Sound Off 282: Is WWE Planning Rock vs. Triple H at WMXXX, Plus TNA’s Complete Gut Check Failure

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Est. Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes

Solomonster talks about plans for the McMahon angle, how it may tie into WrestleMania and thoughts on a possible Rock vs. Triple H match, Ricardo Rodriguez suspended and what it may be for, why Sting is NOT going to WWE, The Briscoes spotted front row at a WWE show, a rant on reality TV and what it really should be called, why Bo Dallas is now the John Cena of NXT, looking at whether TNA’s Gut Check concept is a failure, several wrestlers released and others not getting paid, a GREAT main event on Impact worth watching, live thoughts from the TNA BaseBrawl show in Brooklyn, bringing War Games to WWE, would a wrestling offseason work, how the formation of the nWo changed wrestling forever (not just for a few years) and how WCW really died for good 12 years ago this week.

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