In The Bank ladder match for the upcoming PPV.
  • The advertised dark match main event is a World heavyweight title street fight between Randy Orton and Christian.

– Diamond Dallas Page wrote the following on Twitter last night his appearance on Monday’s RAW:

“I had Great time promoting the “Very Best of Nitro” on Raw! I hear the WCW DVD is kicking Ass sakes vice … That all because of U Guys Bang”

– CM Punk’s superstar profile has been removed from the WWE website.

– MVP will be filming a music video tomorrow for his single “Holla 2 The World.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • fork

    cm punk owned the Mcmahons!!!!

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    Anyone give a hoot what happens on SD now lol?

  • JQ

    cm punk gets nothing but the up most respect from me in my 26 years of whating “wrestling” i have never seen such a good promo than i did last night cm punk was the voice of alot of us longtime wrestling fans he is why “wrestling matters” and im already done watching smackdown and i think alot of the loyal fans are to considering the lack of ratings in the past months on the 17th of july 2011 will be my last wwe ppv (unless punk is finally the new austin) cuz im leaving with punk for yrs i always wondered why my favorite personality JIM CORNETTE had stopped watching WWE now i understand they are destroying the “wrestling business” and i want no part of it

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    @JQ – I’m with you dude, for me WWE have been hanging by a thread whether I watch it or not and this whole Punk/Cena feud could be the crunch point. I’m pretty certain that there isn’t anyone new going to be established from this and basically just determines Punks future so hopefully it won’t be a botch.

  • therowdyref

    As I said in another set of comments, the Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt is the key here. SCSA turned the WWE upside-down by going head-to-head against the boss (VKM), and here goes Punk upsetting the apple cart while wearing that shirt. It would surprise me more to find out that it really WAS a shoot than to find out that Punk has already signed a lifetime deal. Punk just proved to the world just how valuable he is–the main job for a wrestler (or any branch of entertainment) is to put an @$$ in every chair. Now, we all have a compelling reason to pay for one of the “lesser” PPV’s and watch the following night’s Raw.
    Calling this a “work” is like calling the Mona Lisa “a painting of a woman”. This, my friends, is EPIC, and masterfully executed. BRAVO.

  • JQ

    nobody gave a hoot about SD for a long time

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    @JQ – lol, I feel even worse for Christian now.

    @therowdyref – If they go the distance with this then yeah he probably has made an awesome deal.

  • JQ

    the sad thing is im a huge fan of cena but i dont want to see him aS CHAMP when he got drafted to sd i was ready to watch sd again but then he got drafted rite back to raw he is not a fresh draw to me anymore he needs to reinvent himself (like jericho or shawn micheals would say) but the reality of it all is this thing with cm punk reminds me too much of wat happened to bret hart and i just hope and pray it is nothing like that cuz wwe needs this wwe needs punk and vince think he needs no single talent and that just pisses me off soo much

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @JQ: New moves, new ring gear/attire/t-shirt, and heel turn are all Cena needs to get popular.. 3 assets that WWE can’t even follow to do.. trust me.. Cena would’ve been like The Rock by now.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    No denying what CM Punk and R Truth all said.. they were very correct.

  • JQ

    christian is way better than the way wwe makes him look

  • JQ

    i agree 100% with you datused2bwwefan

  • JQ

    how many of you guys think TNA is getting better every week or is it soo apealling to me tna that is cuz WWE just sux @$$

  • JQ

    as a wrestling fan for life i stopped liking the rock when he left for hollywood that is why i like cena soo much cuz he could of left 2 but he didnt he just need a change F DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON HE a b!tch

  • SkytheDincht

    Nice seeing DDP on RAW although it was just for a short while.

  • afan4life

    if orton beats henry, it better be by dq or count out. i know it’s scipted and all but come on, who thinks orton can beat henry is crazy and needs to take their meds quick fast and in a hurry

  • pwnez

    Seeing DDP was pretty cool. It sucks he got no crowd reaction though since most people probably didn’t know who he was. HBK burying some talent was pretty gay too :/ I guess it doesn’t matter since Punk stole the entire show lol.

  • JamieEvsxx

    @JQ…tbh I only care about Smackdown because Christian’s on it…xD

  • pg sux

    why is it raw always was these speicals night no raw but smackdown dosnt

  • wrestling rules

    i always liked punk but know my respect level is as high for a wrestler that i can give “wrestling i’m a wrestler”