Stephanie McMahon Weighs In On AJ Lee’s Raw Promo, New Triple H Entrance Video, Meet Rocky Johnson

– Stephanie McMahon has offered her thoughts on AJ Lee’s scathing tirade from Monday’s Raw on the stars of Total Divas.

When asked by a fan on Twitter how impressed she was with Lee’s promo, McMahon remarked, “AJ owned it…I was very impressed #DivasChamp.”

According to, Lee’s remarks will be a featured storyline on an upcoming episode of the E! series.

– The official WWE website has released an updated version of Triple H’s entrance video.

– According to, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson will appear at Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame 30 East Main St. Amsterdam, New on Saturday, September 28, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call 518-842-0022 for more information.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • killerdream

    i love his king of king theme

    • Adouble

      I think they changed it because whenever people heard the other one their first reaction was to get up and cheer lol.

      • killerdream


      • Jamie

        Something new would be nice

        • $li€’ Ri€ ‘Da Rulah

          haha, yeah, it’s only been about 13 years now since he’s had that same song!

          • Mr_DJ

            hey…it works for Shawn Michaels lol

      • SOBI

        Yeah Also I think with HHH is Now when He is out as a speaker and COO he will enter with King of Kings
        and when he is there for a match he will enter with
        Time to play the Game

    • Kuwabara

      I think he should have used his Higher Brain pattern theme song, its more badass and it suits his heel turn

      • Seachai Chan

        What about his older one “My time”?

        • Pozessed

          The rap version of My Time is epic. He should use that, he didn’t use it much if I recall.

          • Kuwabara

            He used the rap version(my time) but then he just made it instrumental(Higher brain pattern) wich i like the intrumental one better

          • Seachai Chan

            It would be nice to also see a Lesnar/Mcmahon & Shields feud in the future.

            The beast vs The Tough heels.

  • Zack Stinson

    Triple H as a face is meh.. But him as a heel is one of my favorites. He really thrives as a heel.