Sound Off 256: TNA Showed Total Lack of Class This Week

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 256)

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Solomonster rather enjoyed the wedding angle on Impact and has praise for the show. Unfortunately, TNA squandered that goodwill by screwing over their UK fans and so they get an equal amount of scorn this week. We’ll talk what the company should do, at the very least, to make up for their lack of class, plus talk about Raw’s 20th anniversary, the absurdity of Super Cena, Eve’s WWE departure and where that leaves the Divas division, using Ric Flair to endorse The Miz, why Bobby Heenan hates Tony Schiavone, and a blunt answer on why some fans hate on indy wrestling.

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The Solomonster

  • Drpepper

    Great Job Salamander

  • John Enuch Heaney

    Some fans hate on indy wrestling for the same reason people hate on music they’ve never heard or cult movies and TV shows. Because they’re afraid of new things.

    • Josh Foley

      those kind of people that hate on the indys just dont care, they think that indy wrestlers arent good because their not in the wwe, such a shame, i remember watching punk when he was still with roh, some of the best matches ive seen

      • Pozessed

        Punk vs Joe. A match I always remember

    • Jeremy

      Typical idiotic statement. Just because someone doesn’t like something, does not mean they don’t know anything about it. I know Indy wrestling well, it just sucks.

      • John Enuch Heaney

        So you’re not ignorant, you just have bad taste? Sorry. My mistake.

  • Fido Riko

    Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena would have been a horrible match. Sure it would have been a spectacle of “entertainment” but still the match would have sucked. There is something I completely disagree with you on and that’s Miz’s faceturn, I completely like it and I also like the Skull Crushing Finale. The rest was amazing great job man :)

    • Jeremy

      You liking the Miz turn is exactly why the IWC is a joke.

      • Fido Riko

        stop hatin kid …

  • Dennis Kristensen

    Anyone that has never seen a PWG show is really missing out on something great.. PWG beats wwe/tna any day of the week with one great show after another.

  • Johnson

    Real talk: This is my opinion on the indie hate, but I think I’ve got it: Some people hate it because they don’t like the people that associate with it. The indie fanbase usually consist of “know it alls/pretentious types” people that think they are superior to others based on knowing more wrestling trivia than the average fan and/or simply because they like something different from mainstream (so it makes them feel special) etc…. People like this tend to give off an extremely off putting and ugly vibe whether on or offline. I’ve seen indie fans of video games/music/wrestling etc… mock other people, call them idiots, and be completely disrespectful to them based on petty issues like trivia, specs, detailed factoids about anything (usually worthless topics) etc… They also tend to be obsessed with anything that is obscure because it makes them feel more superior to the supposed “sheep” that go along with mainstream. It’s not that they hate “indy wrestling”, they don’t like the people that associate with it. Other people however might not hate it at all, they just don’t care about it (indifferent)

    • Johnson

      I’ll say this though, I’ve heard of grown men picking on children because they like John Cena over a… Daniel Bryan or a CM Punk. Which is pathetic to say the least and speaks volumes on their maturity level. It’s usually that geekish type crowd too. The ones that look nerdy (even though they are the complete opposite of a real nerd). I’ve seen them on youtube when they make videos on indie wrestling ROH in particular. They always look ungroomed, like they can’t afford a haircut, disgusting acne, and like they smell. But that’s beside the point… Some of them give off an “I’m better than you” type of vibe. And people don’t like it, simple as that. It’s like who exactly do these indie genre type fans think they are? Always sticking their noses up in the air at folk that don’t listen to their music or watch the same things they do. It’s a disgusting personality! And that is why alot of them are alone, because nobody likes their company. They usually end up around other stuck up people like them because they feel “right at home”. What they don’t realize is that they usually talk negative behind each others’ backs or spend time in worthless arguments with each other because they are egotistical and selfish with their own personal preferences. Like a childlike mentality, alot of them cannot cope with differing opinions and usually end in insults being traded back and forth or throw stupid tantrums. They are not superior as they claim, they are just stuck up egotists.

      • rolgio


      • Forceton Banfodder

        tl;dr: pretentious psycho-babble

        • Robert

          You’re just mad because you are one of those people he’s talking about. Why else would you leave such a silly comment. Instead of hating, learn from it.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Learn what? That “Johnson” has an opinion and he talks too much?

            That’s what I learned.

          • Robert


          • Forceton Banfodder


        • Craig DeBoard

          No. It’s truth. Deal with it.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            It’s conjecture based entirely on the angst of the author. Hardly truth.

            As far as I can tell, hating on the independent fans is the flavor of the minute on this site. Before hating them it was hating on Cena and hating on TNA and everyone loving all over Zack Ryder. Very few of you own your own opinions, instead you like to latch on to the opinions of others like Johnson and when someone disagrees you all rail against that person like the herd of sheep you are.

            Sure there are plenty of posters here who think their opinion is the end all be all. There are kiss-asses and followers and trolls. There will always be Cena haters and TNA haters and almost no one is going to agree on anything. But to tell me that one man’s subjective view of reality is the “truth” is fucking laughable.

            Why don’t you do yourself a favor and form your own opinion like Johnson did. I don’t agree with him, but at least he has the balls to own it. You want to tell me I’m wrong, go right the fuck ahead, if it’s truly your opinion. But for fuck’s sake, quit being a follower and form your own fucking thoughts.

            BTW, being knowledgeable of facts is nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone who wants to shame those people for loving the business and then coming HERE to a fucking WRESTLING SITE to bitch about it is a bigger fucking loser than the person who lives for wrestling in any of its forms, be it independent promotions, WWE, TNA or ROH.

