Sound Off 252: Why Aces and Eights Has Been a Total Failure

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 252)

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Solomonster is back with live thoughts from WWE’s recent stop at MSG, including the New Age Outlaws, Tensai singing holiday tunes, and John Cena rally monkeys (oh yes). Plus, thoughts on a very polarizing Christmas Eve edition of Raw, a “Bro Off” on Impact, the final word on why Aces and Eights is such a failure, what TNA needs to do to make it to the next level, and the greatest wrestlers to never be World champion. The first of TWO new shows this week, so have a Happy New Year!

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The Solomonster

  • The Guest

    The Bro-Off had me laughing out loud from start to end. Genuinely funny stuff. Robbie E is a very good hand. I really hate his gimmick, but I guess we’re supposed to. Good wrestler and he’s right where he needs to be on the card.

    I’m really glad Robbie E and Jessie revisited their beef. They have really good chemistry together. Jessie isn’t good for much anything, maybe he’ll get better, maybe he won’t. The douchebag vs. douchebag mini-feud Jessie has going on with Robbie E is working. I’d like to see more of this.

    The Aries vs. Roode match was done really well. Goofy match but definitely told a story. Kazarian’s imitation of A.J. was fantastic. Daniels is so good that sometimes I forget just how good Kaz is. What was mentioned above is the only things I enjoyed about Impact. I guess that’s enough in a 2 hr show. Can’t complain.

    I’m not gonna bash WWE’s past Monday Raw, let’s just try again next week. Heard some people bashing the spoilers for next week’s Raw. I think it looks fine. Plus, you can’t really judge how good a show is going to be based on the spoilers. The wrestling might be great, might be bad. I can’t see Kofi and Barrett having a bad match though.

  • Drpepper

    Good Job Salamander

  • Lalalalalelelele

    Is Aces & 8’s the “brilliant idea” was hyping a few years ago? He said he had an ieda that was gonna change wrestling, what was it?

    • morrisonfanone

      If it is, it’s a fail on the highest level.

  • Lalalalalelelele

    Brilliantidea HOGAN was hyping* (I meant)

  • itfactor

    If Aces and Eights really want to make an impact (no pun intended), then they really need one of their guys to go after the World Title, Tag Titles…heck even recruit female wrestlers to take the Knockouts Titles as well. If they are causing all this ruckus in the Impact Zone just for a TV title…then meh…

    • dae

      To me, it’s like the nWo, part three. What would make the A&8 storyline better is if the whole TNA roster starts fighting back with a faction of its own. The A&8 storyline is still better than The Heeld – a bunch of morons who claim they fight against injustice and yet interfere in matches and have yet to touch the one guy who has won three title matches with controversial finishes and hasn’t defended his title in a month plus!

      • morrisonfanone

        Just like Team Cena vs. The Nexus.

  • sdelfin

    Just listened to this episode earlier today. Surprised to hear Raw was THAT bad this week. Perhaps I shouldn’t be since I read the spoilers. Still, that Raw from I think June in which Hornswoggle was revealed to be the anonymous GM seemed to be the most hated Raw of the year up to this point. I guess, if nothing else, the third hour puts this over the top. Glad I didn’t watch either episode.

  • Rock Solid

    Around the 1:00:00 mark , Solomonster is talking about Triple H getting upset at jobbing to somebody. It was probably to Edge in 2004. By that time, he was already with Stephanie and had alot of stroke to be tearing up scripts and getting pissed at meetings etc…

    And about Goldberg’s heel turn. It would have worked, but he was supposed to be the leader of that newblood faction. It should have never been Jarrett. Jarrett wasn’t marketable and wasn’t believable as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Everytime he won it, they were fluke victories and were won horribly. Bischoff didn’t need to be on camera every week, and neither did Vince Russo. It should have been Goldberg running the show and being as bad ass as he can possibly be to the fans and everyone else in the lockerroom, and be one of the few heels to win matches clean! Had Goldberg been THE MAN in 2000, WCW’s ratings wouldn’t have fallen and WCW wouldn’t have become a joke.

    Goldberg was money, and this would have been the perfect time to create a new star over there that could possibly knock him off the mountain at that years’ Starrcade. But instead we got Sid and Steiner at Starrcade 2000, a match nobody gave a crap about. Sean ‘O Hare should have been a singles competitor, and could have been that new star to beat Goldberg. He had the size factor, the talent and was credible and looked marketable. O’Hare should have been WCW’s main guy after beating heel Goldberg. Then again, by that time WCW was in major flux internally and all of this probably could have not happened anyway.

    • morrisonfanone

      HHH just had his panties in a twist again. There’s nothing wrong with jobbing to Edge. I loved Edge.

  • morrisonfanone

    I think we all know why Aces and 8s is a failure. Besides Devon, it’s made up of people that couldn’t swing it in the WWE. It’s a horrible gimmick and I hope they kill it soon.