*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings Results For Friday


WWE taped this week’s episode of SmackDown on Tuesday night from Hershey, PA. Thanks to Derek J. for the following results:

– Smackdown starts with the WWE Champion The Rock. Rock comes out and cuts a promo about a story when he was younger in the city of Hershey, Pennsylvania. He then cuts a promo on his opponent, John Cena. He gets interrupted by John Laurinaitis, who says he had permission from Teddy Long to come out and talk to the champion. Laurinaitis says that John Cena is the person that caused him from being fired and that he wants retribution. He says that he wants to be in the corner of The Rock. The Rock asks the crowd what they think before he ends up hitting a spinebuster and a people’s elbow on the former General Manager.

Chris Jericho defeated Wade Barrett. The crowd was certainly behind Jericho in a really good match. Jericho would grab a microphone and say that he would love to face Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship, but he is going to have to settle with facing Fandango. The Fandango stage prop drops and Jericho begins to make fun of his name. Fandango comes out only to walk away from Jericho.

– An interview that Matt Striker had with Paul Heyman is shown. He talks about Brock and Triple H’s encounter at Wrestlemania.

– Booker T comes out with Teddy Long. They have Mark Henry and Ryback’s weight lifting competition next. Ryback and Henry get the same score. After this happens, Booker T reminds them of his no contact rule. Henry drops the bar on Ryback’s neck, in which Ryback rolls around grabbing his neck.

Team Hell No and Kaitlyn defeated Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee. Ziggler provided most of the wrestling in the ring until Kane hit his boot to the face of Big E. Kaitlyn would end up spearing AJ and picking up the victory for her team.

The Shield cut a promo on the screen, talking about Justice and beating the trio at Wrestlemania.

Jack Swagger vs. The Great Khali end in a countout. Swagger puts the Patriot Lock on Hornswoggle when Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and taunts Swagger to come and attack him. As Swagger is distracted, Alberto Del Rio locks in his submission hold onto Zeb Colter. Jack Swagger comes back and Del Rio hits him and knocks him out of the ring.

– Backstage interview with The Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton..

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show defeated Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and Antonio Cesaro in a very entertaining match. The faces hit their finishers on Rhodes Scholars and Cesaro. After the match, The Shield makes their way to the ring from the crowd. Orton, Sheamus, and Show attack them and beat them up into the crowd.

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