Stephanie McMahon Thanks Dixie Carter, WWE Stars Predict WM29 Matches

As we reported yesterday, TNA president Dixie Carter sent out a tweet on her official Twitter account (@TNADixie) mentioning that she met WWE’s Stephanie McMahon. For those wondering, Stephanie McMahon did acknowledge Carter’s tweet, as she re-tweeted Dixie’s comments on her official Twitter account (@StephMcMahon) with a small note that said, “Thank You Dixie!” has a huge WrestleMania 29 feature where several current WWE Superstars and WWE Divas give their predictions on many matches scheduled on the card. Additionally, the WWE performers also mention which match they’re most anticipating with explanations as to why. Check out ESPN’s WrestleMania 29 feature at

Matt Boone

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  • ddp

    Steph and Dixie HLA bra and panties showdown @ WM XXX

    • Pozessed

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Steph… But Dixie… Ehhh I’m unsure.

      • Progress_Now

        you can always swap her with Bertha Faye


    dixie is 50, steph is near 40. meh i’d give it a 4/10

    • The Guest

      You’re 3-4 years over on both women. I wouldn’t say 36 is near 40 at all either. You really got a way with the ladies, don’t you?

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      You need to get a bret hart picture to complete it…… your profile pic 4/10

  • Progress_Now

    as if you need to be a WWE employee to successfully predict the ending of all the matches