            How’s that for having an opinion?

          • SonofSheik81

            Just made Johnson’s point for him. In general, people need to have more respect for the opinions of others. That is what the comment section is for, correct? Instead, people like you resort to calling others sheep and followers. I like some of your opinions, others I don’t. I don’t think you’re a sheep or a follower or anything beyond someone who has too much time on their hands that fancies he knows everything about wrestling.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            If one posts here, its a bit obvious one has too much time on their hands. As far as knowing everything about wrestling, I don’t claim to, never have. I merely understand the difference between reality and fiction and how to loosely predict storylines based on practical business sense.

            As far as calling out the sheep. Too close to home?

          • Jeremy

            “I merely understand the difference between reality and fiction and how
            to loosely predict storylines based on practical business sense.”

            There needs to be more people like you.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            It’s a great way to make enemies on this site… I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • Peer Pressure

      Spot on!

    • Craig DeBoard

      I draw comic books for a living and as a result have met far more of these types of jerks than anyone should ever have to. The guys that think because they read something that is not Marvel or DC, it somehow makes them “care” about comic books more or whatever. The same goes with wrestling. I’m a HUGE wrestling fan. The first match I ever saw was Hogan beating the Iron Shiek for the WWF Championship. Granted, that wasn’t what drew me in to wrestling, Ric Flair’s promos during the early 80s were what hooked me, but that gives you a rough idea of how long I’ve been watching. And I’ve watched ever since then. I watch any wrestling I can, be it indy wrestling, wrestling from japan, Mexico, Europe, more mainstream stuff like WWE or TNA, if it’s wrestling, I watch it. For me, it’s like a real life comic book. There’s heroes and villains and sometimes even damsels in distress. Hey the guys even where spandex too. One would think that considering what I do for a living and that I’ve watched wrestling for so long that I fall right in with the “IWC” or “Smart Fans” or whatever crappy name they decide to call themselves this week. Nothing could be further from the truth. I LIKE JOHN CENA. Yes, I’m a 36 year old grown man that appreciates the finer things in life like seeing Axl Rotten getting glass shoved into his forehead or a promo cut by Roddy Piper in the 80s or a clinic put on by Malenko and Jericho….and I like John Cena. I like Hornswoggle. I like Doink the Clown. I think Norman the Lunatic was hilarious.

      You see, I don’t think anyone hates indy wrestling. I think what they hate is the attitude of superiority that many indy wrestling fans give off. So your sentiments are exactly right. I visit this site daily and daily I see garbage posts from both people who love mainstream wrestling and I see garbage posts from people who love indy wrestling.

      I look at it like this; those nights when Raw isn’t on or Smackdown or Impact or whatever isn’t on, those nights where there is just nothing to watch and you find yourself scouring the internet for something to watch, those nights, enjoy yourself some wrestling that you’ve never seen before. When I started doing this, and I’ve watched longer than most fans, you open yourself up to a whole new world of wrestling that you never knew you could enjoy. PWG and Dragongate are awesome. CHIKARA is phenomenal. The IWC used to piss me off with the holier than thou, more informed than the next guy, attitude. But now, it’s like whatever, while these guys are kissing Deam Ambrose’s ass and hating on John Cena, (whom I like by the way), I’m enjoying some great matches put on by the Briscoe Borthers. I’m entertained by El Generico. I get to watch some awesome talent in ROH.

      And then on Monday when Raw, the most popular wrestling program of all time, comes on and people bitch about Cena’s promo or whatever, I get to enjoy that too, because I keep in mind that even a guy like Super Cena, works his ass off to put on a show for his fans.

      If indy fans want people to watch indy wrestling more, rather than bitch about guys like Cena or Sheamus, maybe instead talk about how great guys like Shelton Benjamin are. Talk about the awesome matches people can see when they watch HWA or IWA.

      Making fun of 9 year olds because they cheer Cena is stupid. Hey, I was 9 once. I cheered Hogan. I cried when Andre ripped his cross off of his neck. Guess who else did…Chris Jericho. And oddly enough guess which match got Jericho to come back to wrestling before….Cena vs. HBK. Oh, Cena isn’t so bad now, is he? Why? Because the IWC’s golden boy Jericho says so? Or maybe it’s because these guys that act like jerks really enjoy guys like Cena too…..they’re just more concerned with coming across as someone who is “cool” or whatever to people on the internet that they don’t even know. Lighten up. You could be left with no wrestling to watch, and that would just suck.

      And the guys that shit on workers like Dean Ambrose or Chris Hero, because they don’t know who they are and don’t believe they’ve done anything, you guys need to relax too. There was a time when there were territories in this country. And in order to follow someone you had read up on every little thing you could. Would you shit on the Von Erics simply because you hadn’t heard of them because they were busy in the Sportatorium instead of wrestling in Madison Square Garden or down in Atlanta? Probably not. Would you have shit on Shawn Michaels when he wrestled for AWA? Probably not. But AWA wasn’t really any bigger than ROH is now. If your biggest complaint about a guy is that he hasn’t made a name for himself in WWE yet, then you’re missing the entire point of wrestling in the first place.

      You want to enjoy wrestling, stop worry about what the mainstream fans and the Smart fans think and just enjoy it. It really is that simple.

    • Jeremy

      I hate Indy wrestling because the people in it cannot sell for shit and have no idea what ring psychology is.

  • TheSoloturd

    Turned off the show the second I heard the annoying intro.

    • ItsProgressNow

      lol you actually even START to listen to that shit?

  • morrisonfanone

    Let’s be honest, that’s not the first time we’ve heard that title before. And I doubt it will be the last.