(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown Taping Results For August 8, 2014

The following are results of this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown, which was taped on Tuesday night in Laredo, Texas:

– Dean Ambrose opens the show with an in-ring promo. Before he can say a whole lot, Seth Rollins comes out and interrups him. Ultimately, Ambrose reveals the stipulation for their match at SummerSlam, which he earned the rights to do after Monday’s “Beat The Clock” challenge at RAW. Ambrose announced a Lumberjack Match between he and Rollins for SummerSlam. To close out this segment, however, Rollins revealed that Ambrose’s opponent for tonight is Randy Orton.

– Sin Cara def. Damien Sandow in the first official match taped for this week’s SmackDown.

– Paige def. Natalya in Divas action.

– There was a promo during the tapings featuring Chris Jericho. He, of course, spoke about Bray Wyatt and their match at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view.

– The Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton main event ended in a No Contest when Rollins interfered and a big melee erupted to close out the show.

Make sure to check back here at the website on Wednesday for a more detailed SmackDown spoiler report.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • pwnez

      A lumberjack match? Wow, talk about disappointing. I was praying for a ladder match.

      This SD sounds weak and poor Sandow; losing to Sin Cara who just got squashed during a commercial break on Raw.

      • 5er

        maybe they get axes?

      • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

        yeah… underwhelming no doubt. I do have faith in these two though, so I feel like they will make the most of it. You would think Ambrose, as a character, would be smarter and want the MITB contract on the line or something… yeesh.

        • darthjebus666

          A 3 stages of hell like triple h & austin done years ago

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            lol – it’s their first match… that’s more of a blow-off.

            • darthjebus666

              Fair enough but would still love to see a 3 stages of hell. Steel cage, submission & then TLC for the briefcase

            • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

              I don’t think it’s been done too often… HHH/Austin nailed it back in the day – a great match.

            • darthjebus666

              I think they done once after that with other people but the 3 types of matches were so poor that I can’t even remember it

            • darthjebus666

              WWE have ruined speciality matches with turning them into there own ppv that’s why I’d love to see a 3 stages of hell again, it’s been so long since they done it

        • Marvlus

          I really thought he would make Rollins put up that briefcase to smh guess creative didn’t want it to be ” predictable ” as usual

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            It may be ‘predictable’, but from a character pov it would make the most sense…

      • darthjebus666

        It really is like they care at all about SD. WWE want 3 hrs for RAW but can’t fill SD with 2 hrs of wrestling. It really is just a raw highlight show with a few bonus matches

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        That had to be Wwe creative, of course even in their logic this still makes no sense as ever time Ambrose sees Rollins, he wants to kill him so make it Lumberjack Match

      • UnlockedMind

        Should have been no holds barred.

      • DawnLittle2005

        I was hoping for a ladder rematch for the briefcase. Dean got ripped off and I think he deserves s briefcase rematch

    • TheRealityEra

      *Facepalm* Let me try and get this correct, Ambrose, the lunatic fringe and is given the power to choose the type of match at SummerSlam, against Seth Rollins, who he has been wanting to get his hands for the second most infamous moment all this year, and it certainly looks like to be a destructive match that would fit a Ladder Match, Hardcore Match, I Quit Match or a Last Man Standing Match, and he chooses a LUMBERJACK MATCH, NO NO NO NO, let me point out the major flaw with the choice, The Lumberjacks could ALL BE AUTHORITY HENCHMEN.

      • pwnez

        Maybe he chose a lumberjack match so Rollins isn’t able to run away? Either way it’s stupid. I was hoping for a no DQ or ladder match.

        • TheRealityEra

          It would’ve made more sense and logical than to do a Falls Count Anywhere Match where if Rollins tries to runaway, Ambrose can go after him all around LA, like after Ambrose and Rollins, they move on with the show but we from time to time see Ambrose and Rollins either chasing or fighting all over LA also saying the match is still continuing because of the Falls count anywhere rule, it be like the Hardcore Championship 24/7 style fight, THIS IDEA I JUST MADE makes more sense than a lumberjack match!

