Sound Off 253: YEAR IN REVIEW SHOW, Predictions For 2013

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 253)

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Est. Runtime: 2 hours, 5 minutes

It’s a special TWO HOUR Year in Review edition of the Sound Off, looking back at some of the best (and worst) of WWE and TNA in 2012. Plus, predictions for 2013, including a bold statement about the future of the Divas division in WWE and the three names from NXT to watch for.

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The Solomonster

  • Keith

    Thanks for the show Solomonster, it’ll make my New Year’s Day hangover that much more bearable!

  • Skeet

    I tried to download both 252 & 253 and it only plays til the 4minute mark…is anyone else having this problem

    • partci

      Works fine to me.

  • Bad Boy

    Around 00:44:00 Solomonster is talking about Randy Orton. I’ll say this about Orton, he started to become relevant again in 2011 when he became WHC and started to feud with Christian and then Mark Henry. People including myself started to care about him and his matches. After that he got into a feud with Wade Barrett which showed Barrett getting the upper hand. After that feud with Barrett, Orton lost steam and he began to suck. He didn’t even have a huge build up to WM against Kane, and to top that off he lost the match. Awful year for Randy Orton and Cena both. 2012 was the year of CM Punk, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan so these two (especially Orton) took a serious back seat.
    At around 01:24:00 Solomonster mentioned Claire Lynch. I don’t care what anyone says, I liked her, and thought she was hot. I wasn’t paying attention to her bad acting lol, I just wanted to plant a huge wet one on that big mouth of hers!

  • Rock Solid

    What I think will end up happening to the divas division is, AJ Lee will win the Divas title belt and be the last one to hold it. They will probably have a storyline where she would “retire” the belt. Then WWE would revamp the entire division sometime in the future. Divas division problem is that it’s not only stale, but it’s burned out. It feels tired, and fans are tired of it. It needs a break, and needs to return revamped and different.

    Every era of women in WWE have been revamped and different from the last. The 80’s led by Wendy Richter, the 90’s led by Madusa, the early 00’s led by Trish and Lita, and the late 00’s led by Beth Phoenix. Diva’s division was revamped slowly beginning with Sable and Jacqueline in ’98. It started to get really hot around 1999/2000 with Ivory/Chyna/Lita/Stephanie McMahon etc… Around 2002-2006 the division sky-rocketed with a brand new set of divas and storylines for them. Trish/Victoria/Lita/Ivory/Jazz/Molly Holly/Gail Kim/Torrie Wilson/Nidia/ etc… As soon as Trish and Lita retired and some of these women left WWE, the diva’s division began to slowly deteriorate in popularity. But not by much.

    The 2006/7-2010 era of divas led by Beth Phoenix, such as Candice Michelle, Layla, Natalya, Michelle McCool, Maryse,Mickie James, Melina etc… was still hot and still somewhat popular but had a significant drop in attitude and edginess. However it was still relevant and still somewhat hot.

  • Rock Solid

    The women’s era from 2011- Now is/was comprised of pretty much, Alicia Fox/Aksana/Kaitlyn/AJ Lee/Eve Torres/Natalya. This era led by ??? possibly Eve Torres, has significantly decreased in popularity and is now burned out. The women get little to no mic time, the matches in this era have been significantly shortened, and the importance of the division has decreased. Michael Cole’s constant bashing of it in 2011 didn’t help either.
    Now the only ones that seem to matter are AJ Lee, and Eve Torres. AJ who rarely wrestles, and is more of a major character in WWE than a regular WWE Diva, and Eve Torres who has no competition other than Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox. The division is shorter, the matches are weaker, the presentation is weaker, nobody cares, the only hot diva out of the bunch is Eve Torres.. unlike past eras where almost all of the women were equally hot. AJ Lee will most likely win the title at WM in a triple threat with Eve and Kaitlyn, and then retire the division, until they can come up with a revamped badder, edgier division where every diva is an actual wrestler and can put on a 15 min match as good as the guys can.
    A new generation of divas like this: Cheerleader Melissa, Mschif, Kristina Von eerie, Allison Danger. Not saying any of these women would be hired, but they need to revamp it with women like THESE to have a different era of diva division to make the fans care. And they need mic time and attitude.

    • Rock Solid

      That means no more barbie doll bumper music for a divas match as you watch her walk to the ring from backstage. No more skipping around the ring, no more cutesie outfits, no more gimmick battle royals, no more making them look stupid like dancing with Great Khali, no more Alicia Fox walking down to the ring like a runway model etc… That’s why they’re not taken seriously. The newer era of women should be taken seriously, they should be hot, but rougher and edgier. Unfortunately McMahon will probably frown on this whole idea and crap all over it, which is why I would never work for that SOB.

  • Drpepper

    Thanks Salamander