WWE RAW Results From New Year’s Eve


* The Miz kicks off RAW by announcing that Vickie Guerrero has declared that tonight’s show will have a “Champions Choice” theme, with “all” titles on the line tonight (except for CM Punk’s WWE title) and the champions getting to pick their opponents.

* The Miz hosts MizTV with his guest, John Cena. Cena starts talking about the holiday season but is interrupted by Team Rhodes Scholars, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Cena points out that Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII, who was featured on WWE RAW several weeks ago,is in the crowd. It’s announced that The Miz and Cena vs. Rhodes Scholars will be taking place next.

* John Cena and The Miz defeated Team Rhodes Scholars in a long match after Cena hit Sandow with the Attitude Adjustment and got the pin.

* United States Champion Antonio Cesaro comes out and cuts a standard anti-American promo. The opponent he decides to defend the US Championship against tonight is none other than: WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter.

* US Champion Antonio Cesaro defeats Sgt. Slaughter after hitting him with the Neutralizer. After the match, Cesaro hit Slaughter with a second Neutralizer to add insult to injury.

* It’s announced that later in the show, there will be a special New Year’s Eve toast between Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee – with John Cena invited to join in on the celebration.

* Later tonight, The Shield will face Ryback in a 3-on-1 handicap match.

* Backstage, Team Hell No announced they will defend the WWE Tag titles against 3MB.

* Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Jinder Mahal was at ringside for the match. After their win, Kane & Daniel Bryan mocked 3MB by doing “air guitar” in the ring, which the crowd popped big for.

* WWE Champion CM Punk comes down to the ring, along with Paul Heman and a doctor. The doctor verifies that CM Punk is indeed unable to compete due to injury and x-rays of CM Punk’s surgically repaired knee are shown on the Titantron. Punk says that due to the condition of his knee, his doctor won’t medically clear him to wrestle Ryback in a TLC match on the January 7th RAW, so the match is off. “No Chance” hits – and out comes WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Vince says it doesn’t matter what the doctor says – a TLC Match will take place on January 7th. Vince questions what CM Punk’s relationship is with The Shield and Brad Maddox and says that if doctors determine that Punk isn’t medically cleared to face Ryback in a TLC match on 1/7, then Paul Heyman will take his place.

* Sheamus defeats Dolph Ziggler by disqualification after The Shield runs down and attacks Sheamus. The Shield stand tall over Sheamus and then exit through the crowd.

* A backstage segment takes place with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Brad Maddox approaches them and asks Paul Heyman for a job, but Heyman tells him to leave.

* Another backstage segment takes place with WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett.

* WWE Divas champion Eve Torres comes out and says she wants to defend against Mae Young, who is not there. Kaitlyn comes out and says she’ll wrestle in place of Mae Young and winds up attacking Eve in the ring. Eve escapes and runs to the back without a match taking place.

* World Heavyweight champion Big Show defeats Ricardo Rodriguez by disqualification after Alberto Del Rio interfered and attacked Big Show. In a bit of comedy, Del Rio came down to the ring in a suit before the match and Ricardo came out driving a fancy sports car.

* Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston by pinfall to capture the Intercontinental championship for a second time. After the match, Josh Matthews interviewed the new champion. Barrett warned the WWE locker room to watch out for the Barrett Barrage in 2013.

* The Shield vs. Ryback in a 3-on-1 match never officially took place. As Ryback was making his entrance, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns attacked him on the ramp. Sheamus and Randy Orton ran out to make the save and The Shield escaped through the crowd. Ryback, Orton and Sheamus celebrated in the ring.

* Up next is the New Year’s Eve toast. Dolph Ziggler came out first in a tuxedo, followed by AJ Lee in a dress and Big E Langston in his wrestling gear. The three of them toasted while showing clips on the Titantron of several moments from 2012 that John Cena would like to forget, including Brock Lesnar attacking him, Big Show delivering a knockout punch and more. Ziggler announces that Cena has been un-invited from the New Year’s toast and orders Langston to guard the ring.
As Ziggler begins to make out with AJ, Cena interrupts. Cena admits that he had some tough times in 2012, but that’s nothing compared to all the WWE superstars that AJ was romantically linked to this year. Cena talks about all the illegitimate children AJ has with various wrestlers and shows pictures on the Titantron of several babies with the faces of WWE superstars and legends Photoshopped onto the bodies.

Cena announces that he’s officially entering himself into the Royal Rumble and promised to win the WWE Championship again in 2013. Cena toasts AJ & Ziggler as what appears to be human waste falls from the arena roof into the ring, covering the heels. AJ & Ziggler freak out as Cena’s music hits and the show goes off the air. Quite a way to end the final RAW of 2012.

* PICTURE of WADE BARRETT Celebrating With His NEW Intercontinental Championship Belt

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