*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For Tonight

Credit to Jacob Jones and PWInsider.com for these spoiler results:

* The Jarretts come out and offer a truce to Kurt Angle as Jeff doesn’t want her to be put in harm’s way at the Sacrifice PPV on Sunday. The crowd is chanting for Angle. Karen says that Kurt’s been hurt too many times and now that’s made him believe that she’s out to get him. She says they have a restraining order out for his own well being and asks Angle to come out. Kurt comes out and says he can’t believe he stayed married to her. Angle announces a mixed tag match between himself & “his business partner” against the Jarretts for the PPV. He says that Jarrett knows who she is and she’s real, damn real.

* Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne & Tara.

* Beer Money cut a promo and pretty much intimate that they are waiting for Matt Hardy to call Jeff Hardy to face them at Sacrifice without using Jeff’s name. Matt comes out and says they showed guts when they dared call out Hulk Hogan, but they still make him sick and are worthless. Matt says he and Jeff Hardy were raised to be champions and he and his partner are going to take the belts at Sacrifice. But, his partner isn’t Jeff Hardy. Out comes, I swear to God, Chris Harris. It’s Harris and Hardy vs. Beer Money.

* Sangriento pinned Suicide.

* Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair come out immediately after the match. Flair kicks Suicide low. Hogan says that he runs the show and he’s tired of waiting. He wants to know who is running games for the network right now or else. Out comes Mick Foley. Foley said that Hulk may have conned his way into the company and they might think that they were the smartest men in wrestling, but now things are going to start to unravel. He said that on 3/3, Jeff Hardy was the champ but then the Network saw what what happening and brought Sting back to TNA and now he’s the champion. Foley said that Hogan won’t be able to ruin this show and more because this show is called “Impact Wrestling” because it’s supposed to be about wrestling. He announces a Battle Royal to determine the number one contender to the TNA title and then says he’d like to introduce Kurt Angle’s partner at Sacrifice. A video appears, eventually spelling the word CHYNA and she comes out on the stage with Foley. She got, seriously, a MONSTER pop. Everyone chanted her name.

* Crimson defeated Abyss and Samoa Joe. Abyss attacked Crimson and left him laying.

* They re-tape the ENTIRE segment with Mick Foley coming out to confront Immortal. Crowd was dead for this. There were a few small line changes, including Mick saying this show wasn’t “TNA” but “Impact Wrestling” so there’s the marketing stuff you guys wrote about last week or so.

* Mr. Anderson wins the Battle Royal. Chyna ran out and tossed out Jarrett. She went after Karen but Jeff saved her and they ran away. Dreamer got tossed by Bully Ray even though they are now partners. Steiner and Morgan eliminated each other. Hardy and Beer Money eliminated each other. In the end, Anderson tossed Ray out.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • donkey

    Chyna, & Chris Harris at an IMPACT Event. WOW?………….

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Chris Harris, Chyna…really TNA? They just don’t get it.

  • captaindarin

    In the words of the rock…

    who in the BLUE HELL is Chris Harris.

  • captaindarin

    * They re-tape the ENTIRE segment with Mick Foley coming out to confront Immortal. Crowd was dead for this. There were a few small line changes, including Mick saying this show wasn’t “TNA” but “Impact Wrestling” so there’s the marketing stuff you guys wrote about last week or so.

    ^ lol no wonder tna crowd seems so dead on tv. How lame is that?

  • CJCarter

    Before he was embarassed as Braden Walker for the whole 5 minutes he was on WWE’s ECW, he was one half of America’s Most Wanted with James Storm from 2002-2006

  • tnawwefan4life

    Come on people,Chyna coming out and and attacking Jarrett was epic,it reminds me of the time she won the IC title from Jarrett in WWE.Harris back in TNA is also nice to see.WWE obviously did not know what to do with Harris.WWE can keep Khali and his tu tu and hornswoggle…..lol…I guess Haters are just gonna Hate no matter what

  • WordLife,Cena

    well this show sucks just like all of TNA’s shows

  • WordLife,Cena

    i mean let’s be honest the only thing TNA fanboys can say that was good about this show is that chyna was on it >:/ that’s not even that big of a deal.

  • captaindarin

    What are you talking about? A washed up novelty “diva” from the attitude era is a huge deal! Well for a borderline independent company like TNA it is. lulz.

