*SPOILERS* 3 Weeks Of WWE NXT Tapings Results From Full Sail University


WWE taped 3 weeks of NXT television on Thursday night from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Credit to Wrestling News World for these results:

Before the show started, it was announced that NXT will be crowning it’s first ever Tag Team Champions, with a tournament beginning tonight.

Dark Matches

* Antonio Cesaro defeated Justin Gabriel via Very European Uppercut.

* Natalya defeated Emma via Sharpshooter.

WWE NXT for January 24, 2013:

* They then did the opening for the first episode.

* In a first round NXT Tag Title Tournament match, The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson via Discus Lariat by Luke on Percy.

* Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox via roll-up.

* Corey Graves defeated Jake Carter via the Fuller Lock.

Corey takes a mic and says that after being screwed out of the NXT Title, he found out that he can’t be in the NXT Tag Title tournament. He said he is an outcast and he is used to it. He hopes that management is watching and listening right now. As the savior of misbehavior, if he can’t be in this tournament he is going to cause anarchy. He then says that the next time he sees Alex Riley, he’s going to do the same thing as everyone else: stay down.

* In a first round match in the NXT Tag Title Tournament, Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey defeated 3 Man Band (Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater) via Corkscrew Shooting Star Press by Adrian on Drew.

* In a non-title match, Big E. Langston squashed Axl Keegan. He went to squash Axl again when Conar O’Brian came on the screen and said in three weeks, he will show Big E what he thinks of the five count. Big E then proceeded to deliver his finisher on Axl a few more times to the crowd’s amusement.

WWE NXT for January 31, 2013:

* In a first round match of the NXT Tag Title Tournament, Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger defeated Alex Riley & Derrick Bateman via Ohno making Riley tap to a grounded cravate.

Corey Graves stormed the ring, dumped Bateman out of the ring, and put Riley in the Fuller Lock. Referees pulled Corey off of him.

* Paige defeated Aksana via a modified liontamer.

Summer (who was doing ring announcing/intros all night) got in the ring saying “here’s your winner” and hit Paige with the mic before leaving ringside. Crowd was pretty surprised by the turn.

Byron Saxton took over microphone duty for the remainder of the night.

* In another first round tag tournament match, Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty defeated Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes via Bo pinning Primo.

Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced. He said Full Sail is amazing and delivers a message that on 1/31, the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will be here.

WWE NXT for February 7, 2013:

* Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey defeated Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger to advance to the finals of the tag tournament. Ohno at one point got distracted with taunting William Regal which led to Neville getting the advantage and pinning Ohno with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

* Conar O’Brian defeated Mike Dalton. Conar then mocked the five count after as well as Big E Langston’s taunt. Big E’s music hit. He came out and have Dalton his finisher and stared down Conar.

* Xavier Woods defeated El Rontaro (sp?) (Looked like Ricardo Rodriguez in his Chimaera gear) via a Sliding in the Woods.

* In a semifinal round match in the tag tournament, The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) defeated Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty. After the match, Wyatt went up to shake Bo’s hand who said no then Wyatt attacked Bo and laid him out.

* Shawn Michaels came to the ring and spoke about the importance of NXT and the NXT Tag Titles, promoting next taping. He referenced DX and one child chanted for Triple H. Shawn said he wasn’t planning on coming out but he ended up doing so to his music, went to the back, and came out to the DX music. He joked saying that he at least still had one fan who wanted to see him then the crowd chanted loudly for him. Crowd chanted for Kevin Nash (who was spotted by fans earlier) and Nash came out. Crowd chanted for X-Pac and Billy Gunn who also came out. No Road Dogg sighting. They all joked a lot until Damien Sandow came out. Lots of jokes were made, but Sandow made it clear that the last time he was in the ring with DX they laid him out and he wanted an apology. Triple H told him to put one of those cartwheels on display and then everyone can apologize and go home happy. Sandow did a cartwheel and then ate a Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. Everyone hugged and went to the back, HBK leaving to his music.


* The next NXT taping on 1/31, the finals of the tag tournament (Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs The Wyatt Family), Conar O’Brian vs Big E Langston for the NXT title, Paige vs Summer Rae will all take place and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will be in the building and likely wrestling.

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