*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For Thursday

Credit to John Benoit and PWInsider.com for this live report:

TNA iMPACT! (Airing This Thursday)

*Impact with a AJ Styles promo, coming down from the roof. He talks about Lockdown and asks Bully Ray for a match now in the cage. Bully Ray comes out cuts a long promo on AJ from the stage, teases getting in the cage until Daniels comes down and throws Bully in the cage and locks it. AJ beats up Bully and teases jumping off the top of the cage. Bully escapes.

*Gunner and Rob Terry come out and wants to face Beer Money in the cage for the TNA Tag Team champions and of course Beer Money accepts.

*Hulk Hogan cut a promo saying RVD missed his chance to join Immortal. Rob Van Dam comes out and they go back and forth talking about respect. Sting comes out and they announce it’s Sting vs. RVD at Sacrifice Sting said the Network gives him a clause that allows him to pick his challengers. Hogan got angry and said he’s going to find out who is running the Network soon enough.

*Later tonight, it will be Matt Hardy vs. Sting and Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss with Hogan in Abyss’ corner.

*TNA Knockout Tag Team champions Rosita & Sarita defeated Madison Rayne & Tara. Rayne and Tara were fighting amongst themselves.

*The Jarretts come out. Jeff is going to crown Karen the Queen of the Mountain since Jeff is the King. The fans chant “Sloppy seconds.” Kurt Angle comes out and Angleslams Jeff through a chair. He tells Karen it will never be over.

*Abyss defeated RVD after Hulk Hogan interfered. Crimson made the save.

*Matt Morgan came out and cut a promo about wanting a World title shot. Scott Steiner comes out and wants a title shot as well. Matt proposes a match and Steiner accepts, then beats up Morgan.

*TNA champion Sting defeated Matt Hardy. Post match, Anderson hit the Mic Check on both and cut a promo on Sting to end the show.

Brad Davis

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  • justmyopinion

    wow this is going to rate up a storm… not. if this rates above 1.2-1.3 i’d be shocked, come on main event is sting ve matt hardy?? really.. really?? hogan interfearing again, really?? i thought he was going to be behind the scenes in creative & only going to be used in small parts?? no x division matches?? thats tna’s best division & most exciting prospects…?? hope they improve & shock critics like me, but really when you do the same things & use the same guys its gets tired veru quickly. whats happened to the other 40 on the roster??

  • killahink

    and where are the white horses that we heard were seen at the taping?

  • Alopezb5

    “The fans chant ‘Sloppy seconds.’ ” <–LOL

  • steamboat86

    does anybody actually watch this sh1t… my god

  • let it be known

    Its actually pretty funny. I was watching WCW Nitro from 1998 on WWE Classics On Demand last night. Hogan was cutting a promo on Kevin Nash. Fast forward 12 years later, he’s still cutting promos the same exact, boring way he always has. Hogan talks just to hear himself speak. He was talking for so long on that episode of Nitro, blabbing about NOTHING, that you can actually see the fans getting up to go to the merchandise stands in the middle of it. Its so played out already. Boring.


  • carolinatiger

    I like Tna and Wwe, but what is wrong with this card? On Raw you had R-truth ;smoking and blowing smoke. now wow, great entertainment. I can complain about Tna and Wwe all the time like all you do to Tna. But why keep this bullcrap up? Jeas either watch it or don’t!!!!!!!!!

  • Southjerz856

    I’m not a tna basher, but I still don’t get why pope, somaoa joe, and wolfes pushes git stopped for hardy,rvd, morgan and anderson…..

  • wwetnadudez

    ok so i useually watch TNA and not a h8r … but… seriously…anderson rvd and sting? how many title shots they gunna get?? give morgan and stiener a shot…and jus end jeff and kurt its gone on like all of 2011..its gettin old ( along with pope and joe )

  • rated_maxx

    lol how many times will we see the miz vs cena, orton vs punk, orton vs, cena see my point

  • wrestling rules

    one reason i stoped watching tna was because bishoff and hogan talked about ratings on every impact. if you want rating put on decent show and stop talking about it. this impact doesn’t look bad but if i here bishofff or hogan say the “R” word i’m changing to archer (on fx at 10:00/9:00 central)

  • wrestling rules

    ^ cheap plug

  • http://wawwrestling.com chadepik

    How many times will we see those matches
    Easy answer untill they stop making money off them

  • chains82

    werent we supposed to find out whos behind the “network”??? werent they teasing that??