Sound Off 278: King of the Ring Anniversary Edition, Should WWE Bring Back The Tournament?

Published On June 12, 2013 by (Audio Shows, Features, WWE News)

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Est. Runtime: 67 minutes

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the very first KING OF THE RING pay-per-view, which saw Hulkamania get squashed and Bret Hart capture his second (yes, second) crown. On this special edition of the Sound Off, Solomonster takes you back through the early days of the KOTR long before it ever aired on TV, then revisits each event from 1993 to its demise in 2002, and its resurrection in 2006, 2008 and 2010. This includes the commentary of Art Donovan (hear it for yourself!), the birth of Austin 3:16 and how the MSG Curtain Call incident made it possible, why Bret vs. Shawn never happened, Mick Foley’s plunge off the Hell in a Cell, the end of DDP as a main event player, how William Regal blew the biggest opportunity of his career, and… Sheamus’ Antlers. Finally, he examines who the KOTR helped, who it hurt and whether the tournament should be brought back. Who do YOU think would make a good king in 2013?

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