*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings Results For Friday (5/8)

WWE taped Friday’s episode of Smackdown on Tuesday night from Buffalo, New York. Here are the full results:

– The show begins with a video package highlighting what transpired on RAW between The Shield, The Wyatt Family and Evolution.

– WWE United States Champion Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose to retain. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were not at ringside. Sheamus won clean with the Brogue Kick.

– Cesaro and Bad News Barrett defeated Big E and Rob Van Dam. Paul Heyman was on commentary. The crowd was into the match, which lasted less than 5 minutes. RVD accidentally kicked Big E in the head, which allowed Cesaro to hit him with the Neutralizer for the win.

– Video package recapping Daniel Bryan vs. Kane from Extreme Rules.

– Alexander Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston is next.

– Lana comes out and told the crowd that Americans should respect Vladamir Putin. Alexander Rusev squashes Kofi Kingston.

– The Wyatt Family appeared on the big screen and cut a promo about John Cena.

– A Bo Dallas vignette aired.

– Fandango and Layla defeated Santino Marella and Emma when Layla rolled up Emma.

– Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry. Reigns hit Henry with a Samoan Drop and a spear for the win.

– Los Matadores with El Torito defeated Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Hornswoggle when Torito pinned Slater clean.

– Batista defeated Seth Rollins by countout. The crowd chanted “You can’t wrestle” at Batista. Batista hit a lot of power moves, while Rollins used his speed to get in a lot of his offense. Rollins countered a Batista Bomb and Batista exited the ring. Rollins dove over the top rope onto Batista. He got back into the ring and attempted another dive over the top rope, but Batista stepped out of the way and Rollins crashed and burned. Batista rolled back into the ring and Rollins got counted out.

After the match, Batista hit a Batista Bomb on Rollins.

– The Wyatt Family defeated John Cena and The Usos when Luke Harper hit a lariat on one of the Usos for the pin.

After the match, John Cena cut a promo on The Wyatts, saying he’s not afraid of Bray and he needed his lackeys to win the match for him.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Sheamus as US champ just makes me shake my head. Pointless. You want to turn him heel right? Turn him heel by attacking Bryan and turning that into a feud. You got mid card guys like Ryder, Ziggy, Sandow, etc. Put the mid card type belts on them

    • joshidanger

      Thank you. I tried saying that last night and the comment I got was. He is a main event player. Why not put it on him. Maybe it will bring some prestige back to it. But that isn’t even the point. The prestige is not in the belt anymore because of the WWE’s bad booking of the title. Hell even to use this as a bottom card belt wouldn’t bug me none. As long as it gets its rightful place in matches, not put to the side as just something we are going to give to talent to make them look better.

      • Jacob Rael

        The us title will never have any value for any longer then a few months at MOST

    • Richmond

      I never liked the idea of Bryan vs Sheamus after their first feud in 2012. I think WWE made the right move, and we can see more US title matches with Ambrose no longer holding the title.

      • Jacob Rael

        We could have seen more title matches with ambrose holding the title, its wwes fault

    • omega riddler

      I think he should do the unamerican thing. He should go out of his way to piss off the fans. Americans get upset when other Americans exercise their right to freedom of speech and have a flag upside down. Then have Wade Barrett turn face and they have a feud to unify the titles. Sheamus wins and blows up the US Title. At the next PPV, Wade Barrett would win the title back.

  • pwnez

    “Cesaro and Bad News Barrett defeated and Van Dam. Paul Heyman was on
    commentary. The crowd was into the match, which lasted less than 5
    minutes. RVD accidentally kicked Big E in the head, which allowed Cesaro
    to hit him with the Neutralizer for the win.”


    • Marshall Mathers

      who’s the and?

      • pwnez

        And Van Dam is going to be the next WWE champion!

      • mrchopper

        Big E I’d guess, as “RVD accidentally kicked Big E in the head…”

    • Aperture

      Hey…don’t talk about Heyman…

      • The world

        I thought you went away for good you IWC pic posting kiddie twerp

    • mrchopper

      Cesaro and Bad News Barrett as a team? Man, I can get down with that.


    this smackdown is terrible!
    cmon wwe dont get lazy again

    • Abraham

      Have you seen it jackass? In practice all this works.


