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Sound Off 265: WWE Must Do Something With The Intercontinental And U.S. Titles Or Retire Them

Published On March 18, 2013 by (Audio Shows, Features, TNA News, Wrestling News, WWE News)

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 265)

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Est. Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Solomonster opens with some thoughts from his latest Layfield Report column on retiring the Intercontinental and U.S. titles in WWE, then leads with TNA thoughts this week:

-TNA Lockdown thoughts, Bully Ray wins his first singles World title and turns on the Hogans (5:00)
-Can the addition of Bully save Aces and Eights? What he brings to the table that they’ve been lacking (13:45)
-Thoughts on adding a female presence to Aces and Eights in the form of Ivelisse (16:00)
-Update on contract status of Rob Van Dam, could a WWE return be in his future? (25:40)
-Why does a three-hour Raw need an overrun? Suggesting a move to 8-10pm and why it makes sense (27:00)
-Looking at Paul Bearer’s death being incorporated into the Undertaker/CM Punk storyline (33:30)
-A bizarre Highlight Reel segment from Raw and why wrestlers were so upset with Michael Cole (49:30)
-Jimmy Uso arrested for his second DUI, and the dangerous precedent WWE has now set (58:00)
-Can Bill Goldberg’s WWE run be considered a flop? And could we see a match with Ryback? (1:15:30)
-If not WrestleMania 17, what would have been a good time to turn Steve Austin heel? (1:23:45)

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