*Spoiler* Potential Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Revealed

Former WWE Champion Kevin Nash has checked into the hotel where the WWE crew is staying in Pittsburgh, PA for Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Nash hosted a “Royal Rumble Party” on Saturday night and is rumored to be one of the surprise entrants in the Rumble match.

As reported earlier this week, Nash posted a photo of himself on Twitter with his hair and goatee dyed black. He claimed it was for an upcoming TV pilot he was filming, but it appears we could see another surprise Rumble appearance from Diesel.

Photo Of Kevin Nash’s New Look (Black Hair & Goatee)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jayden53092

    no surprise. don’t tear your quad, nash. sorry had to say it.

  • MajorHeel

    Dont waste a spot on Kevin nash. He’s not bad but he’s really worn out. It would be a nice suprise but they could be using his spot for someone who won’t tear anything in the middle of the match.

  • 10YearOldBoy

    Here come the quad jokes lol

    • LaParkaXV

      Yea they are original not old at all…

      • Kevin Nash

        I tore my quad reading this.

        • Progressed_Now

          Kevin Nash’s quad: I know how you feel.

        • Aperture

          I will call you Lord Farquaad from now on.

    • Boo Boo

      It is getting old and tiresome.

  • WCWJobber

    The whole “Dyed my hair for a tv” excuse was the same he used in 2011 LOL

  • RomBuster

    I don’t know… I mean is it really ‘nostalgic’ if this guy was in quite a big program just 2 years ago?
    I would mark out more if it was someone like DDP but I know that seems unlikely.

  • Whatsupbb415

    Nash may get a Mania program he is one of Hunters best friends! He had matches against Punk and HHH just afew years ago.

  • Y2J

    Didn’t we just see this not too long ago?

  • Dixie Carter

    WWE hire the old timers due to failing ratings and create the WWE Network to due not being able to secure TV deals around the world. Cole: “Kevin Nash!!!!! Has entered the arena.” King: “Breaking news! Kevin Nash broke his legs walking up the steps to the tron”

    • Y2J

      “Breaking News! TNA resigns Nash to show two can play at that game”

      • Dixie Carter

        Can’t sign an old timer when WWE have him signed to a senior citizens contract

        • G.I.R.L.

          At least WWE acknowledges they’re older. You booked them as if they were young and in their prime, Carter.

          • Dixie Carter

            M’kay, darlin’ sweetie!

          • G.I.R.L.

            Glad we’re on the same page, honeybun of sexiness.

          • Dixie Carter

            m’kay vapid darlin

          • G.I.R.L.

            Is this your way of thanking me for enlightening you of your blights? If yes, my pleasure, you supercilious nondescript.

          • Dixie Carter

            M’kay, darlin’ sweetie!

        • Adam-Michael

          More like you can’t afford them anymore coz you spunked all your dads money up the wall on them all the 1st time around

          • Dixie Carter

            Don’t be a vapid hater, show some love!

    • Adam-Michael

      Say what now?…

      • Dixie Carter

        M’Kay! Just remember the network got launched because WWE cannot get any TV deals with all there failed movies and TV shows in the past decade

  • Bradley McErlean

    NWO vs The Shield??? LOL

    • Dixie Carter

      Sounds good in the WWE world. Broken legs Nash, Broken back Hogan, and alcoholic Hall. Against WWE rejects. Knowing Nash gives HHH a BJ to get on the show…they’ll go over and win!

  • BMPunk

    I don’t care who is there. As long as Batista doesn’t win.

  • 9 year old boy

    Kind of a disappointment to be honest.

  • Matt Gallagher

    Surprise entrant maybe?

  • Cappie

    what if Triple H wins the rumble and enters last ? lol

  • 5er

    I think this year will be Razor Ramone’s year. Not Diesel.
    He is probably there to support his friend.

  • Tom Shelton

    BIG DADDY COOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Noach

    We’re going streaking! We’re going up through the QUAD up to the gymnasium. Surprise entrant 2014 Royal Rumble, Frank the Tank.