          • WTF

            Dude that Falls Count Anywhere would’ve been awesome, especially how Ambrose and Rollins are practically bringing back the Hardcore style of wrestling again. But i hope the Lumberjack doesn’t fail us. I think a Falls Count Anywhere or a Cage/Hell In A Cell.

            • TheRealityEra

              Thank You! I’m not discounting the match won’t be great, it’s just WHY A LUMBERJACK MATCH, the fact I just came up with this idea if they went with a Falls Count Anywhere Matchup just shows I’m more connected with the story, the characters, the fans; and WHY BETTER than the people on ‘Creative’ thinking the lumberjack was a great idea.

            • WTF

              Yeah plus i don’t think a Lumberjack match would last long

            • Chuck

              I think wwe is saving the big pay off match for these two at night of champions. That’s the ppv that they want to push to grab new subscribers.

          • roak10

            Seriously it’s baffling. Now if Rollins won I would get the Lumberjack Match. But with Ambrose winning it makes little sense. All the matches you said: Cage, Ladder, Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, I Quit, Last Man Standing, and I will even add in a Strap Match, make infinitely more sense not only logically, but keeping to Ambrose’s character. It just seems like this is the 5th most important feud in the WWE’s eyes, and the 1st or 2nd to the fan’s eyes.

            • TheRealityEra

              Yep, seems like it, the idea I came up with it is a MILLION times better than Lumberjack match.
              So, I’ll say this as the best way to describe “creative’s” idea:

              To WWE Creative,



            • Buzzard Follower

              Bet it was Michael hayes he always loved the lumberjack matches

            • TheRealityEra

              If Rollins went with the match, it would make sense, with Ambrose as Roak10 said it, makes no sense

            • Buzzard Follower

              Exactly Ambrose is a lunatic why would he pick a lumberjack match now if (i know it wont happen but because hes “crazy” he could suggest it) a lumber jack match where each lumberjack has a weapon or the ropes are replaced with barbed wire then i get it something crazy but a lumberjack match thats about as tame as any “extreme match” there is

            • TheRealityEra

              WWE, or should I say Vince, really lost the way of making a legendary destructive match in the making.

            • Buzzard Follower

              You know what give me confidence in hhh nxt because nxt is amazing. i dont know alot about kevin dunn (vinces 2nd?) but i always hear bad things and as for hayes everyone knows his history i just dont get why vince dunn and hayes are in all control when hhh ALONE has proven to be better since he took over nxt

            • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

              To be fair this is part 1 of a potential 3… the feud is hot and has been boiling, no doubt… but if they went too extreme on this one there would be no place to end up, right?

            • ronjon1000

              Wwe should hire Raven as a writer. I get shivers thinking about what he could do for Ambrose. Food for the imagination: Raven and Sabu vs. Ambrose and Pillman in a Clockwork Orange house of pain elimination chamber minus the pods inferno match with barbed wire ropes on 2 sides. Add in a ladder and watch the magic unfold.

            • Buzzard Follower

              to bad raven has retired from wrestling and wants to stay away

            • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

              Really, we shouldn’t be complaining though. My assumption is right before the match at SummerSlam, Rollins will be cutting a promo. Amrbose will attack him and then the match will be called off. But it’s okay, because they’ll brawl at several points over the course of the night.

              Oh yeah, and right after this the announcing team will schill for the Network.


          • Buzzard Follower

            You said that perfectly man falls count anywhere hardcore title like matches were amazing and these two could have had a match of the year in that. the match should still be good but a lumbejack match really f**King lumberjack match. Kudos to you though for the well said comment

            • TheRealityEra

              Thanks, maybe I should be running WWE’s ‘Creative’ Team!

            • Buzzard Follower

              5 years working for a media company in mid to high level position and the job is yours. 5 more years to go for me before i can apply

        • Filthy_animals

          Unless all the lumberjacks are wrestlers the authority screwed over

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

          I sense that thought as well – but I’d even take a steel cage match over this…

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      seriously a lumberjack match??? is this how wwe plans on selling summerslam -_- i would of thought they would go for a hell in a cell match or ladder match for the brief case at least a no holds barred match but a f ucking lumberjack match!


