Social Media SmackDown On Friday, WWE Divas Visiting Africa & More

– WWE Divas Alicia Fox and Natalya will be traveling to Rwanda this week to visit as part of WWE’s alliance United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, which helps raise awareness and funds to fight malaria in Africa. The Divas will be distributing life-saving bed nets and will also meet with officials from the UN’s Refugee Agency to learn about the work that’s been done there.

– AJ Lee says she squatted 200 pounds on Friday, a personal best for the 115 pound WWE diva. She tweeted:

“I believe the purpose of twitter is 90% to make asinine jokes & 10% to fish for the love and affirmation your parents never gave you.”

“With that said, I am a 115lb chick & I squatted 200lbs today. Personal best. Someone give me a medal dammit. Or a cookie. I’ll take a cookie”

– WWE is promoting next week’s episode of SmackDown as a “live Social Media event” – including live tweets, fan polls, touts and more. WWE is encouraging their viewers to “vote, participate, and connect.”

Smackdown will be taped Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, OK. Here’s the promo video:

Brad Davis

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  • dae

    Social Media SmackDown… Sounds annoying as advertised…

  • Smith

    WHICH THERE IS NO POINT FOR. It’s a fucking taped show. It’s just a cheap ploy to get their social media score and viewership up.

    • Skinhead Jenn Jenn

      She isn’t doing anything but lying about being able to squat 200 lbs. That’d be like me saying…. Right now…..I can climb a rope without using my legs to help me climb up or like saying that I have the upper body strength to climb up a rope without using my legs to assist me . Sorry, but I’m unable to do that presently. In the future I’ll be able to because of working out regularly and consistently…. first I have to get back into shape so I will be able to be doing that in a few years. It’s a helluva lot easier to do that, than dealing with being on dialysis and getting stuck with needles in my arm which HURT when they’re injected into my arm and taken out of my arm where I’ve got a fistula!!! I DON’T LIKE that part!!!

  • EdwartF

    her warmup weight is my max weight

    • Skinhead Jenn Jenn

      You’re right though…..about what you said. Although, you know….There are guys who are able to use 115 lbs as a warmup weight if they’ve been training with weights, doing calasthenics consistently and such….for a long time. As in for years. I do wonder how many women are able to climb a rope without using their legs to assist them though?? Maybe there are some, a few….but not many. That’s how I figure it. I would rather be the kind of woman who can and will be able to eventually have the upper body strength to be able to accomplish and do that. Instead of one of the millions….. and BILLIONS of women who CAN’T!!!