Sound Off 246: Fans Have Heart Attack Over Lawler Angle

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 246)

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Solomonster has predictions for Survivor Series, thoughts on the controversial Jerry Lawler heart attack angle from Monday night that might surprise you, a sobering dose of reality for WWE fans who were offended by it, news on Summerslam coming to Wales, giving Fandango a chance, a rant on TNA’s booking of James Storm (what a loser), hearing Jeff Hardy’s mind monologues on Impact, explaining why Owen Hart would not have been World champion, and which WWF star would have been tapped as the top babyface if Hulk Hogan never existed?

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The Solomonster

  • cenasucks

    The Hardy mind monologues are stupid and funny. They are turning wrestling into soaps. They already are “action soap operas” or something.

    • Andres0082

      And once again from the place that preached up and down will be -different from the wwe-

  • FML

    WWE was fun when it was unpredictable, but combing through the WWE site gives away CM Punk as the winner tonight. Why would I wanna watch it then knowing whos going to win? This has been happening a lot more the last 2 years where you know the results 3-6 months out.

    I don’t mind CM Punk keeping the belt, but I don’t wanna know about it, especially ON the WWE site where they give it away. Now I hope they catch the mistake and change the outcome ASAP!!!

    • Drock


  • Charles Thomas Vaughan

    the lawler heart attack angle was disgusting and dis respectful. WWE should be ashamed of them selves

    • Jeremy

      Not at all, especially SINCE LAWLER APPROVED OF IT YOU ASS!

    • morrisonfanone

      Yeah. I was so mad, I seriously almost threw something at my TV screen.

  • synkara

    Fans want the attitude era to return, and then post negative blogs condemning this heart attace thing. I guess they don’t really want the attitude era back after all. They want they remember as teenagers, they want more sexually charged divas, but they don’t really want uncomfortable scenarios.

    • Ricky Murry

      This is my opinion, it is because the heart attack of jerry lawler happened live on raw and its one of those too soon type of moments.

      • morrisonfanone

        If Jerry approved of it, then I don’t mind and I take back my previous rant. I know I used it as an example in an essay I wrote, but I’m not publishing it and I worried it was too soon.

  • The Soloturd

    Oh God. That nails on a chalkboard intro is back….*shudders*

    • morrisonfanone

      That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on here.

  • Jeremy

    Punk did need the heat actually, he was up until that pint very generic and boring. People were still cheering him while being a heel, this got EVERYONE to start complaining. When people are cheering for you when you are a heel, you need heat.It was the most heelish thing he did in his latest Heel run.

    I also find the idea that WWE is ripping off TNA to not be based in reality. AJ/CENA/Vickie is not Claire Lynnch at all. That is where a woman faked being pregnant, which is not an original concept at all. I believe Marlena faked being pregnant once during the Attitude Era, didn’t know TNA existed back then. Not saying WWE/F created that, just that they used it way before TNA. WWE/F has been around a long time, every single kind of angle has been done already.

    • morrisonfanone

      At this point, I think there’s nothing Creative can do that will shock me anymore. Except for giving us the Attitude Era back. I wasn’t or was barely alive in the AE, so I never got to see it. I’ve grown up with Fruity Pebbles Cena, so I’d love to see something different.

      • liljimmy

        Who in the blue hell are you? You roody poo candy ass.

        • morrisonfanone

          I’m me. Who are you?

  • morrisonfanone

    I know I was offended by it. That was just heartless and tacky on the writers’ part. That was a terrible tragedy and you would think by now Vince would know when to stop being an ass, but I guess not.