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Update On The Rock’s Injury & Future With WWE

Following up on the news of The Rock being injured at WrestleMania, he tore his abdominal and abductor muscles, as well as his groin during his match against John Cena. He immediately flew home to be checked out by doctors and is heading overseas very soon to begin filming the movies Hercules.

Initially, there was a lot of heat on The Rock, because it was unclear why he left town so abruptly when he was scheduled to appear on RAW. Now, there’s concern that The Rock will be hesitant to wrestle again, if this injury delays the shooting of Hercules.

WWE’s creative team was not informed that The Rock would not be on RAW until the afternoon, which required massive rewrites to the RAW script.

Shortly before WWE Raw went on the air, ring announcer Justin Roberts addressed the live crowd explaining that The Rock suffered a strained abdominal muscle and he would not appear on tonight’s show as previously advertised. Throughout the night, The Rock was booed by the live crowd whenever he was shown on the big screen.

The Rock himself addressed the issue on his Twitter page (@TheRock) by tweeting:

He followed up with a second tweet thanking his fans:

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

  • Thomas Wing

    Latest on his WWE status? Am I the only one that missed that?

  • ddp

    In 2011
    IWC: Rock come back!!! We miss you!

    *Rock returns*


    *Rock Beats Cena, goes for WWE title*


    *Rock become champ*

    IWC: NOOOOO. DAMMIT ROCK LEAVE. WE DON’T NEED U! Give the title to a full time wrestler!

    *Rock Gives Cena the title*


    *Rock leaves*


    My Reaction: :/ make up your damn minds…

    • Thomas Wing

      Thief….I could have swore that I saw someone different post this on another article

      • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

        I posted it you idiot. i just thanked him so i’m ok with it.

        • Thomas Wing

          Well if you look down a couple comments….he claims you’re a “fuck face” and you stole it from him. His gratitude for you thanking him is so overwhelming

          • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

            oh really, i shall check….

          • Thomas Wing

            Please do

        • 7 year old boy

          Come on Kenneth be nice don’t say the “I” word.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      Thanks for using my comment!

      • Guest

        What’s IWC though?

        • My arms hurt

          Internet Wrestling Community

        • DEX

          A made up internet “faction” of wrestling fans that like to believe their own hype and believe that they are “in the know”.

        • DEX

          A made up internet “faction” of wrestling fans that like to believe their own hype and believe that they are “in the know”.

    • Guest

      What’s IWC?


        Internet Wrestling Community!

    • Steve James

      Truer words, my friend, truer words. Although I’m surprised to see that no one blames “Triple H’s massive ego” for Rock’s injuries.

      • G.I.R.L.

        LOL i almost choked on ice cream.

    • Jesse Johnston

      Most of us actually didn’t want him around at all, from the beginning. For anything. So your story doesn’t really make sense.

      • Adrian Goodison

        By most do you mean the 10/20 people that post on here? As the thousands that cheer him at every live event and the bonus to ratings when he is on tells a different story. News flash iwc is such a tiny insignificant part of wrestling fandom .

    • lunchbox87

      Yeah everyone was glad to see the rock come back to face Cena including me but there was no title involved and it was a match everyone wanted to see .. and then when he faced Punk it was for the title it had nothing to do with Punk ..(for some it did) but i don’t care who it was that had the belt i didn’t want the Rock to come back and take the belt if he was only gonna part time witch he did the main reason being was that it was gonna set up Rock vs Cena part 2 witch a lot of ppl did not wanna see which the match turned out like shit could of kept the belt on Punk and had him face Cena at the WM could of been an epic match but no we had Rock hand Cena the blt pretty much and then kiss his ass at the end saying hey this guy is better than anyone that came before him Vince is hell bent to make Cena look like the best WWE ever had when he is not even in the top 100

      • Fighter

        Right! And so you don’t want to see Rock and Cena for the second time, but you rather see Cena vs Punk for the 100th time in the past two year, while we could have seen Punk vs Taker, for the first time in many years. Yeah I see your logic. And it’s stupid!

        Rock vs Cena was disappointing, not because of the way the match went or the outcome, but mainly it was the right time to turn Cena heel, this would have been a good twist. But WWE is too hard headed. Instead they stuck to the most predictable outcome. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there was the World Title match, which was pretty much the least predictable of the main event, but yet predictable with the expectation of Del Rio winning. Triple H won as expected and Undertaker won, which was the right outcome, but also predictable as well, even though the match itself was the best of the night. Fact of the matter is after 3 main event matches with predictable out comes, we had Cena vs Rock to close off the show and there was nothing special about it, simply it was Predictable.

        With the exception of Undertaker vs Punk, WWE should have made some bold moves for their biggest show and they did not. Quite frankly the event starting off without fireworks for me was the beginning of the downfall of the show. I simply was not into it after I saw how the event kicked off without fireworks. And the bs they say that because it was day light, well yeah of course, but they went through with fireworks at WM24 and WM28 with it being daylight still and it worked just fine.

    • Drmgiver

      Hey I hated Rock before it was cool. Rock is a POS, always has been.