    • Brian Bird

      Only 3 matches I guess there will be an hour of plugs for the wwe network BTW it’s only $9.99 a month

    • Dave

      A lumber jack match? I’m lost if anything a no dq or falls count anywhere or a cage match that’s lazy booking.

      • Buzzard Follower

        I know major disappointment

    • Buzzard Follower

      A lumberjack match im sorry but FAIL the match might still be good but it could have be so much better in any other match. lumberjack match so rollins cant get away steel cage could have done the same thing ugh just fail

    • Matt Gallagher

      So there was only 3 matches on a 2 hour show? With maybe 2 10-15 minute segments

    • Ladmia

      The only possible reason I can think it says Lumberjack up there is because someone is playing a cruel joke knowing people weren’t giving live updates, and seeing what kind of rise they can get out of fans. Hopefully we all wake up in the morning, and it isn’t true.

      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        wouldn’t be surprised since all dirstsheets use the same source for spoilers

      • Buzzard Follower

        you and me both

    • lunchbox87

      Damn Sandow getting beat by Cara prrof of being buried right there

      • Bryan

        Well Cena needs to look very strong going into Summerslam where he will lose to Brock Lesnar.

    • jotanshinta

      Should of been he’l in a cell.

      • jotanshinta


        • We’re here

          He was correcting “Should of” which should be “should have”
          Also, chances are strong this feud could last until HIAC so we might get to see this rivalry reach that gimmick.

      • Name


    • Pharaoh site: #ChurchOfPunk

      Smackdown weak, Bellas destroying raw, just great. This sucks!!!!!

    • Eskylee

      There will get every match you guys listed for these guys! Chill the lumberjack match is just a good way to get the rest of the roster that isn’t competing at summer slam. Remember these dudes are 2/3 of the shield, this will give the guys in the back to what them both down

    • JDS3105

      3 matches? I’d be demanding my money back if I’d been there live. People pay good money to attend these tapings.

      • L Double G

        I was buzzin pretty hard during the event but after it ended I realized there was only 3 matches so I was pissed especially after paying $98 for floor seats

    • Fawaz

      Come on I thought the briefcase will be on the line at least.

    • L Double G

      They were promoting Stephanie McMahon all night That the Queen was gonna address the summerslam match or something like that and even at one point before the Ambrose-Orton fight they showed it again on screen and said “Up Next” but that promo never happened.. I have no clue why they cut it out but being there live it was a weak show

      • Buzzard Follower

        man im sorry for you i dont know how much you spent on tickets but i apologize that you had to pay to be at a week show. not being sarcastic i just hope there was something to make up for that

        • L Double G

          Haha yea it’s all good and on another note they tarped off at least 1/3 of the seats on the opposite side where the camera won’t show… Our arena can carry a good 9,000 for a wrestling show but there was maybe 6,000 and it has nothing to do with not selling tickets cuz everytime they come we pack the house but I guess it has to do with there production budget cuts

          • Buzzard Follower

            more than likely. ive only been to one live tv which was in brooklyn last year when john cena announced he would face bryan at summerslam it was electric that night and y2j and rvd had a great match bray wyatts second week on tv. ive been to about a dozen live events but that tv was amazing

            • L Double G

              Yea I remember that show y’all were a crazy ass crowd haha.. Put it this way this smackdown was so bad that the only star power was Randy Orton and the crowd cheered him on tonight but u know when it airs Friday they gonna edit in boos instead

            • Buzzard Follower

              wwe all about the fans lol

    • The Real Fan

      PLEASE BE A Typo Please

    • Danny Trayer Jr

      Dean Ambrose has been pulling out chairs every other week, think we should make it a chair match? No, don’t be stupid, lumberjack match is 100% better than that…. Just dumb

