Rumored WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 Main Event

Following the controversial finish to Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions WWE title match between CM Punk and John Cena, next month’s pay-per-view will feature another encounter between the two men.

According to multiple reliable sources, the planned main event for WWE Hell in a Cell will be WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena inside the Hell in a Cell steel cage.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 takes place on Sunday, October 28th from Atlanta, Georgia.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Salad2000

    Thats not a spoiler its pretty obvious, they have almost 6 weeks to make this PPV amazing lets hope they dont fuck it up.

  • Stranger

    I’m fine with that.

  • Belial

    The colour of the Sky is Blue…….what else is blatantly obvious?

    • Noach

      No, the color of Sky is Velvet. Cmom WWE Linda’s gonna lose anyways, go TV MA for her.

      • G.I.R.L.


  • prick

    wow….i didnt see that coming…well done SEScoops

    • ac1d

      We need to send our great thanks out to the ‘multiple reliable sources.’

      • D@R3D3V1L360

        Those sources being ‘logic’ lol. I’m just messing I understand sometimes they have to report some stupid shit.

    • Mr 561

      Hey, we didn’t say it was earth-shattering BREAKING NEWS

      • ac1d

        You’re the only wrestling news site I use, thanks guys lol.

      • FOLEY_is_GOD

        Ignore them. Like ac1d, you’re the only site I use. How about implementing a forum part of the site? That would make this site much better IMO.

    • Travis Olson

      lmfao i know right? its like no shit sherlock

  • Saul

    Awesome spoiler!!!! Are you guys sure omg I’m so shocked i cant believe this -_-


    wow.. i think its time to be a full fledged tna fan..

  • LemonPopp

    You don’t say.

  • LemonPopp

    What did you think we thought? Hugging it out in the cell?

  • Mandy Coco

    We all know, Cena will win, nxt payperview, same all story rematch, by the time we get to TLC, another opponent n then the brahma bull comes into picture, Rock vs Cena at The Rumble.

  • Jonathan Nieves

    haaaaa well u can take that spoiler and flush it, jhon cena just had surgery on his elbow and it will take 6 weeks to recover so he will not be challenging cm punk for the title at hell in the cell. there is a spoiler for your behind lol your welcome se scoops

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    I hope they feed the Miz to Ryback on this ppv

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    I hope oneday they feed Cena to Ryback

    • David Swanson


      • Knight

        Wait a minute, when did Joe have a second son? I thought he only had one?

        • Pozessed

          Haha. Thumbs up for the Family Guy reference.


    I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cell with a pissed off John Cena. CM Punk is in serious danger.

    • RespecTheSwag

      Oh my goodness shut up! You are so dumb! If you really are an 8 year old boy, then either you need to leave and never come back or we people that have actually been through puberty need to migrate to a new website. Plus Cena is not even the one that is pissed off. Punk will probably be the pissed off on since he got screwed last night.

      • Donte Shoshona Gopual

        You know that he trolling you right and you falling for it, that’s a shame
        Just play along because it’s kind of funny.

      • 8 YEAR OLD BOY

        At least I can type a complete sentence without error.

        • aj2345

          Only people without a reply to what was just said to them revert attention to spelling and grammatical errors. It means you’ve just shut them up, but they have to find something to say.

          • 8 YEAR OLD BOY

            Wow, you’re good…no ones ever going to slide anything passed you. You must have a degree from Harvard or something, right? Shut up and mind your own damn business you John Cena wanna be.

      • Pozessed

        Bro, remember what you said to me? All them months back? Asking about the fat guy? Well consider this the new “Fat Guy” at least the guy don’t post paragraphs.

    • D@R3D3V1L360

      CM Punk deserves it the way he turned his back on the WWE Universe. I mean, attacking Jerry “The King” Lawler, blindsighting John Cena when he was in a match with Alberto Del Rio. I just don’t know what his problem is, you know? Thank Our Lord, Jesus Christ for the goodness that is John Cena, and Rey Mysterio too, but he’s a mexican so you never know what he’s thinking.