    And there goes any possibility of Slater ever getting a push.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      That went out the window a LONG time ago.

  • Nickfab88

    No Paige again?

    • Jacob Rael

      she was on superstars

  • Jeff

    If they would of announce batista vs rollins on raw im pretty sure it would help draw ratings..

  • insomniacreviewer

    Cena promotion translation: ”Cena no share spotlight, Cena BURY!”

    • pwnez

      I don’t like Cena as a wrestler but his patience is amazing. He gets so much unnecessary hate it’s almost unbelievable. I should jump on the Cena-hate bandwagon. It’s his fault that the Bryan/Kane segment from Raw was so awful; all Cena’s fault!

      • Aperture

        I know. He does charity for the kids, so I don’t see why people hate him so much. He also yells during his promos, so that makes the quality of the promo skyrocket. He also sells merchandise, so he is awesome for that as well.

        Did I mention he does charity?

        • pwnez

          “Cena is the head of the creative team. I blame him for all these awful storylines. I also blame him for WWE’s stock falling so much! Now that I think of it, I don’t believe it was neither Undertaker or Vince McMahon’s idea for the streak to end; I’m pointing my finger towards Mr. Cena. Oh, and the missing Malaysian plane…Cena knows exactly where it is but he refuses to tell anyone!!! Death to this man!” -The mind of a disgruntled IWC member

          • Aperture

            You are very inconsistent here pwnez. First you say he gets unnecessary hate, then you blame him for 5 things that he had no part of. He does CHARITY, pwnez! Do you understand? He sells merchandise, so he can’t be a horrible wrestler! He is yells during his promos and he points at random people in the people in the crowd!

            He loves the WWE Universe! Cena is GOD!

          • pwnez

            He only does charity because WWE tells him to. Do you honestly think he does it because he WANTS to? What the shiz are you smoking, kid? The odds of Cena actually wanting to visit sick children at Make-A-Wish is preposterous! Yes, but there are others in the company who also sell merchandise so your comment is irrelevant, sir. “He points to random people in the people in the crowd,” MIND…BLOWN…

            Cena’s the worst thing to ever happen to the WWE. The plague of the company, if you will.

          • Aperture

            He does charity….your argument is invalid.

          • Sigma ?

            So does many others.

          • Aperture

            He sells merchandise…

          • pwnez

            The vendor’s at the arenas are the ones who literally sell the merchandise to all the nice fans. :)

          • Aperture

            I am joking man. You know I dislike Cena’s character….right?

          • Sigma ?

            So did many others before him.

          • raVen

            He calls people poopy pants. Boom discussion over!

        • A Realist

          Think of the children, you cynical b@st@rd! Hustle! Loyalty! Respect! NEVER GIVE UP!! HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS!!!!! HE IS JOHN CENA!!!!! THE CHAMP IS HE–…he…..

          :::brain explodes:::

          • Aperture
          • pwnez

            Reservoir Dogs > Pulp Fiction

          • Aperture

            I totally agree. Pulp Fiction was really corny. Samuel and Uma Thurman saved that movie. Reservoir Dogs isn’t as corny, but it was more watchable. Django and True Romance were Quentin’s best movies.

          • A Realist

            “Imma gun die, Larry! I know it!!”

          • gdaddy1971

            Inglorious Basterds was pretty good too.

        • JCR Bro


        • ZiON11

          I have no problem with Cena as a person, I just hate Cena the performer, BIG difference. It’s year after year of the same boring crap: “Never give up”, “Rise above the hate”, “Hustle, loyalty, respect”, etc. I completely disagree with him when he says that if the young guys want to step up, they have to go through him. How can talent go through him when he constantly “beats the odds” and goes over? Since when has he been the measuring stick for talent in the ring, which clearly he has none?

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        Pwnez in a way you’re the Super Cena of sescoops, the face of this dirt sheet if you will. You got the P-nation who feeds off every comment you post and faps internally to it. Then you got the other side of people, the “pwnez sucks” people. Face it man, you’re the John Cena of this site.

