Sound Off 251: Did TLC Mark A Changing Of The Guard?

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 251)

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olomonster is full of holiday cheer with a 90-minute Christmas edition of the Sound Off! After watching a ridiculous amount of wrestling this week (much of which was quite good), he has live thoughts from the TLC PPV in Brooklyn with a candidate for MOTY and why the show felt like a changing of the guard, unbearable hype for the WWE app, Ric Flair’s return on Raw, why the Slammies need to die, defending Tensai as a comedy figure, Great Khali’s new Twitter and an idea for a new Fan Axxess attraction, Hulk Hogan wanting the TNA World title, booking Jack Swagger’s return, defining each of WWE’s eras over the years, and what’s the most disappointing PPV in recent memory? A packed show, so hit the eggnog and turn up the volume. Happy holidays!!

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The Solomonster

  • Shane Ruffrage

    Ha hh stfu

  • Reality

    Haha dude, I also watched TLC’s tag team match twice! It really was enjoyable

    • Guest

      Whoa, no way. Really? I watched it twice too. Like OMG, we should all meet up cause we got something real special going on here. I can’t believe all three of us watched it twice! I mean, what are the odds, man? Crazy shit right there, bro.

  • John Enuch Heaney

    Olomonster Ounds Ff.

  • DigitalWWE

    That WWE App rant had me in stitches

  • Drpepper

    Good Job Salamander

  • Andrew Campbell

    The only thing worse than listening to Cole and Lawler’s commentary was watching them try to explain how to download the WWE App every freakin’ 5-10 minutes.


    There was a question about eras towards the end of this podcast… about the attitude era. Here is the way it goes people: it slowly began once Stone Cold gave his KOTR speech in ’96. That’s when mic work and the action started to become more badass, and shit started to look intense and real. By 1997 the attitude era was already strong and heavy. The AE did not come to an end at WM 17 as most claim. And alot of people seem to think so without actually having proof of it. Austin shaking Vince’s hand isn’t proof and never was proof of anything other than the Austin/McMahon feud was over. The idea that it ended at WM 17 is complete bullshit from fans and it’s never been proven fact, ever. The Austin/McMahon feud was NOT the AE, it was a part of it! The AE was badass programming, controversial segments, smash mouth mic work, and scantly clad women all together! All of that didn’t just come to an abrupt end because Austin shook McMahon’s hand. Man some fans are some dumbasses for real and they come up with this make believe bullshit.


    Only the smark/iwc fans could come up with this bullshit about it ending at WM 17. WWE had attitude well into the early 00s, ’01, ’02, 03, ’04. All of these years had attitude style programming in it, from scantly clad women, the cussing, the crude backstage segments etc… so that in fact still counts as the “AE”. These smark fans believe that because Vince shook Austin’s hand in ’01 that somehow cancels out all the attitude in ’02, ’03 and so on. This is why I always say that they’re full of shit! And only they could come up with a stupid name like “PG Era”. Here is the way it goes: Attitude began in ’96 with Austin’s speech, went all the way into early 2004 strong. The slogan was “where it all begins again…”. THAT is when attitude began to dissipate month after month. Instead of having the cussing/crudeness week to week, you had it few and far between. When Cena and Batista became champs, the attitude was pretty much gone. So it did not have a abrupt end at WM 17 in ’01, it slowly dissipated and became forgotten during Cena and Batista’s push to the world titles. There is no Alliance era, Ruthless aggression era, or “PG” era. All these names for these eras have no credibility. They’re not recognized anywhere or are official anywhere, and never have been! There is nothing that separates 90’s attitude from 00’s attitude other than the brand extension. All these fancy era names are fabricated shit! The only reason people believe it so much is because smarks and bandwagones keep repeating it..

  • Mr_DJ

    I rather like Langston’s finishing maneuver. It’s fresh, it’s high impact, and it looks like it could cause some damage.