  • benjmann25

    @ captaindarn…OK for those of who have been wrestling fans for more than 5 years, let me enlighten you on who Chris Harris is. Chris Harris and James Storm were a tag team in the early days of TNA and they were called “America’s Most Wanted.’ They were multiple time tag team champions and set the bar high as far as tag team wrestling goes. They broke up at the end of 2006 to go into singles careers. Harris left TNA about a year later to go to WWE. WWE gave him a dumb gimmick as “Branden Walker” and crapped all over him and he was eventually released. Rumors of him retiring were pretty common, so I am actually glad to see him back (since he is a TNA original), and makes for a good storyline with the history he has with Storm (tag team partners, then bitter rivals), so this could be interesting. And for all you haters and douches hating on this, grow a set and shut up!!!! This actually looks good.

  • benjmann25

    *not been wrestling fans for more than 5 years

  • WordLife,Cena

    lmao “grow a set”…… hmmm that was great. rotf grow a set ‘xD

  • benjmann25

    @WordLife, Cean…yeah I keep forgetting I am talking to 12 year old Cena fans on here…ha!



    look up the word sarcasm before you go on a rant about chris harris of all people. ROFL

  • http://[email protected] rockymavia

    Why the fcuk don’t you go cheer for PG, fruity pebble, soap opera instead of trying to comment bad on TNA! Dude just go have CENA’S sh+t & Piss for desert!

  • omega2267

    TNA SUCKS!!!

  • omega2267

    TNA fanboys are higher then jeff hardy and rvd for thinking tna is good, so much denial

  • TNAJustRebuildOrFold

    I just dont understand How People who grew up in the attitude era of wrestling, can accept the product WWE is giving. You guys Bash TNA but I don’t see what WWE is doing better. Reason why they will always be on top is cause they are established. They have runned this business for ages. Its like Joe Di Maggio’ s hit streak, it will probably never be surpassed. So just enjoy the competition and shut up, and if you don’t enjoy it well then you can always watch your NXT SD and raw and be satisfied

  • rustyba

    Chris Harris back sweet

  • captaindarin

    The problems is with the entire industry. It is split between fans…you got the kids and their parents and then you have the older fans who want the attitude era. Vince decided to go with the kids…might be smart..might not be…it was his call. With the actual product…wrestling has sort of become stale…it doesnt matter who is in the spotlight. Yes there are talented guys who deserve pushes..but remember just because the “internet fans” could get behind him…it doesnt mean everyone will. What sense is there to push a guy like Ryder or Bourne or one of the other countless guys being forced to job or work on Superstars…if the live crowd gives them no reaction? Like it or not..live crowd majority reaction to a superstar does matter. The Rock was as hot as he was because of how well the crowd went with him…whether as a pop or heat.

    I really dont understand the fans though. First they complained WWE was too risque and went too far in their angles and storylines, then when it went PG..they wanted the risque stuff back. I dont blame Vince for the things he does, his company is looked upon by many…you want a good image. Hey the plus side to the pg era is…its like a reboot. Before, WWE had pretty much hit as far as they can go with shock value. Now if they ever go back to it…they can build up like they did before. Remains to be seen if they ever will. You’d think they would since their ratings aren’t even half of what they were…but it would take a lot to win back fans who completely gave up.

    I personally dont mind the product right now, its pro wrestling or soap opera action or whatever. I do lose interest from time to time and stop watching but I usually come back. Like I said, it just gets stale..since almost everything has been done.

  • Jimmy4V

    Chris Harris coming back to TNA is the only thing worth mentioning. I remember back when he and James Storm had America’s Most Wanted back when TNA was actually great and not lame like it is now. They had 4 star matches in almost every tag match they had until TNA moved to Universal Studios then everything slowly went to sh#t for TNA and the ppl around it. It’s great and all but I know Russo will think of someway to screw this up. Since WWE changed it’s name maybe TNA can change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

  • Guyzilla

    Chris Harris is pretty awesome – can’t believe he did so badly in WWE. Could lead to some interesting interactions between he, Storm and Roode.

  • http://[email protected] rockymavia

    Fine! We are just high because of Jeff’s real drugs! But you my friend is high because of fruity pebbles!