        And I’m the CM Punk of this site, who in 3 weeks is leaving this site with your mod rights for the chat room………and who knows, maybe I’ll go use them on wrestlingnewssource dot com…………maybe I’ll go back to f4wonline. “Hey Dave Meltzer, how you doin”

        • RuthlessRaj

          what about me? the Randy Orton of Sescoops?
          *que bore-ton comments*

      • insomniacreviewer

        I don’t mind Cena, i just hate the fact that he buries people.

    • Noah

      Don’t you have anything else to say other then John Cena buries people?.Some of you people need to stop saying,Oh John Cena buried Bray Wyatt.No he didn’t!!!.

      • insomniacreviewer

        Cena did bury Wyatt.

        • Stijnosb

          Sure, but a lot of people say it just like they said “Daniel Bryan need to be the champion!” and now that he is they don’t support him anymore.

      • gdaddy1971

        Right. John Cena buried Bray Wyatt? So why is he the second most over guy in the company behind Daniel Bryan.

    • GN-0015

      Nikki: Cena, burrrrrrry!!!!!!!

      • insomniacreviewer


  • Al Oli

    Seamus should not of beat Ambrose clean especially not on Smackdown.

  • Eskylee

    Ambrose barely defended the title because he was stuck in 6 man tag matches a lot or tag team matches. I think it’s a bit odd that 2/3 Shield members lose on Smackdown. And is it justo me or are they a extending some guess longer than they should actually go? And you know Cena is going to win in the end vs Bray, wwe wont put over a guy who says he’s a god over the face John Cena…..it just adds to his regular every day dude never give up attitude. I hope we do see a heel turn from Cena this year too, so every body can love him again but hate him at the same time….lol either way it’s the same Cena right?

  • satishwarne708

    Man WWE is at it again,burring Ambrose,not giving Seth a win although they did not allowed Botchista to beat Rollins clean. Reigns beating Mark Henry when his two team mates lost.This whole sheet happened few months ago when Ambrose was squashed by Big E.Rollins lost to Cena after kicking his a$$ for 15 minutes.And Reigns beat who else but Mark Henry.Gees.

  • Buzzard Follower

    6/1/14 RIP Bray wyatts push. Cesaro and barret teaming up awesome

  • rbbazza

    Cena’s own brother suffered with cancer, who are the people on here saying that he has too, you want the wwe to get over him, why not get over yourselves you say he is rubbish and you watch and comment week and week, day after day the moment you stop making positive or bad comments towards him then he will be of little relevance. But i would like to mention one other thing remember eddie guerrero when you wish john cena should retire because eddie gave his heart and soul to wwe, tomorrow could be cena’s last day or day after or the day after that, he is a lifelong fan who achieved the dream of many fans in the world, yet he is hated for not changing he shouldn’t change because what he does is rises above the pettiness of the cena haters and spends each day being better than you because he never says stop booing me, you have to respect me no he goes out and fights for those who don’t jump ship to be cool or to sound smart.

    • Michael Jobe

      Sounds like a personal problem to me.

  • one warrior nation

    So, let me see: they have time for the 5th Santino mixed tag match but they can’t go more than 5 minutes on Cesaro and Barrett ? Absolute garbage. This is the third consecutive Smackdown I’ll be skipping thanks to these results. Hope to make to Night Of Champions later this year, but I want to see the US/IC titles unified by Cesaro or Barrett (drop the US title because WWE is GLOBAL!)

  • raVen

    ..when Layla rolled up Emma
    knowing how handsy Layla can be I think that will be the best moment of the show.
    Rollins HAS to stop taking suicide dives over the top rope to the floor. When batista moved out of the way at ER I thought Rollins KO’ed himself. You are young and talented kid..don’t cut yourself short. That’s a once a year spot.

  • coldfront14hit

    Santino and emma lost….Wow…i cant believe it. Meanwhile cena arguments are taking over this chat. Lol

  • Mr_DJ

    …why is Reigns facing Mark Henry?