Sound Off 266: Where’s The Buzz For WrestleMania? And Why Bully’s Slurs Should Not Be Condoned

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 266)

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Solomonster runs down the WrestleMania card and why the buzz is lacking for this year’s show, Rock fails to mention WWE on Jay Leno, Paul Bearer’s cause of death revealed, the (not so) amazing lack of reaction in Pittsburgh to the HHH retirement stipulation, pitching a heel turn for Kofi Kingston, parallels between Austin in 2001 and Cena in 2013, Booker T announced for the Hall of Fame, an impromptu rant on Triple H’s burial of him at WM19, thoughts on Bully Ray resorting to gay slurs to insult a fan in Chicago and folks who condone it because he’s “just being a heel”, latest on Scott Hall’s donation drive for hip surgery and more!

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The Solomonster

  • JayRhymes


  • Dicknology

    Another great Episode Solomonster, however I’m actually very excited to see the WHC match at WM. Swagger Vs. Del Rio is a match we’ve never seen before and they are both very good wrestlers. Also, I think they had their best segment on RAW last week.

  • Matthew Issmarterthanyou Getov

    The buzz is lacking because the card sucks. There’s one decent match (Triple H vs. Lesnar), one predictable sequel match (Rock vs. Cena) and a ton of matches with lame, uninteresting stories and characters. Sure Del Rio and Swagger may be good wrestlers but honestly they are both nothing more than mid carders and are uninteresting. Undertaker won’t lose and CM Punk is a joke so that’s going to be about as exciting as Undertakers wrestlemania 11 match. Sorry if I offend anyone but they really need to rethink the direction they are going.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      The card far sucks, I guess 3 legit main even type matches is not good enough for the whiny internet fans.

    • Youth of Oi!

      People in WWE… or people in the audience antagonizing, insulting, mocking on, making fun of, cursing each other or behaving in rotten, mean ways…..that is totally f**king hatefully bad, cowardly, unkind, wrong, objectionable, no good, bullying, immature, pathetic, unfair, obnoxious, hurtful, rude, insulting and lamea$sed garbage!!!!!

  • Rock Solid

    About Cena doing a heel turn at WM 29… he should! Austin’s heel turn was not well received because his heel turn was not only awkward it made zero sense in reference to his personality. It’s like one day he’s regular Stone Cold, and the next for absolutely no reason.. he becomes a coward heel, needing help from Vince McMahon, ends up hugging and singing to him, trashing the fans, beating up JR for no reason, partnering up with the same guy that had him run over with a car. That’s not Stone Cold. He made a 180 on his personality with little to no explanation. And any explanations that he gave were all awkward and against everything he stands for. It was not believable!

    “If this bad enough to run you down with a car.. wouldn’t you want him on your side too!?” That’s not Stone Cold! That’s why while it looked cool seeing a heel Stone Cold and the two man power trip, there was really no reason for it at all and there was nothing believable about it and literally went against everything he personified.
    Heel turns on big faces need big reasons. Which is why Hogan’s heel turn was the greatest of all time.
    John Cena has a reason too, so a heel turn would be successful because it will make sense. What should be done imo is Cena should be his normal self at the start of the match, then throughout the match increase his aggression and start doing tactics that he wouldn’t normally do. Then as the Rock keeps kicking out, Cena becomes frustrated…loses his cool and loses the match for a second time. Then he feigns good sportsmanship by offering to shake his hand. The handshake takes place, then Cena gives him one of the biggest beatings WWE has ever seen in years! Use your imaginations people.. Then after Rock is laying possibly in a pool of his own blood (if they allow it) Cena can cut loose on the mic and let that NY/NJ audience have it..and have it hard! Also think about this for a second…. the audience is going to be the MSG audience,the NJ audience and other east coast audiences for the most part. Next to Chicago they boo Cena and hate on him pretty hard. It’s obvious Cena/Rock is closing out the event. Having John Cena close out the event as the winner and have a hoard of boos will look awful and make him look like pure shit on the biggest stage of the year. Best thing to do is turn him heel, and NY/NJ is the perfect place to do it. Cena’s heel turn won’t be failed like Austin’s because Cena has a purpose to go heel where Austin really didn’t. Cena has about six years worth of a reason to turn on the fans and trash them hard. Everything from the constant booing, the lack of fan support, favoring a part timer over a full timer, lack of compassion for his divorce etc… just to name a few, he’s got plenty more than that.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      Thankfully you are not in charge of anything.

      • Rock Solid

        Well, thankfully there are still bitter people out there that continue to make me feel good. And since you offer no mature debate on the topic.. no actual contribution, that makes your comment just that… bitter, and also without merit since almost every fan has been wanting a Cena heel turn for years. Some advice Jeremy: Increase your social skill and learn how to communicate without sounding like a bitter troll and you might actually get respect from someone. Take care now…. :)

        • Hachi

          Hang on a second…here is something else, though…Randy Orton and others have said on Raw and SmackDown that bitterness isn’t going to make John Cena ot other people in WWE stop being and behaving like total a-holes or stop problems in WWE from worsening.

          Why not give John Cena a chance to apologize publicly and agree to stop harming people..and he has to stop saying and doing wrongful and hurtful things…and if he refuses—then, and ONLY THEN will the plan of “Rock Solid” come to fruition. In other words, let John Cena decide if he wants to have things be worse or better in WWE. The choice is his. Though if he does go along with beating The Rock bloody or The Rock does that to John Cena… won’t accomplish anything positive. Because if Cena is allowed to win at WrestleMania…or The Rock is allowed to win at WrestleMania then all I want is, for it to happen in such a way that it doesn’t cause more pain, or make things and problems worsen. Because I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sick and tired of the f***king unfair, unjust and wrongful behaviors, attitudes and comments happening in WWE!

    • Tal

      I have a better idea than that….how about let everyone in WWE give John Cena a bloody, vicious beat down in retaliation for all the things he’s done and said that were wrong in WWE? THEN… he has to apologize for all of the bad things he’s said and done and gotten away with.
      AND….it also goes for all the WWE Superstars and Divas. Regardless of whether or not they’re baby faces or heels.

  • Drpepper

    Great Job Salamander