  • benjmann25

    @ Kquick…sorry douche but it has to be made clear that it was sarcasm for it actually to be effective. Try again nd come up with a good point next time.

  • ralu

    I literally stopped watching wrestling before TNA came up and didn’t get back into it till sometime after I had heard Benoit died. I feel like I really missed the boat with TNA because so much of the talent was fresh and brand new at the time. Now it’s just bombarded with WWE rejects and dumb storylines. I reeaaally want TNA to do well.

  • MrFAKEBoOk

    DAHAAAAAAAAA HEWEEEEEE TNA fu!##$ up THEIR MAIN EVENTERS ARE ASS CLOWNS in THEIR 50s and over over weight DREAMER ‘RAY ‘STING JARRET not Angle say what you wan to he is one of if not the best wrestle today! the rest of show suck of coarse flair hogan and foley all have embarrassed themselves enough so just quit!

  • let it be known

    Words can’t explain how much I hate TNA. Another shot taken at WWE with what Foley said about it being “impact wrestling”. Pathetic. Its actually called “RAW lite”. Butterball Foley. Go kill another 100 braincells, you moron.

  • let it be known


    you said it best – “Chyna coming out and and attacking Jarrett was epic,it reminds me of the time she won the IC title from Jarrett in WWE”

    The key words here are, “REMINDS ME OF WHEN WWE DID THIS”….

    What else is new? Did you think TNA actually had a creative bone in the body of the entire company? LMAO!

  • http://www.sescoops.com sescoops

    LOL @ let it be known – well said!

  • deebow

    I guess Braden Walker really made an Impact on Matt Hardy. So much that he is Matt’s new partner. Harris and Hardy are going to knock your lights out.

  • WWE1

    @ let it be known

    I cant agree more lol TNA is a joke.

  • AreYouKidding

    To all the people that are blaming WWE for givin Harris a crappy gimmick and not knowing what to do with him… Did you watch Harris when he was in WWE? The dude had completely let his physique go, he looked more like somebody that would be giving handies to truckers at a pilot station than a professional wrestler. To blame WWE for him not making it is purely blind hate for WWE. The guy was truly truly awful when he debuted.

  • stormgreyeagle

    Chyna’s got a bigger pecker than most of the TNA lovers out there, so thats why they lust after him/her/it

  • Bill Mitchell

    Harris needs to get in 2004 – 2006 ring shape, Roode needs to turn on Storm. Roode goes to being a singles wrestler, AMW reunites and at the next pay per view should be facing “The Kings of Wrestling” – Make it happen Dixie. Do something RIGHT for a damn change. If you can get KoW then try working out a deal that unites the American Wolves to take on AMW. Either one would work for me.

  • Bill Mitchell

    correction: If Dixie CAN’T get a KoW talent trade deal done, then perhaps she should work on an American Wolves talent trade agreement. Show us that you at least are willing to PRETEND you give a flip about what fans want.

  • http://AOL The TNA Loyalist

    Since When Did Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray Become Partners?

  • Motormouth5150

    Well Chyna back and Wildcat Chris Harris back….No Comment

  • WordLife,Cena

    @Benjamann25- Well that was an original comeback, just like “grow a set and shut up” which didn’t even make sense to the situation, but whatever. I’m above useless namecalling I think the crap you have to watch on thursdays is enough torture for every one of you TNA fanboys.
    @rockymavia- Do you know any gramar at all? Or do you deliberately sound like a retard who doesn’t make any sense?

  • WordLife,Cena

    btw the only reason I laughed at that crap is BECAUSE it didn’t make any sense.

  • Wrestlingvoice

    I don’t some of you folks who were clamoring for Chyna to return to WWE but because of MR and Mrs. Levesque the greatest Diva in WWE history not named Moolah or Wendi Richter or Alundra Blayze will never be able to set foot in WWE. Chris Hariss is one of the original core wrestlers in TNA and yall are begging for TNA to bring back originals and not WWE rejects (The Braden Walker thin doesn’t count cause he won both matches he wrestled and quit WWE). We anyway the 9th Wonder of the world is back and Chris Hariss (The Wildcat and TNA Original) is back so TNA is not going no wehere sorry about your damn luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benjmann25

    @ Are you Kidding me…hey douche, Harris addressed this point already/. He bulked up since WWE has always been known for liking bigger guys, so he bulked up to fit in. Sorry but WWE gace him NOTHING from a creative standpoint and it is not hate for WWE, just ahte how they use certain guys (especially guys who came form TNA). try again moron.

