Sound Off 263: Looking At The Pathetic State Of Zack Ryder

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 263)

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Solomonster talks about Monday’s epic battle between John Cena and CM Punk, is Cena underrated as a worker, Vince McMahon’s reaction to the piledriver spot and why he needs to chill out, fleshing out the undercard for WrestleMania, the pathetic state of Zack Ryder, praise for the women’s Gut Check on Impact, comparing the Knockouts division with the Divas division, reviewing “THE MARINE 3: HOMEFRONT” starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, and more!

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The Solomonster

  • ThurgoodSinbad

    Solomonster… you have a son. He’s an eight year old boy.

  • kquickstillsucks

    Why are you comparing KO’s to Divas? It’s obvious which you would favor.

  • Backstreet Bungalow

    John Cena is without a doubt NOT underrated as a worker but overrated as a wrestler. He puts in work like nobody else it’s just his in ring skills need a good polishing. Also, Zack Ryder himself isn’t pathetic it’s his character that is. Change him back to a heel and pair him back with Hawkins. Ryder gets a fresh start and we gets another tag team back aka Major Bros

  • case of fire use stairs


    Shamus Vs Barret
    Y2J Vs Ziggler (Rematch)

    • case of fire use stairs

      Ryback Vs Henry (They should do, but I doubt they would.)

      • jccox01

        Nope, probably him with others vs the shield in a tag team match created by teddy long.

  • Kris Guenther

    Honestly the WM29 matchcard for me would get everyone involved as much as they can. So…

    Pre-Show Battle Royal for #1 Contenders for IC Championship
    A-Ry vs. Big E. vs. Dallas vs. Camacho vs. Christian vs. Hawkins vs. Otunga vs. Fandango vs. Khali vs. JTG vs. Gabriel vs. Kofi vs. Ryan vs. McGillicutty vs. DiBiase vs. Tatsu vs. Ryder

    Swagger vs. ADR for World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler cashes in and wins it.

    Sheamus vs. (Heel) Orton

    Tag Team Turmoil for WWE Tag Team Championship (Hell No vs. Rhode Scholars vs. Shield vs. PTP vs. Primo & Epico vs. Usos vs. Rey Sin vs. Tensai & Clay vs. 3MB)

    Wade Barrett vs. Whoever Wins the Pre-Show Battle Royal for IC Champ (Christian Return)

    Whatever The Hell Diva Match Here

    Ryback vs. Big Show

    Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for US Championship

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Y2J for World Heavyweight Championship

    Taker vs. Punk

    Lesnar vs. Triple H

    Cena vs. Rock for WWE Championship

    That’s right… 12 f’n matches. Do it WWE.

    • ThurgoodSinbad

      How exactly would your Tag Team Turmoil match work?

      • Kris Guenther

        Like classic ones. The last one I remember seeing was Judgment Day 2001. Have two tag teams start and wrestling until one team eliminates the other. Then you throw in the next team and do the same thing until one last team remains. The tag team champs should be the last team to enter. That’s how I see it working.

    • WWEFan4Life

      What about Hunico for the battle royal? If i am not mistaken, Camacho does not wrestle, only Hunico does. And Rhodes Scholars broke up + which members of 3MB for the tag team turmoil match? And you do realize you’ve got 2 WHC matches, right? But, the greatest mistake in your card is just simply Rock v Cena.

      • Kris Guenther

        Hunico is injured.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    “Vince McMahon’s reaction
    to the piledriver spot and why he needs to chill out,”

    Oh look, another dirtsheettard telling WWE/Vince what they should be doing. It’s a banned move for a reason (The Tombstone Piledriver is MUCH safer actually).

    Yes Cena is an underrated worker, but then again most wrestling fans today do not know what good wrestling is (They think Ziggler bumping like an idiot is good wrestling, not selling mind you BUMPING. You’d be surprised how many people have no idea what the difference between selling and bumping is)

    • thaShowstoppa

      I think I just got high from the fumes of smarkiness in that last paragraph.

  • Bobby

    Nice read Salamander

  • WWEFan4Life

    Ryder is certainly not pathetic, he is just way underused and he just needs a gimmick change because, the “WWWYKI” Gimmick is getting quite boring, no gimmick change = No adult viewers, but no, why would you want sophisticated viewers when you can have 7 year old kids? If anything, WWE TV is pathetic.