  • vintagefan

    Dah— we all suspected it with how NOC ended, or shall I say, didn’t END

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Its hardly a spoiler when it was obvious that that was going to happen

    • dae

      Yeah, I saw that one coming a mile away…
      What’s next for TV or the PPV? A submissions only match between AdR and the Celtic Warrior?
      Bryan/Kane v. Rey/Cara v. PTP for the tag titles??
      Kaitlyn v. Eve for the Divas?
      Ryback v. Miz for the IC?
      The only belt not really easy to spot would be the US title…

      • D@R3D3V1L360

        Judging from what I saw on Raw it looks like Antonio Cesaro will be feuding with Brodus Clay so there’s your US Title picture.

      • Harms_Way

        I see where ur going with that. I see the divas title match could be Eve defending against Layla and Kaitlyn in a triple threat. Also I was hoping Cesaro would lose the US title at NOC against the battle royal winner. But when I saw Ryder won it, it was obvious Cesaro would win. Im hoping they push Kidd or heck, bring A-Ry back and have either one of them feud with Cesaro.

  • DamienSandow

    You’re all ignoramuses here, this rumor is completely false. As of Septemeber the 18th, 2012, John Cena has undergone surgery on his elbow. Time & time again I must help you correct yourselves on your articles. You can rise and be a Martyr sescoops.
    You’re Welcome.

    • Mr 561

      Cena will be out for 2-3 weeks .. Hell in a Cell is over a month away. You’re welcome.

      • G.I.R.L.

        You took the words from right under my fingertips. Thanks.

        As for @4ee4fcb76cec081faafa9692eb0d6986:disqus you know nothing of being a Martyr nor my work. How dare you. ;)

  • TreyTray_101

    JOHN CENA is the only reason PUNK is main eventing now. THATS NOT COOL

  • D@R3D3V1L360

    I know they’re just reporting what the plans are but I’ve been thinking that since NOC. I dunno if WWE would have the balls to do this but instead of having a WWE Title match at Survivor Series they should just do Team Punk vs Team Cena. Team Cena could win that, setting up a reason for them to have a Tables. Ladder, Chairs or TLC match at WWE TLC. That keeps the rivalry fresh enough so it doesn’t get stale by having another plain old singles match (at Survivor Series) so quickly after the magic they had at NOC, that way they can vary it with Hell in a Cell matches, Tag matches and other gimmick matches until the rivalry ends and Punk starts gearing up for The Rock at the Rumble.

  • Reality

    I actually hope that Cena wins, so that Punk gets to win the Rumble.

  • Swag Daddy

    Well..I mean yeah, I don’t really think this is a spoiler nor news worthy, I think it’s obvious that Cena isn’t just going to have one ppv match with Punk for the title..all though it might not happen due to his surgery.

  • Beauenrx

    Spoiler for next year: Money in the Bank will have a ladder match!

  • JuanCabrera

    What!?! That’s madness! Next you’re going to tell us that it’s going to be for the WWE Championship!

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    One word: duh

  • jdr

    randy vs sheamus would be a great match in a cell

    • Matthew Del Greco

      been done

  • yes

    the main event needs to be daniel bryan vs cm punk at hell in a cell!

  • nug

    wheres the big show?????

  • feedmemore

    wow so stale and predictable

  • feedmemore

    layla vs eve in a buried alive match lol lol lol

  • Black Green Violet

    john cena vs cm punk hell in a cell or i quit match

  • Aduha Dx

    OBVIOUSLY they’ll bring bck superman cena and screw the living hell out of cm punk who will be aided by The Rock…Yea…do u think a Ring of Honour kid whose fame starts bad-mouthing the McMahons wont get the same fake push ans screwed like WCW,ECW nd TNA guys(note The Truth was TNA’s top champion talking shit about WWE being racist with the top champion division,see now wer he’s at)