Sound Off 255: Addressing “Super Schmuck’s” Punk Rant

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 255)

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Est. Runtime: 2 hours

Solomonster is back with a gigantic show covering all of this week’s major events, including Rock and CM Punk’s first confrontation, Alberto Del Rio winning the World title and how this may affect WrestleMania plans, Mick Foley announced for the Hall of Fame and addressing the “glorified stuntman” tag, El Generico heading to WWE, what his signing says about Colt Cabana, a rant on “Super Schmuck” Billy Graham and his latest tirade on CM Punk, TNA announces a new PPV structure for 2013, Bully Ray pops the question to Brooke Hogan, addressing what really ended the career of Nigel McGuinness, and should there be a WCW Monday Nitro one-night reunion?

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The Solomonster

  • Cataclysm

    the rock is the best of all time and he will win at the rumble

    • Jeremy

      Rock sucks ass.

  • cappa37

    Another title for this podcast could be: “Indy fanboy is not happy that indy wrestler got criticized.”

    • Jeremy

      It’s sad really.

    • Solomonster

      Not sure what “indy” wrestler you’re referring to. If it’s Punk, last time I checked, he’s been with WWE since 2005. Nice try, though.

  • Jeremy

    Here I thought when it said Super Schmuck, it meant The Solomonster.

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    Punk was great in the promo. I am a huge rock fan, but his gimmick is boring. He uses the tired old scheme with Rock. He needs to try something new. Imo. Rock is still a top guy, though. Love the dude, but come on.

  • Drpepper

    Great Job Salamander

  • Randy James Crawford

    Both CM Punk and The Rock are awesome talkers and performers, and CM Punk can draw a crowd but really unless your a kid or below 18 years old who wants to see Ryback face anyone like John Cena or CM Punk or The Rock, CM Punk had to win the TLC Match, and look at it this way CM Punk should win against The Rock, win at The Elimination Chamber and face hopefully Royal Rumble winner The Undertaker for a Respect vs Streak Match and have Undertaker win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and have Undertaker retire The WWE Championship and bring back The Undisputed Title and retire himself as well.

    • PWNEZ

      You were in L.D. classes werent you.

      • morrisonfanone

        We’ll just read to him slowly.

  • Reality

    Rock is great. But he’s better when a heel cauz he’s more versatile. And lots of people felt that Punk really outshined him in that promo.
    I still, somehow, hope that they go with Punk vs Rock at Mania. If we get Cena vs Rock 2, everyone will see how Punk-Rock’s three weeks feud were so much better than Cena-Rock 1 or 2 ‘s feud.

  • Jbabyface

    the rock is old news and 2nd if he does win at the rr its cus of the creative team lets him remember wrestling is all fxed and pre determed

  • bitch slap the swallowmonster

    SuperSTAR Billy Graham has earned the right to put his two cents in whenever he wants, he paid his dues unlike some know it all mark superschmuck swallowmonster. Back in my day New Yorkers has a reputation for being bad asses not hyper sensative. P.C. pussies.

    • Solomonster

      Wouldn’t that make Billy Graham the “P.C. Pussy”, as you call him, since he’s the one raising a fuss over a wrestling promo?

  • aj2345

    For The Rock’s tattoo to be the ugliest to you, it’s one of the most imitated & duplicated tattoo. From “Sugar” Shane Mosley to the average Joe.