Sound Off 262: Glenn Beck May Have Saved Swagger’s Push

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 262)

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Solomonster has a packed show this week with news of Undertaker’s return, an interesting scenario for him at WrestleMania that involves the streak ending (and not to CM Punk), Jack Swagger’s arrest for DUI and why he should be fired, Glenn Beck’s dumb comments and why he may have just saved Swagger’s push, Swagger and Zeb’s surreal YouTube video, the new WWE championship belt and words for the fans complaining about it, thoughts on The Rock’s new movie, should Rock be subjected to Wellness tests, Scott Hall sits down with Jake Roberts, Donald Trump in the Hall of Fame (and caught quoting ‘Lil Wayne!) and more.

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The Solomonster

  • James

    I completely disagree Solomonster, Swagger does not deserve to be released just because of a DUI.

    • Timothy Billups

      His DUI was for drugs no alcohol, hence why he SHOULD be released in my opinion. I’m a Swagger fan, but he doesn’t deserve a push, he should at the very least face a suspension.

      • HollywoodRonCorleone

        Weed is not the equivalent to crack heroin or even alcohol over 50 million citizens in the US toke up everyday! He should not lose his job over smoking pot… Period. A stoned driver is more cautious than a sober one

        • HollywoodRonCorleone

          I hate that some people see weed as a hard drug… Y’all act like my dude was snorting lines and drinking vodka! Lol

          • Solomonster

            Never said I see weed as a “hard drug” like crack or heroin. That’s a false equivalency. It’s still banned by the Wellness policy. And where is the evidence that a stoned driver is more cautious than a sober one? Not sure about that one.

          • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

            Sober driving is the best way to go, definitely but High Driving > Drunk Driving

          • HollywoodRonCorleone

            I know u didn’t say it was a hard drug but as I was listening to the show yesterday I felt like the way u were saying punish him was a bit harsh for just weed bro… I took it personal cuz I chiefa the reefa on a regular and I function better stoned than a lot of people do sober.

            Love the podcast Solomonster even if I disagree with u sometimes lol

          • Stephen Farley

            You asked for proof, I posted proof, you deleted my post of proof, you are a scumbag on a new level.

          • Drpepper

            You Tell ’em Salamander!

          • Sisisi!

            I had no idea it was D.U.I for weed, it’s still a D.U.I. but honestly no one was in danger if he was a bit high…..

        • kquickstillsucks

          100 million do shrooms everyday if you wanna drive wasted that’s really the way to go…….

        • HollywoodRonCorleone

          I’m not saying its fact that a stoned driver is more cautious, but in my experience I’m a better driver stoned than most people are sober.. case in point I’m riding and smoking a blunt while listening to sound off, I have to honk my horn for the person in front of me to yield to the school bus with the stop sign and flashers on… Never been in an accident and I swear everytime I’m ridin alone… I’m smoking a blunt.

          • Stephen Farley

            Just ignore him on this issue I guess, because he asked for evidence, I posted evidence backed by three different studies, he deleted my post.

          • Solomonster

            Easy there, big boy. I did no such thing. Maybe it got flagged as spam. Try again, or failing that, you can e-mail it to me.

      • djkladfgjnladfs


        • Timothy Billups

          Excuse me? I’m an idiot because Swagger got caught using an ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN 48 States, and not to mention got behind the wheel of his car while being high? Stupid fu(king troll. Like the law, obey the law, dislike or disobey is your own choice, but the fact remains Swagger should be suspended for his actions at the very least, any other supserstar and it would’ve been done already.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      he should be released just for the him being so stupid. the guy gets a golden ticket and does something stupid.. he gets the push of his life and picks that moment to be a dumbass. you wanna get drunk……….you wanna get high. fine. take a taxi. dont drive like an asshole.

  • aj2345

    You rather not see Beck on TV, but you admitted that you watch show to see what radical idea he had next….Interesting.

    • Solomonster

      Not all the time, but yes. No different with guys like O’Reilly, Schultz or Hannity, all of whom can be radical in their own way and have their own agendas. Don’t agree with all of them, but I try to keep tabs on what’s out there.

      • aj2345

        Watch MSNBC. If there’s anything worth talking about from Beck or Limbaugh, trust me they’ll run it all day.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    His character is a winner and it would hurt them by not having him get to Wrestlemania. Problem is can they put the belt on him? I think not, but not because of what happened with the DUI. I think that somewhere they have to fit in Ziggler and that MITB briefcase…

  • Bradley Wheat

    Driving high would not be illegal if there was any proof that you drive better while driving stoned. That is just an excuse potheads use to drive stoned. Swagger should be suspended at the very least and lose his Wrestlemania match. If I were someone like Orton or Mysterio, I would be furious that he is not being suspended. They were suspended just for failing drug tests, they were not even arrested. This douchebag gets high, and gets arrested for DUI and possession, and they have not done anything to him.

  • Jeremy

    The new title is ugly, nothing fickle about hating something ugly. Replacing ugly with ugly is not an upgrade.

    Swagger should be punished some how, RVD was caught with weed and his push was ended right away. For nothing to happen to Swagger is bullshit. Have to be fair.

  • Tim Johnson

    To end the Undertakers undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is pointless at this point of his career after everything he has been through. This accomplishment is the only thing that sets him above his peers and is his legacy. Years ago in a casket match the Undertaker was advertised as being undefeated in casket matches and vs. Yokozuna they had the angle where practically the entire roster came out and beat him into the casket. Okay fine, been there done that. Let the guy retire with the streak in tact, continuing or stopping it is pointless now. Not much at all would change except with the streak in tact he could make special appearances as a guest referee in the future. Otherwise he would be tarnished and his draw (for money) would decrease.

  • morrisonfanone

    Lord knows Swagger didn’t save Swagger’s push.