*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For Tonight

TNA taped Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! on Monday night from the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando. Credit to reader Sammy Spoiler and WrestlingNewsWorld for these results:

* Jesse Neal comes out in his USS Cole uniform with the entire TNA roster on the ramp. I didn’t get the specifics of the promo but I imagine it had to do with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. My correspondent is unsure if this will be included in this week’s show.

* Immortal come out for a promo. Sting and Rob Van Dam hit the ring before a owrd can be spoken and a brawl ensues. Agents come down to break things up. Fortune comes out and Robert Roode gets on the mic and says he’s sick of Immortal. Roode says everything will change next week.

* Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Karen confront Velvet Sky in the shower.

* Mexican America come out for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina join in but the faction turns on Urbina, slurring his Puerto Rican background and begin to beat him down. Ink Inc. run out and make the save on Hernandez and Anarquia.

* Ink Inc. clear the ring and Jesse Neal gets on the mic and tells Beer Money they are going to win the TNA Tag Team Championship.

* Bully Ray & Gunner vs. Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles ends in no contest when Tommy Dreamer comes out, turns heel and hits a piledriver on Styles.

* Jeff Jarrett and Karen come out for an in-ring promo. They cal out Velvet Sky and a confrontation ensues. Winter and Angelina Love come out and join in. Kurt Angle comes out and gets on the mic and says he won’t do anything that will get them kicked off the network. It’s announced that Angle will team with Velvet Sky for a mixed handicap match against Winter, Angelina Love and Jarrett.

* Rob Terry b. Murphy with a suplex powerbomb.

* Mickie James b. Miss Tessmacher to retain the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Mickie picked up the win after hitting a DDT. The match started well but fell apart. After the match, Madison Rayne and Tara come out and Madison challenges Mickie for a match for the title at Sacrifice. Mickie accepts with the stipulation if Madison loses she and Tara have to split and Tara is free.

* Sangrieto b. Suicide

* Kurt Angle & Velvet Sky vs. Jeff Jarrett, Angelina Love & Winter. Angle and Velvet win the match and he announces that his mistress will be revealed next week on Impact to end the show.

* Hogan Wants GOLDBERG In TNA & KEVIN NASH Teases TNA Return

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://wawwrestling.com chadepik

    Dixie cartet……..o I’m sorry did I spoile that

  • bob678

    velvet in the shower, hector guerrero on TV, suicide vs the new masked guy (otherwise known as amazing red), could actually be a decent show, im watching

  • bob678

    n i almost forgot dreamers heel turn

  • bob678

    at the start of the show the TNA roster celebrated the death of osama bin laden, undisputed hide n seek champion 2001-2011. the funny thing is, osama looks to take back the title even when hes dead, his body is hiding somewhere in the ocean, lol

  • rabidwolverine

    LOL bob

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    Tommy Dreamer heel turn could be quite good, hopefully people will care lol. New masked guy could be interesting, I don’t get why there aren’t more masked wrestlers in WWE, I mean masks for that bunch of guys who look exactly the same, ziggler, orton, blah, and blah, and that angry looking guy with short brown hair.

    HOPEFULLY this won’t be an awful week…disbelief will be suspended until I’m proved horribly wrong lol.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Another solid 1.1 offering. Too bad I won’t be watching. In fact I might encourage others not to watch as well. Its time for this company to be done away with once and for all.

  • let it be known

    Why does it seem like the same things happen every week on this stupid show?

    I totally agree with Bill Mitchell. Something needs to be done.

  • let it be known


    “velvet in the shower, hector guerrero on TV, suicide vs the new masked guy (otherwise known as amazing red), could actually be a decent show, im watching”

    The only thing good is Velvet in the shower. Even though the tooth pick I used after lunch weighs more than her. If you hog tied me to a tree, covered me in honey in bear territory, I would still never watch a single episode of Impact or anything TNA has to offer a wrestling fan.

  • RadicalRhys297

    @Bill Mitchell – Shame that doesn’t happen half of the time because when TNA puts over a crappy show one week, they end up getting more ratings the week after. Remember the 4/4/11 incident? People said they were done with TNA and what happened? Their ratings went up, not much mind you but nonetheless, case and point.

    Although if I had a choice between letting this company ruin professional wrestling on Spike or destroying it before things get even worse (they ALWAYS find a way somehow), then I’d agree on being done with it… not that I watch it anyway, just rumours for me. =-P

  • kidchaoz26

    ah, wtf?! i wanted to see the guns! they coulda atleast had shelley do a promo after returning last week! *sigh* looks like AJ’s my last hope AGAIN

  • Bill Mitchell

    @RadicalRhys297 Short of boycotting Spike completely little will be done. A letter writing campaign would be effective if its done in two parts in terms of both mass email and US postal campaigns. Unfortunately, if this were to happen there will be a lot of collateral damage (which to be honest is the only reason why I haven’t pursed either). Its not Josh’s fault that this company is going down hill, it’s not Patrick’s fault that this company is going down hill, it’s not Matt’s fault this company is going down hill, it’s not Jamie’s fault this company is going down hill… I could go on and on but the point here is I don’t feel it’s right to punish those that have tried tirelessly to make a horse race out of this fiasco.

    I guess this would lead to another discussion, just how do you go about boycotting a company without harming innocent people. Yes there are some talent that deserve to be punished fiscally over this mess, but again it all goes back to how do you punish those that deserve it without doing the same to those that don’t.


  • l3gitjok3r

    Confrontation in the shower? All right!


    God awful

  • wwetnadudez

    ahh velvet in da shower XD lol but i actually like how they do da tommy thing cuz to da fans they dont know bout da backstage work hes more into and they could just show him a a sidelined character getting sick and tired of waiting XDDD cant waait for TNA

  • MrFAKEBoOk

    ok i would love to see the suicide vs santigro (wathever i can stroll over ten times fort his name) sounds good.Of their the eternal jj vs angle fued goes on and the begining sucked if they put it on tv,but a better show in recent weeks

  • http://www.myspace.com/hagerstownisboring DMMDestroyer

    I know it’s unrelated guys, but gotta express my concern, hey SEScoops, how about a report on Randy Couture announcing his retirement at UFC 129? Seriously, come on. As a fellow wrestling TNA fan, figured you guys could relate better than the action soap opera fans..


    Ambien Wrestling Cartel!

    ZZZZZZZ lol.

  • Guyzilla

    Eessh, a show that prominently features Jesse Neal, Gunner, Murphy, Rob Terry and Miss Tessmacher.

    And TNA used to have the better roster…

  • nufcman13

    sorry i dont watch tna but i read the spoilers and im really confused. on last weeks spoilers wasnt it revealed that chyna was angles mistress? and didnt matt hardy and some othe3r dude say they were going for the tag titles after getting called out by the tag champs? help im very very confused

  • carolinatiger

    If you do not want to watch it, don’t. Is MARKS for wwe the only ones on here??? I like both, i like the entertainment. I just come here every now and then bec all the marks putting down tna. I could make a big list of stupid things that wwe is doing now. BUT WHY???? jeas grow up


    Carolina I would to see how little that list is compared to TNA’s list.

  • carolinatiger

    Ok for one, what kinda matches you have on raw? r-truth against jo mo, oh boy a main event everyone would want to see.lol, not. Put these 2 guys in tna and you would say the same thing, they suck. You did the same with Jeff Hardy, he was the man in wwe, but once went to tna, he sucks??? Either a guy sucks in both or he does not at all!!!!!

  • DemonHiro

    @ Guyzilla – Miss Tessmacher had one of the best entrances in professional wrestling and global entertainment ever. Show some respect.