  • Fighter

    Clearly Solomonster does not look at Smackdown. Why in the world would WWE put on a Cesaro vs The Miz match, when Cesaro defeated and retained his US Title on this past week’s Smackdown in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. This clearly was the climatic ending of this feud between the two superstar. Time to move on Cesaro to another opponent, or you could even give him a couple extra opponents for Wrestlemania, does not have to be a one on one match.

    It’s also clear after what took place on Smackdown that WWE is probably heading into the direction of The Shield vs Sheamus, Orton and The Big Show. I don’t think Ryback will be placed in another match against The Shield.

    Thirdly I more see a Ryback vs Mark Henry match for Wrestlemania, I think that would be an interesting match.

    Punk being on a losing streak is not a big deal. What is a big deal is that the IWC needs to lift their lips of CM Punk’s behind. Yes he have not won a ppv match and rightfully his big match with Cena on the last Raw. But look at Cena’s year last year. He lost at Royal Rumble 2012, he lost at Wrestlemania 28, he lost at Summer Slam 2012, he lost at Survivor Series 2012 (those right there are the big four) and after Money In The Bank 2012 last year, not only he failed to win the title when he cashed in, but he also lost again Summer Slam, Night of Champions, missed Hell in a Cell (just like Punk did at TLC), lost at Survivor Series, lost at TLC. John Cena was on a massive losing streak before winning the Royal Rumble, didn’t hear the likes of Solomonster talking about how Cena was WWE #1 guy, main eventing and winning the WWE & World Title matches and now look at him. This is the same issue with Ryback. Since placing Ryback into the main event spot light, Ryback has yet to win a ppv match. But nope, once Ziggler and CM Punk goes on a losing streak, for the likes of Solomonster, the world is coming to an end. Well guess what the world is not coming to an end. They are on the same boat like any other wrestler. They have their time that lose and job to other wrestlers and then there is times they on a winning streak that makes them seem to be the best thing since slice bread (and no their not that, don’t kid yourself).

    • jccox01

      They should really have a 8 man elimination match for the united states title at wrestlemania like they had before with john cena, rvd, booker t, etc back in 2004 I believe. It will give more superstars tv time and it will be a great match.

  • Fighter

    Well clearly the locked matches for Wrestlemania is as follows;

    The Rock vs John Cena (WWE Title)
    Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger (WHC)
    Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

    Heavily rumored is as follows;

    CM Punk vs The Undertaker

    What I think we’ll be seeing added is as follows;

    Kaitlyn vs Layla (Women’s Title)
    The Shield vs Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show
    Mark Henry vs Ryback
    Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler (I don’t think Ziggler will cash in) & Big E Langston (Tag Title)
    Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho (IC Title, I know right now that’s not how it looks, as WWE also have Sheamus picking fights with Wade, but after SD, clearly I think they want to put Sheamus and teammates against Shield. Also Wade vs Chris, just remember one thing. NXT Season 1.)

    and Antonio vs whoever possibly multiple wrestlers.

    • Fighter

      oh yeah the Antonio match could be the pre-Mania match this year. Could involve Kofi Kingston, The Miz, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes and Sandow.

  • Fighter

    As foer Vince being scared of Heyman, Solomonster I thought you were smarter than the way you sounded on this episode, but clearly you’re just another IWC idiot.

    Vince challenged Paul, Paul got the early upper hand and Vince countered and started kicking Paul’s behind, who came out first? Lesnar! So let me get this straight, because Triple H came out to stop Lesnar from attacking Vince who was already kicking Paul’s behind, Vince is fears Heyman. The way I see it, Vince is smarter than Heyman. Heyman knew Lesnar would come out for Vince if things go South. But Vince knew Lesnar would come out if he (Vince) got the upper hand on Heyman. What Heyman and Lesnar did not know was that was that Vince expected Lesnar to come out, so Triple H was waiting for the right time. If Triple H had come out when Heyman had the upper hand on Vince, then yes I would have agreed with you. But that was not the case and clearly you’re an IWC idiot or you’re getting old for this stuff.

    • The Solomonster

      Apparently sarcasm is not your forte. Either that or you’re not too bright. I hope it’s the former.