      • L Double G

        Nobody really cheered in the arena when he announced it but u know they gonna insert in some cheers before Friday :/ lol

    • MaJuub

      so we get 3 matches on Smack down and then you ruin it by having a damn lumber Jack match added to the Rollins Ambrose feud ? Yeah… Fail. This smackdown has a horrible card sin cara the guy who lost on a commercial break beats sandow? And it’s a 2 hour long show I’m guessing it’ll be mostly talking. Looks like I’ll be missing this weeks show. Ratings will be horrible lmao

    • RasslinRyno

      Lumberjack Match = not best for business

    • nBonThaBeat

      I guess if you follow the storyline, a Lumberjack match seems about right.

    • L Double G

      Correction smackdown had 4 matches… After the Natalia vs Paige match, rusev defeated big e via submission

    • coffeeman

      All depends on who are the lumberjacks

    • L Double G

      This smackdown spoiler is missing a lot.. After Ambrose and Rollins promo to kick off the show there was another promo backstage with Ziggler and Rollins insulting each other until Rollins challenged him to a match.. The match happened next with Rollins winning via pin-fall with the face stomp.. Ziggler controlled the beginning until Rollins started dominating him outside the ring

      • Progressed_Now

        yeah I was about to say, sounded like Smackdown lasted for less than 30 minutes

        • Louis Bates

          Yea so they left out Rollins vs Ziggler and Big E vs Rusev match in this spoiler.. The show lasted 1hr 45mins

    • Whoop

      Reigns top 20 moves
      1. Punch
      2. Punch
      3. Punch
      4. Harder punch
      5. Kick
      6. Punch
      7. Sometimes a Samoan drop
      8. Punch
      9. Kick
      10. Punch
      11. Punches
      12. Kick
      13. Is the roar a move?
      14. Punch
      15. Ring apron drop kick
      16. Kick
      17. Punch
      18. Wait for it, you know what’s coming
      19. Superman punch
      20. Spear

      • Buzzard Follower

        ARMBAR, the 3handled moss covered family gradanza, ARMBAR, fujimara (wait for it) ARMBAR, cross ARMBAR.

      • Ouch

        Number 13 got a laugh out of me, kudos.

    • 5er

      3 matches?

      I bet that Sin Cara vs. Sandow match was a 60 minute iron man classic.

      • L Double G

        Rollins def Ziggler via pin-fall
        Rusev def Big E via submission

        Those 2 matches happened on smackdown but were left out in this spoiler for some reason

    • satishwarne708

      Wow a lumberjack match?Why not just pick a battle royal then???

    • theEDGE

      If I wanted to make sure somebody wasn’t running from me in a match I would pick hell in a cell.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      Picture of new WWE Championship leaked


      i think triple h’s face perfectly shows my reaction to it

    • BeefyShadow

      lumberjack match? Gotta be freaking kidding me..I was so looking forward to this match but WWE had to freak it up.. A No Hold Barrel would make more sense

      • Thulani Ncube

        *Barred right? Though a barrel match would be awesome too.

        • BeefyShadow

          Sorry but when this, I was pretty much half asleep

    • Jermaine Scarpino

      Ladder match for the contract or something would’ve been awesome

    • Bryan

      Lumberjack match? They had to go pick the most uninteresting match stipulation for probably the hottest feud right now didn’t they? Hopefully the Lumberjack stipulation doesn’t affect the match quality and Ambrose and Rollins blow the roof off the building.

    • pit of zombies

      They should have a strap match and let them go at it.

    • brad

      Talk about a weak Smackdown the only good thing about it is Orton vs Ambrose.

    • danielrusso

      Why would Ambrose not make the match for the briefcase since he gets to name the stipulation?

    • The Superior Me

      This Smackdown makes me want to shake my head

    • Donkey Kong

      This is supposed to be a big pay per view right? We finally get Ambrose/Rollins and it’s not for the miitb contract, or in a cage, or falls count anywhere it’s a lumberjack match???

    • Matt Gallagher

      None of this happened, non reliable source here