Sound Off 254: Sting Makes Comically Bad Return On Impact

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 254)

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Last week, Solomonster said that if Antonio Cesaro could get Great Khali up for the Neutralizer on Main Event that he would record the Sound Off in a Swiss accent. Well, that Cesaro is one strong SOB. I’m also a man of my word, so I apologize in advance to anyone with a Swiss accent for butchering their native tongue. This week, we’ll talk about one idea for the Rock/Punk match that hasn’t really been mentioned yet, WWE stealing ideas from TNA, the atrocious Mae Young skits from Raw, praise for the Knockouts match on Impact, Sting’s unbelievably LAME comeback on Thursday, the status of Shelton Benjamin and WWE, and will CM Punk ever be as big of a star as John Cena?

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The Solomonster

  • GN-0015

    Can you do the “Super Dragon” chant in Swiss accent?

  • Daddie Yasser

    A Swiss SoundOff

  • Pozessed

    The Sting return DEFINITELY sucked. I was expecting the lights to go crazy, his theme to play and he comes down from the ceiling to beat the guys up with his bat.

    • siberian_skies

      Me too. It was definitely a let down.

    • morrisonfanone

      So was I. There was so much hype, and then they do that.

  • #HEEL

    Sting has returned so many times I’m surprised that a single fuck was given about his return.

    • dae

      At least Sting’s return storyline doesn’t suck as much as listening to a guy who doesn’t respect the title he earned but demands respect anyway storyline. I’ll take 3 minutes of Stinger smoking the Aces than having to hear Punk open his mouth!
      If Rocky doesn’t destroy Punk at Rumble, forget about me purchasing Mania because the WWF/E product has become inferior. If the two shows were on Monday night, I’d watch TNA.

  • KillTheCrown

    You did a good job with the Swiss accent , I tried not to laugh :’)

  • Fez437

    From what I seen comically bad and TNA IMPACT are synonymous

    • dae

      Still better than seeing three consecutive WWE title shots messed up with outside interference while the so-called chumpion moans about being disrespected.

  • DAX

    Monster sounds like Pavel Chekov from Star Trek.

  • 123 Skid

    Been waiting for the Swiss Solomonster. It didn’t disappoint. Laughed my ass off!

  • Guest

    So I usually stream these and this, along with episode 252 have not worked, I get an error message. I tried through the podcast app on my iPod, and it won’t playback. So finally, I tried to save but it saved as a 404 error. Someone please help!!

    • Solomonster

      Seems to be working fine for me. As an alternative, try this:

      • 123 Skid

        Loved this weeks show mate. Massive respect for keeping your word. Honestly laughed my ass off to the point that people were looking at me funny.

      • Guest

        There we go, now it’s streaming. Thanks for the reply and great show!!

    • 123 Skid

      They are all working fine mate


    TNA is below average. That is why they drop the ball on so many things including Sting’s entrance. Storylines like aces n 8s, Sting still being there. Their whole style is outdated. That is why I say Bobby Roode and Austin Aries don’t belong there. They are too good for that company and belong in the big leagues.

    • that guy over there

      well if they went to wwe bobby roode would be jobbing to Heath Slater and austin aries would be jobbing to hornswaggle

  • Rock Solid

    I think Rock/Austin and HHH w/ DX were all evenly big in the AE, especially when DX started to become part of the mainevent scene around late ’99 and the first half of 2000. When I think about the AE, I automatically think three things only… Austin, Rock, and DX. About CM Punk, he’s no where near John Cena’s level. Cena’s been top dog since ’05 and has been going strong ever since. Cena’s at a certain level where if a mid carder can get a clean win over him that will launch his career. CM Punk was that guy that beat him in ’11. His first problem was that the belt shouldn’t have been vacated. This should be his first and only run as WWE Champ since beating Cena at MITB ’11. Del Rio should have never won it from Punk at Summer Slam because Del Rio wasn’t established and he wasn’t credible. One of the worst WWE Champions in recent memory for that matter.

    But anyway, the problem with Punk after that was that after regaining the belt he started having title matches against mid carders at the time like Miz, Del Rio, and Ziggler instead of main eventers to further cement his status as a big dog. The only big name he beat since Cena was Jericho at WM 28. After Jericho, he doesn’t go on to feud with major stars. (And there were none anyway) He was stuck with Daniel Bryan, Kane, and AJ Lee for mid part of the year. Defeating Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion as Punk did mid ’12 did not do anything for his career nor did it solidify his status as a main player. Kane on the other hand is not relevant anymore and is no longer a threat in the mainevent scene, so it isn’t believable. (Not Kane’s fault, only TIME) Kane’s last major run was in late 2010 imo, and that Kane might have been credible and worth beating if you were WWE Champ!

