WWE SmackDown Results (1/17)


– The Miz did commentary with JBL and Michael Cole.

– New Age Outlaws def. Goldust & Cody Rhodes in a non-title match to open the show. New Age Outlaws did their usual opening stuff on the mic before the match. Vickie Guerrero came out to interupt the match at one point. She basically rambled on about how at the Royal Rumble it’s every man for themselves. Billy Gunn used the distraction from Vickie as an opportunity to roll up Cody Rhodes for the pin.

– There was a backstage segment with Renee Young interviewing CM Punk. Punk ends up calling out all three members of The Shield for later tonight.

– Paul Heyman comes out for an in-ring segment. Heyman puts over Brock Lesnar and talks about not being worried about Big Show getting to him, because Lesnar wouldn’t allow it. Heyman mentions that Lesnar will be at RAW. Big Show ends up coming out and Heyman rans away through the crowd. A replay is shown of Big Show throwing Lesnar around on RAW a few weeks ago, to which Show responds saying next time he’s going to knock Lesnar out.

– Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio in singles action. Total Divas star Eva Marie did the ring announcing for this match and apparently the audio cut out on her half-way through. Mysterio cut a promo before the match and talks about Batista. Del Rio ended up attacking Mysterio during his promo, and the match gets underway. The finish comes when Mysterio blocks a kick attempt by Del Rio and rolls him up for the pin. After the match, Del Rio beats up Mysterio. Del Rio applies the Cross Armbreaker on Mysterio and refuses to let go until the referee finally breaks it up.

– Naomi def. Tamina Snuka. Both Cameron and AJ Lee were at ringside for this match, which was described as a bad match with a lot of botched spots. Cameron attacked AJ at ringside during the match. Naomi got the win via a springboard flip off the ropes for the pin.

– The Wyatt Family come to the ring for an in-ring segment. A replay is shown of what took place in the main event on RAW. Bray does a long, weird promo, talking about how he had issues with his father. He says he was destined for great things. He says he crawled out of the hole and Sister Abigail saved him and sang sweet songs to him, and he became enthralled with her. He mentions that as he was laying there on RAW he realized he needed to sacrifice himself to be reborn and become the creature he wants to be. He says he gave Daniel Bryan a chance to walk with the reapers but he will now burn.

– CM Punk is shown backstage again with Renee Young. Punk says he’s calling out The Shield and The New Age Outlaws. All five of them. Young asks Punk if that’s career suicide. He says it’s a gift for The Authority to do what they want.

– Big E. Langston def. Fandango in singles action to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The Bella Twins did the ring announcing for this match. Langston picked up the win in this one after hitting Fandango with his Big Ending finisher for the pin.

– Renee Young interviews The Shield backstage. They basically talk about how they’re going to kick CM Punk’s ass.

– The Usos def. The Real Americans in tag-team action. Zeb Colter was in a wheelchair to sell the attack from Big Show on RAW. The Usos were selling their ribs from RAW. The Usos picked up the win in what was described as a pretty good match.

– CM Punk comes to the ring. Punk talks about Triple H being a coward who hides behind his wife. The Shield come out through the crowd and the New Age Outlaws come out on the ramp. All five guys surround the ring. Kane comes out and tells everyone to stand down. Kane says Punk’s anger is misplaced and The Authority actually wants him to main event WrestleMania, which is why he’s in the Royal Rumble. Kane says his new directive is to make sure Punk gets the respect he deserves. Kane goes to leave but Punk calls him back out and insults him. Kane then says “get ’em boys” and The Shield and the New Age Outlaws beat Punk down. Kane chokeslams Punk and stands over him. The show ends on that note.