Sound Off 265: WWE Must Do Something With The Intercontinental And U.S. Titles Or Retire Them

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 265)

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Est. Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Solomonster opens with some thoughts from his latest Layfield Report column on retiring the Intercontinental and U.S. titles in WWE, then leads with TNA thoughts this week:

-TNA Lockdown thoughts, Bully Ray wins his first singles World title and turns on the Hogans (5:00)
-Can the addition of Bully save Aces and Eights? What he brings to the table that they’ve been lacking (13:45)
-Thoughts on adding a female presence to Aces and Eights in the form of Ivelisse (16:00)
-Update on contract status of Rob Van Dam, could a WWE return be in his future? (25:40)
-Why does a three-hour Raw need an overrun? Suggesting a move to 8-10pm and why it makes sense (27:00)
-Looking at Paul Bearer’s death being incorporated into the Undertaker/CM Punk storyline (33:30)
-A bizarre Highlight Reel segment from Raw and why wrestlers were so upset with Michael Cole (49:30)
-Jimmy Uso arrested for his second DUI, and the dangerous precedent WWE has now set (58:00)
-Can Bill Goldberg’s WWE run be considered a flop? And could we see a match with Ryback? (1:15:30)
-If not WrestleMania 17, what would have been a good time to turn Steve Austin heel? (1:23:45)

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