  • Rock Solid

    After Kane, AJ Lee, and Daniel Bryan, CM Punk got into a program with the Big Show and then John Cena again. The only big name CM Punk has defeated from John Cena at MITB has been Jericho. Keep that in mind! Punk now gets the win over Cena and Big Show cleanly. Both established big names. That’s an improvement, but then CM Punk wrestles Cena to a draw at NOC. That was the night that should have cemented his status as the top dog. A heel champion that can win over Cena clean on the chance that Cena is having a bad day. And the reason why I say this is because the win at MITB, and at SummerSlam were not 100% clean victories. Distractions and interferences during both matches. Punk never got a complete clean win over this guy, and at NOC he should have!
    Then we have HIAC, the match that these two guys deserved to have. Their feud earned it! If there was any place that Punk should have that clean win once and for all it was here. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Cena couldn’t work that night. Now we have CM Punk in a rivalry with Ryback a guy who was pushed prematurely because of unfortunate circumstances. (Obviously not his fault) Ryback however is technically “nobody”. He isn’t established anywhere and he hasn’t defeated anybody significant! And that plays a big part in this, because now we are in Jan of the new year, and CM Punk’s only major challenges were John Cena in ’11, and Chris Jericho at WM 28.
    THAT is why CM Punk is viewed by many to be pretty much a midcarder holding onto the main title, the WWE title. He never had that legit transition as Hogan had, or Austin, or the Rock. If you think about it, Cena never passed the torch to him cleanly EVER! And to top that off, John Cena defeated CM Punk CLEAN!.. on a RAW back in November. What does that say about this champion? He is not on the level of John Cena, and isn’t even prepared for the magnitude of the Rock. BUT… if CM Punk defeats the Rock whether it be clean (which it won’t) or by interference, I guarantee it will put CM Punk on the map, because this would be the first big name, even bigger than John Cena that Punk will defeat. Then he will be ready and look strong enough to face Undertaker at WM, which I believe is going to be his opponent. By then (and he doesn’t even have to end his streak) just for facing Undertaker at WM, it will solidify Punk as main event status! It took him a long time, but he will get it now, but he needs to defeat the Rock!! Very important for his career.


    WM 30 will not be at MSG, just in case people were hoping for it, and rightly so. If you were running a business like this, would you seriously consider a 20,000 seat arena or a stadium that can hold 70-80,000 ? WM is guaranteed to sell out no matter what now each year, so they have to do the stadiums. WM is too big for that small time shit now.. They started going back to large arenas at WM 17, 18, and 19. So at that point they were already doing that transition. I can’t believe they went back to them small ass arenas like at 21, and 22. They weren’t bad WM’s but come on man… Staples/Allstate arenas? 18-20,000 seats? LOL That all changed with 23, Ford Field…. ever since then it’s been big ass stadiums each year the way it should be. With a larger than life feel to it also = lots of $$$$$ Businessmen know that feeling. Thats why Vinnie Mac will never ever do a small ass arena for WM again. And he shouldn’t! The only ones that would disagree would be some of them iwc smark people. As them geeks don’t give a shit about making green and living like a Boss!

    • kquickstillsucks

      You are on the internet there boss

    • BOOCH

      You make a great point about MSG and stadiums. But WM 30 should still be in New York where it all started. That’s why this time around I would have no objections with WWE doing back to back Wrestlemanias in the same city. They did it once, they can do it again.

    • vadertime33

      small time shit ?? madison square garden is small time shit??ok

      • Johnson

        He thinks like a business man. If you think only like a fan, you won’t understand why he said what he said. It’s not about nostalgia, as nostalgia at the end of the day does not bring in the serious money. And it’s obvious that the stadiums do! Business dude… it’s business

        • vadertime33

          buisness or not msg does not do small numbers.. they stilll will rake in millions on millions if they do it at msg.. what the fuck are you talking about.. its new york and wrestlemania where it started.. thats gunna sale and bring in huge dollars.. shut up.. they could do it at the bingo hall in nyc .. it wouldn’t matter,.. it still attracts people from all over.. you are fucking stupid if you think wrestle mania 30 back in ny where it all started won’t do huge numbers.. ..

          • Damien J. Dennis

            Yeah, MSG would sell out. But all 20,000 seats selling out compared to 70-80,000 selling out is a major difference in financial gain. In terms of money, MSG is small time for live attendance.

  • partci

    Time for the US Solomonster to retire and the Sensational Swiss Solomosnter to take over the show. You just know he’s so much better than all of you ~Americans. :P

  • Shockmaster

    I guess I picked a good time to stop watching TNA.

    • morrisonfanone

      Any time after it started was a good time to stop watching. I watch it for a laugh.

  • morrisonfanone

    I love Sting, but that was so bad. I’m tired of bad returns. It did give me a laugh. Did anyone even really care?

  • Drpepper

    Good Job Salamander

  • Timothy Billups

    Never make a bet like that again!

  • raVen

    no no no the headline should say

    “tna’s comically bad commentary team makes the return of an icon forgettable”