Sound Off 258: Bret Hart Goes On Delusional Rant About Triple H, Calls Him A “Decent” Wrestler

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 258)

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It’s a Superbowl-sized Sound Off this week with thoughts on the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar’s return and new contract, the greatness of Paul Heyman, Cena’s burial of the World title, breaking up the Rhodes Scholars, Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania and TWO alternate scenarios for CM Punk, Bret Hart’s absurd comments about Triple H, TNA taking Impact on the road full-time, Seth Rollins as the weak link in The Shield, and what would have happened in Montreal had Bret faced Taker instead of HBK in 1997?

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The Solomonster

  • case of fire use stairs

    He’s not delusional. Just his honest opinion. I don’t always agree with your opinions, but never think YOU are delusional. I have respect for you and I’m a big fan of yours.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Sorry, Bret’s delusional. It’s one thing to give an opinion on something. It’s another to be completely idiotic in giving one and then continuing on about it like a moron. In this case, Bret was the latter.

      • Tyler

        When you iwc people see opinions different from your own you fly off the handle and call them idiots, or morons. Same old shit. Iwc fans rarely ever to bring out a point without insult the opposition some how. This is why regular fans don’t respect them. Get off the pedestal! Now I know you iwc folk love getting that last word, that corny one upmanship bullshit like a big baby. Im not revisiting this page because I already made my point. Quit shitting on the intelligence level of other people because you don’t agree with them. That shit is childish, makes zero sense, and all signs of an egotistical ignorant asshole.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Pot, meet kettle. Genius.

  • Johnson

    John Cena won the RR because they wanted him to go one on one with the Rock for the WWE title to do that rematch. So it makes sense as to why. People don’t really need the RR for a push anyway. Guys that WWE want to push immediately, and main eventers for the most part win that event. Ziggler doesn’t need any of these wins because he’s already MITB. He can instantly put himself in the main event picture at anytime.

    I don’t know how Solo thinks Rock/Punk was better than Rock/Cena but that’s his opinion.. so whatever..

    Rock/Cena had presence, the atmosphere, a clash between two mega stars from different eras that a large majority wanted to see for years, and it also had a full year hype… something different that they have never done before. Rock/Cena had that big fight feel, something Punk/Rock did not have at all. CM Punk is not even on the level of Triple H (who is below The Rock ) The iwc fanbase can deny it all they want, Rock/Cena was big and it felt big.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Uh, I dunno wtf you watched but the Rock/Punk feud was and has been the much better feud, mainly because Punk has played his role 20 times better than Cena played his. Punk hasnt tried to sabotage anything like Cena did.

      I’d rather see Punk and Rock 3 at WM 29 than see Rock/Cena 2, specifically because of John Cena. Punk is MUCH better than Cena right now has been during the past year +.

      • Jeremy


        • Reality

          The only moron is the one buying every crap WWE makes you buy. If you can’t see how better Cm Punk vs Rock’s feud were because you’re biased with the starpower shit and all the hype the Cena vs Rock’s feud has benefited from, then you’re the big moron here.
          You’re welcome

          • Mike

            Dude relax… Not everybody sees things the way you do. And seriously Cena vs. Rock was a pretty damn good feud whether you like it or not; and give me a break man… not everything with mainstream appeal or star power sucks. And not everybody thinks CM Punk is that great either, so take it easy there..

          • Reality

            I never said Rock/Cena was bad… And I’m talking about the feud (and even the match), I’m not ranting about Cm Punk being great. Got it?

          • Jason Hannis

            The Biggest thing, is PR. Its wrestlemania. If you ask a fan what the best match at wm 3 was, they will probably say Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat. If you ask someone in the company, or a wrestler, they will tell you Hogan vs Andre. Its all about “putting butts in the seats”. The best match isnt the best match. The best match is what sells the most tickets.

            I promise you, punk had no problem dropping the title to rock. Rock will now go around to different TV shows and talk shows and show off the belt, while hes promoting wrestlemania, while promoting his other movies. Because of it being a rematch of a “once in a lifetime match”, it will create a huge buzz. Which will get more buys. Which will get every single person on the card more money, including rock, punk, Cena, even the divas.