    • Captain Obvious

      I think they were mad that he didn’t show up despite being advertised. I was wondering why they were booing him during the show.

    • Craig DeBoard

      I’ve hated Rock since he returned and have hoped Cena would beat him each time. I’m not a huge Cena fan but anyone is better than a Hollywood actor who doesn’t even care about wrestling anymore. If I want that I can watch old reruns of David Arquette on WCW.

  • ddp

    u do understand, if he’s injured, he has to get it checked out immediately, a 100 million dollar film called Hercules is set to start filming this week…..

    • Thomas Wing

      Downright Douche Poser….aside from stealing comments….you should read the first sentence.

      • ddp

        fuck u mother fucker, thats my comment, that fuck face kenneth stole it from me. as for u, go suck cena’s dick

        • Thomas Wing

          what article did you post it under?

          • ddp

            Your mom’s.

          • Thomas Wing

            oh lord. you got me there. that’s something a kid would say lol.

  • Reality

    “Earlier today it was reported that The Rock left Raw due to issues over creative plans within the WWE and his character.”.
    It looks like it’s not something very new, because during the end of the match at Mania, I said that the Rock looked somehow legit pissed.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      If true, it would surprise me. Rock’s never had issues over putting anyone over in the past althought I guess I could see why he *might* not agree with the creative direction of putting the belt back on Cena and going back to the status quo. Still think he’s legit injured and it wasn’t a creative isssue.

      • Reality

        I don’t think he had a problem with losing to Cena. I think it’s something else. Maybe the way they did it? Or the fact that they had nothing interresting to offer after the match? When I watched the ending again, I could see legit disappointment in Rock’s eyes

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Could be, especially combined with an injury. Perhaps we was disappointed the crowd didn’t really care about the match or that he knew Cena winning wasn’t exactly the best thing for WWE. Only he knows I guess.

          • My arms hurt

            I wanted to see Rock do an FU on John Cena, or an STFU, Cena stole Rock’s moves, it’s only fair. I can see how it would hurt to do lifting or a submission move with those injuries. (I refuse to call Cena’s moves by their PG names.)

          • SavageBomber

            I still call the “AA,” “FU”. Not on purpose or because I’m rebellious or anything. I just grew so accustomed to it that I never really stopped. I’ll catch myself once in a while, but for the most part, it’s still “FU” to me.

      • Marko

        But if Rock had a problem with doing the job to Cena, wouldn’t have he told Vince before and thus, the plan would change? I think it’s because of the injury.

    • Jj Vaness

      Rock probably didnt want to be laid out by Lesnar.

  • 7 year old boy

    No matter what these hypocrite iwc say, I am going to miss the most electrifying man of all entertainment if you smell what the almost 8 year old boy is cooking.

  • Nik

    oh ya he got injured. Ofcourse it had to happen. I mean such a hardcore match he had with cena. :P

  • Daniel Benfield

    he was pissed cause he couldnt hold the title why he was out and aBOUT making movies so he took his ball and went home as much as rock fans dont wanna her it all this was is another paycheck he didnt look a bit injured after the match tired yes injured no

    • asia carter

      you should be a comedian like seriously the shit you said is to funny.why would rock give a damn about wwe small ass change .you really got issues if you think that is true

  • 2muchfire

    Get well Rock

  • Matt Ramsden

    It’s about money, power and status now. WWE needs The Rock to promote them as he needs WWE to promote his movies, but can go without there plugging and marketing. And as we have seen:
    WWE Creative Team vs The Rock = Rock Wins Everytime.

  • Progress_Now

    first it’s his little dick, then it’s his abdomen……lol make up your mind dooooods!! you ain’t gonna convince anyone with clashing stories

  • Clark

    It could have been so many things, injury I don’t think was legit. Rock didn’t get much of a pop when his music hit, nothing like last year, maybe he was pissed about the lack of cheers that he has become use to. Maybe creative wanted him to fight Cena again for the rematch and lose again to Cena? Because they did mention The Rock still had the rematch clause right? Only way I’ll believe injury is if he has to delay his filming for Hercules.

    • TheTruth Will Set You Free

      Not necessarily. They don’t need to film action scene’s first even if they planned too. They will change the scedule or they may have put the action’s scenes for the end of the shoot, knowing he was fighting at Wrestlemania.

  • delina

    hope you get better, that way you can go back tothe things you love to do; movies and wrestling

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Confirmed: Rock suffered torn abdonimal muscles, abductor muscles, and a hernia during his match with Cena. He finished the last 15 minutes of the match with these injuries which might explain why they went back and forth with each other’s finishers and why Rock looked upset towards the end.

    Those who say his heart isn’t in it, read that again.

    • fdsf

      mmmmmmmmmmmmm poo!

      • guest

        mmmmmmmm gtfo…..

  • Rick Yuhnke

    The Rock, a transitional champ, is gone. I have a feeling he is not hurt and just sick of the WWE. Please stay away, Dwayne, we do not need nor want you back

    • Jacob Rael

      Finally someone who gets it

  • Soufian Mellahi

    hey one question please why are we watching wrestling which is not”wrestling”?

