*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown, Main Event & Superstars Results For This Week


WWE taped matches for this week’s SmackDown, Main Event and Superstars shows on Monday night from Washington D.C. prior to RAW. Here are spoiler results, courtesy of Ken McAndrew:

Main Event:

– The Miz vs. Primetime Players in a handicap match.  Wade Barrett came out to watch the match. O’Neil did a nice fall away slam without falling away, good power. Miz hit a double axe off the top. Miz wins with the figure four on Young and jaws with Barrett after.


– Great Khali with Nattie and Hornswaggle vs JTG – Khali win with the head chop. Dancing afterwards.


– Ryback vs. Epico/Primo in a handicap match – Ryback wins a basic squash with a double Shellshock.

– Brodus Clay and Tensai with the Funkadactyls…or not, it’s Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas doing a spoof of Tons of Funk. Sandow and Rhodes treat us to verbal exposition. The Bellas get to hit the you’re welcome as the real deal comes out to fight and clear the ring to dance themselves. Everyone bought it was really them when Rhodes Scholars did it.

– Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter vs. Kofi Kingston (in the same outfit) – Kofi got caught in a cross body, Swagger went for the doctor bomb, Kofi escaped and hit the SOS for 2. Colter distracted Kofi for Swagger to hit a clip and hook the Patriot Lock for the tap.