            Titles in this business arent what they used to be. they are a prop. A prop to help someone get over. Good bad, face, heel, it doesnt matter. Punk had the title for so long, to give more creditbility to the rock. This whole thing was probably planned a year in advance. Even Punks heel character is just to give the rock more steam.

            I woudnt be surprised if Punk turned face soon.

            I despise the rock, probably more then anyone else in the business (next to Hogan), but you cant deny his star power he has right now. Going into Wrestlemania he will also be doing PR for the new GI Joe movie, as well as the new Fast and Furious movie, and while doing this, he’ll have the WWE strap with him. He will have the Cena wanting to see him beat Cena, Cena will have the women and children wanting to see him beat rock.

            This will also be the way that the rock passes the torch to Cena, (I dislike the Cena character as well)

            When its all said and done, WWE will claim how many records this ppv broke, and it will. and all the participants will get a nice hefty paycheck 2 months later.

          • Reality

            What are you talking about? Does this have anything to do with what I said? lol I’m talking about which feud was better. Again: we’re talking about feud quality in other words, we’re not talking about drawing power of superstars. Got it?

          • your mams bush

            PR = per rectal

          • Mike

            Whatever man, just chill with the attitude.. no need to go on defensive mode over this petty shit anyway..

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Why thank you for your thorough and intelligent input on the matter.

    • TheKillingMoon


    • Jeremy

      Agree with that 100%

  • Dallas

    Cena didn’t bury Del Rio or the World title, he’s making a point about how he can pick a title that is held by two guys who he can’t beat or he can “run away” from them out of convenience and become a champion without facing that hard challenge. Cena’s trying to say CM Punk and Rock are a difficult challenge, and he wants to pick the harder challenge to prove to himself that he can defeat them instead of ignoring them and running away like a chicken shit. It’s basic MAN shit The promo was about a man showing balls and not running away from his problems because they’re too hard. You’re over analyzing the promos solomonster. you’re supposed to see the big picture and read between the lines. You can’t dissect every single thing they say like that.. that’s no way to watch a show dude.

    • Jeremy

      So there are people who get it?

  • The Soloturd

    Another show not listened to due to that horrible intro.

    • Mike

      I agree, that intro sounds ridiculous.. And I think he should cut his shows down to just 60 mins each, the show is ok.. but it drags and it is not exactly as interesting as the Don Tony and Kevin Castle show or Wrestling soup.

      • The Soloturd

        He just enjoys hearing himself talk, hence why his shows are so damn long. He is the biggest smark I know of.

      • thaShowstoppa

        Don Tony and Kevin Castle? I think you need to get your head checked friend.

        • Mike

          Yeah I’m nuts because I’ve got an opinion that you don’t agree with… whatever dude.. quit taking shit so seriously.

  • Shauno

    I hope Bret isn’t getting that Old Wrestler Crazy Syndrome.

  • Jeremy

    Cena buried the World Heavyweight Championship? Here I thought WWE did that.

  • logic

    There is nothing delusional about it. It’s his opinion. Stop trying to make it so dramatic.

  • Drpepper

    Nice Job Salamander

  • Zachary Adder

    great show, but the intro is annoying.

  • y2j

    To be honest Triple H is a great character and a good wrestler but he is really overrated .I would take Y2J and HBK over him any day of the year !he won 13 world championships which is too much in my point of view for him .

  • raVen

    the biggest mark in history! bret hart talking about how much better he is than anyone else. give bret credit tho, never heard of anyone giving themself a stroke after running into a foot…that is special

  • Keogh

    The WWE has been steadily declining for a number of years. TNA is a rehab and senior citizen resting place for many with most story lines stolen from current or former WWE writers. As a child, I looked forward to WWF (at the time) MSG events and live events in Baltimore. However, the “push” for underachieving talents, misuse of old stars and McMahon’s ego are slowing torching this once entertaining product.

    The absurd induction of Bruno is yet another example. I suppose he needed some money and McMahon probably offered him some to “bury the hatchet” and move on. I am sure there is also some “legal settlement” involved here due to the past issues with Bruno and McMahon.

    There was a time when WWE storylines had some drama and mystery. Now, it is like any other prime time TV show. Same sh-t, different day.