    I need an answer to post the next comment

  • riyadviper

    Pipebomb ;)

  • Ortonthebest

    The Rock sucks, Cenation baby!!!!

  • Daniel Fundora

    The best thing for the rock is to heal the injury’s and we all know he return to movies for right now until hopefully he will be back probably this summer so maybe he can face brock lesnar or other guys!

  • Guest

    i think Rock knows he messed up for putting that no talent Cena over I hate Cana


    It was creative! It was about being layed out by Brock! Rock just lost the WWE Title on a PPV and it doesnt really hurt his persona in movies! The Dude is about to do Hercules and more ACTION films! If he is destroyed by Lesnar and loses AGAIN the next night and is out unitl next year…….. Not good for his career!!! He had no issues putting Cena over the top!

    • Thomas Wing

      I can see it now….
      “Person A: Hey! Let’s go see The Rock’s new movie Pain & Gain”
      Person B: Wait….you mean that guy that got F-5’ed by Brock Lesnar? Hell no! He got F-5’ed. If he got F-5’ed then he must suck. I’m not going to see his movies if he got beat up”
      I HIGHLY doubt that people use wrestling shows to figure out if they wanna watch a movie. The Rock has done highly successful movies before he came back. Him getting beat at Mania or getting beat up the next night is even gonna even slightly affect his movie sales.

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Here it goes Wrestlemania 30 Cena vs the Rock III…
    “Dear God, Kill me Now”

    • Timmeh

      It will be ok if its on the pre show :P. The first 3 hours of Wrestlemania were great.. the last 2 matches were very average in my opinion.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Personally, I don’t think Cena is really the good and respectful guy he portrays- just ask Alex Riley. Took balls for Riley to do what he did. Rock did look upset after the match. Probably from the injury or the fact that their match wasnt the best. I understand him leaving to get his injury checked out. Delaying a movie costs lots of money. If injured, I would understand him not wanting to be F5’d by Lesnar. I know they’re friends but Lesnar can be careless. Perhaps the disappointment in his eyes was knowing we once again have to sit through another John Cena title run

  • Dave Smith

    Damn i thought this injury was just bull shit like the live crowd did. i didnt know it was real

    • Jacob Rael

      I still dont think it is

      • guest

        Don’t care wat u think either

        • Jacob Rael

          And your a guest no one cares what you think gtfo

  • Paddy Roche

    Is he really injured thou? i have a feeling the injury is a work

    • Lester Foxx

      If it’s a work then the creative should all be fired.

      You don’t do works that hurt your company.

      Oh, my mistake. WCW did do works that drove them out of business XD

      BTW, it’s possible that the Rock wasn’t happy about how he’s booked so he didn’t inform the officials when he took the flight. Maybe WWE is booking Rock vs. Cena III and he doesn’t want a part of it.

  • riyadviper
  • April Kaulitz


  • TheKillingMoon

    This week’s RAW after Wrestlemania was great without the not so great people’s ass. Good fucking riddance and please don’t come back.

  • Cooker T

    Austin didn’t like the way creative was going, so he “took his ball and went home”, as The Rock loved to say back then. Now, he doesn’t like the way creative was going, and he bails……….

  • BringBackTheAction

    The fact is The Rock only came back to boost his fame to sell his movies. WWE has gone down hill ever since they beat all the competition and get they massive ratings. I loved the WWF it was always interesting, great storylines, brutal matches every night was packed full of action, and best of all it wasn’t for KIDS!!!. Now days they consider the Triple H and Brock match to be SO Extreme it was tame. Think of matched like the first 2 TLC’s, Inferno Matches, Casket Matches, No DQ’s with over the top action, Hell In the Cell with people going over and through the cell, Tables being set on fire, tacks in the ring, 2×4’s with barbed wire etc etc. Now days a little blood and it’s like OMG did they actually use some of the old skool tactics. Bring back want we want Wrestlers that will be extreme and stop being so scared of the Mom’s and make wrestling how it should be brutal and NOT FOR KIDS!!!. P.S WrestleMania 29 was terrible I’ve watched WWF/WWE for 15 years now and since 2009 its just one disppointment after another just waiting for the day it all turns around again. Maybe when Cena leaves and gets a Kids TV show to present.

    • ddp

      i never heard him once plugging his film out on raw… gi joe promos were a deal b/w wwe and the studio… wwe got paid for those and gi joe co-sponsored elimination chamber

  • Craig DeBoard

    Anyone remember that he was also injured last year. I call bullshit on this supposed “injury”.

  • Eric Adams

    Raw didn’t need the Rock! That was the best RAW in a long time WITHOUT the Rock! He got injured because he was stale from not wrestling. 4 out of 6 guys in the 3 main events at WrestleMania were part timers, that is not right. Imagine how you would feel if you were a wrestler, you bust your butt all year long, wrestle 6 days a week, and then WrestleMania comes around and an actor or a part timer gets your spot! The Rock was always going to leave after WrestleMania, injury or not!