  • Wrestlingvoice

    AMW VS Team 3D VS The Hardys (Full Metal Mayhem) Dixie make it happen.

  • Wrestlingvoice

    I think Storm makes a better heal Storm should turn on Roode and join Immortal making for a AMW reunion in Immortal and strengthening the faction sorry about your damn luck.

  • Wrestlingvoice

    AJ, Daniels, Roode, and Kazarian Vs. Jarrett, Abyss, Harris and Storm Dixie or should I say Foley make it happen Sorry about your damn luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benjmann25

    @ WordLife, Cena..no it applies cause you act like a stupid 12 year old who thinks they know everything and really knows nothing. Some of us who hace actually been wrestling fans for a long time and are nopt just fans of one company (cause heaven forbid we like more than one….cause some of you just can’t head your tiny little heads around that), but hey keep being stupid haters that wound like a bunch of morons as always.

  • WordLife,Cena

    @benjmann25- Oh okay so my opinion that this show sucks indicates that I think I know everything? Okay well that makes no sense, but neither has half the stuff you’ve told me so what else is new. BTW I tried watching TNA and I didn’t like it so it’s not like I dislike something without trying it at least once.


    @benj ROFL please look up sarcasm you’re so dumb lol. It wasn’t even my post I knew it was sarcasm.

    Douche! See I can use that word to and it actually is appropriate for you lol.

  • Youllneverlearn

    Must be a sad life when people that outright come on here and talk about hating TNA. You’d think someone with a life would just skip over the stuff they hate rather than be another douche on the internet with nothing better to do than b!tch and moan about something they don’t like.

    Notice how I didn’t mention WWE fans or the know-it-all IWC in general. Nothing better to do? B!tch about something you don’t like. It’s not an american thing, it’s an internet thing.

  • l3gitjok3r

    IWFC: 2

  • TNARKO95

    Reunite AMW. Best tag match i have ever seen was AMW vs Triple X in a steel cage at Turning Point 2004.
    Also everyone talks about TNA having s*** creative but WWE has s*** in-ring wrestling. Dont complain about the product. These multi-million dollar companies dont care what we think and wont change unless forced to. So watch WWE and TNA for what they are. WWE for their entertainment and TNA for their wrestling.

  • http://AOL The TNA Loyalist

    Wildcat Back In TNA, AWWWWWWWWW YYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*(!)

  • Dark_Knight_Of_Albion

    hmmm james storm in fortune. chris harris in immortal. should be interesting to see what happens.

  • Frank The Tank

    I actually miss seeing AMW, reminds me of the good old days of TNA…..Right before they became WWE 2.0

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SHAKHIR2 KingofAllHeels

    Chyna coming back? I’m rather curious. I’ve been a fan since I was 8, so let’s see if she has the same chemistry she had then Regardless, the last time she wrestled was in NJPW in 2002. I’ve anticipated this day for a long time.

    Don’t know how well intergender matches work for mainstream wrestling with todays’ market. If that doesn’t work to well, I’d like to see a match that I’ve always wanted to see and that is Victoria/Tara vs Chyna.

    I honestly haven’t watched TNA since feb 2010 and I just started watching WWE again about 2 weeks ago. I’d like Chyna to end her career with WWE, so in all honesty I wouldn’t want her TNA run to last long. I would like it to be memorable, however. Then again, being that WWE is PG and their womens’ division is pretty lackluster minus about 4, I’m not sure…

    If the rumors of her being inducted into WWE’s intangible HOF next year were true, then I hope that she’s a free agent by that time. I’m sure that that is what she wants the most. Hopefully, they don’t pull a Sunny if that does happen.

    Chyna did much for women in general. Not only women, but also for people who don’t fit the social norm. period.

  • gamefreak26

    Haha! Who gives a F*CK that Chris Harris is back! Everyone knows James Storm carried him in AMW! Plus he shouldn’t comeback cuz he turned his back on TNA to go to ECW/WWE! Sorry! Beer Money Inc. is so much better than AMW! And the main reason for that is they put The Motorcity Machineguns over as a great tag team!