Steve Austin Admits Interest In Brock Lesnar Match, Part Two Of Heyman Interview

During part one of Paul Heyman’s appearance on Steve Austin’s “Steve Austin Show” podcast on Tuesday, Austin admitted that he would be tempted to make a return to WWE for a match against Brock Lesnar. Heyman joked during the interview that this news would be the headline coming out of the show. Heyman continued to make a push for said-headline in a recent tweet on his official Twitter account. Heyman noted the following:

Speaking of Heyman on the “Steve Austin Show,” part two was released via the “Steve Austin Unleashed” version of the show on Thursday. The official description for that show reads as follows:

SASu – EP108 – WWE’s Paul Heyman Pt 2

“WWE’s Paul Heyman aka Paul E. Dangerously talks to Steve about the demise of the ECW, the WWE conference call that got him fired, the craziest workers in the business, the Heyman Hustle, think tanks, and Vince McMahon’s sneezing issues.”

You can download the show right now at

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • SomeInternetGuy

      Oh boy, another 20 years of “ONE MORE MATCH STEEEEEVE??”

    • 9 year old boy

      Austin needs to stop teasing us we all know he is never going to wrestle again -_-

      • Patrick

        How many years has he been out of the ring for now?

        Many years for his body to recover which entails him to compete in a 40 mins wrestling match with the beast!

        • Reality

          Steve’s old. Too risky. Specially if it’s Lesnar.

          • MSK_B.O.Y

            yeah and there will be some idiots who will say, “hey look he is gassed out, his wrestling sucks, he is taking other’s spot”… his career had a brilliant end with his match against the rock… he doesnt need one more match

            • Josh Gonsalves

              The thing is, if the match does indeed suck, why praise it?
              I for one don’t think Austin vs Lesnar will be any good and have no interest in seeing it. It might have been okay in 2002-2003 but not now!

            • MSK_B.O.Y

              but not if its the same fans who whine for “one more match” knowing it wont be as good .. only to say it sucks later on

        • Gotstodobetter

          Recovering and training in the off time is two different things. Just look at Batista he gets winded after a couple of minutes and he always being in good shape during his off period.

          • Patrick

            Steve Austin has the heart, determination and dedication like no other. His body and mind has had over 11 years to recover from the bumps of the ring and the road travel. He now has one year to prepare physically for one match. If anyone can go 40 mins hard, it’s Steve Austin!

            • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

              Unless his body just cant go, I bet Hogan would kill to have a match at mania with Cena for example, but all the hard work in the world wont help if your body has as many miles as both Austin and Hogans do.

    • Patrick

      Now that’s a WRESTLEMANIA MONEY MATCH!!!! $$$$$$$$

    • Jay Strongbow

      Steve needs to go out with a WIN. The loss vs The Rock ™ was fracking bullshat.

      • Noah

        Your right.Austin should of not lost his last match at WM 19 against The Rock.WWE should of let Austin get the clean sweep over Rock at WM.He beat Rock at WM 15 and 17.Why not give him the clean sweep at WM 19?.And close out his legendary career with a win.I think at that time WWE was still mad that Austin walked out so they had Austin lose his final match.

        • Kuwabara

          Wrestlers like to put others over when they retire, just like he lost to The Rock, Ric flair lost to HBK, The Rock lost to Brock lesnar, HBK lost to Taker and so on. and I think Stone cold was happy the The Rock was his last opponent.

          • Noah

            Austin was happy his last opponent was The Rock.But he didn’t have to put Rock over.The Rock was already way over.I just think Austin should of got the clean sweep over Rock at WM 19.

            • Name

              You’re wrong. Deal with it.

            • Noah

              I’m not wrong.

            • Kira

              You are wrong. You don’t win your last match. You just don’t.

            • Noah

              You people can disagree with me all you want.I don’t care.Austin should of got the sweep over The Rock at WM 19 and win in his last match.I bet people on here would agree with me that Austin should of won in his final match.

          • Patrick

            There’s a difference between doing the job and putting someone over.

            Doing the job is simply losing the match.

            Putting someone over elevates their status to a higher level than it previously was. You can still lose and put someone over in the proces.

            All the matches above, all the wrestlers were already over.

            It’s like saying Hogan put over Billy Kidman in wcw because he lost the match. Kidman wasn’t any more over after their match.

            Bret put over Steve at Mania 13. Granted both worked their butts off, nonetheless, he still HELPED elevate Austin to the next level.

            Mick Foley put over HHH early in his career in numerous matches.

            Look at HBK and HHH who can you honestly say they’ve ever put over besides their best buddies?

            HHH put over Bryan? Bryan was already over. HHH had to loose because that truly was what’s best for business. And if he didn’t the arena would of imploded and there would of been a riot.

            Now is the time for HHH to start putting people over. He’s already cemented his legacy. And if he truly wants to be the best at his corporate job, his job is to get over new talent and make them into bona fide superstars. That will be HHH ‘s next legacy.

            No puns were intended in this post.

            • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

              Austin did put over Rock tho, had Rock not beaten Austin at that Mania Rock would always be considered second best in comparison. But due to the fact he beat Austin, Rock and Austin are interchangeable legacy wise.

            • Kuwabara

              Yeah but I was talking about passing the torch not putting people over in a feud, non of the guys you mentioned where passing the torch.


      Austin vs Lesnar WM31

      • Patrick

        Have Brock win against Austin.

        Then you can set it up as:
        Brock is the man who ended the streak!
        And Brock is the man who retired Austin!

        Then at WRESTLEMANIA 32…


        With Reigns going over clean and dominant.

        Thus cementing REIGNS’ legacy as the man who beat Brock Lesnar!

        • Noah

          Let’s say IF WM 31 ends up being Brock vs Stone Cold,Brock should not beat Austin.Brock ended The Streak he wouldn’t need to beat Stone Cold!!!.WM 31 will probly be Brock vs The Rock 2.Lesnar should not beat The Rock!!.

          • Patrick

            Why shouldn’t Brock win?

            Granted he doesn’t suffer any serious injuries, Brock will still be able to wrestle ppvs.

            Austin has a one off match left in him. Maybe 2 or 3 if he /we are lucky.

            Long term there’s more money to be made with Brock “winning.” Then at a future date, Brock can put over another wrestler by “losing.”

            • Noah

              I don’t know if Austin has 2 or 3 matches left in him.Probly only just 1.He hasn’t a match in over a decade.He’s well rested and could go maybe 40 minutes.Also depends on his neck,Back and knees.I’d like to see Austin vs The Rock or Austin vs Triple H one last time.Even I’d like to see Austin vs Batista.

          • Patrick

            Forget about Brock Rock 2.

            Rather see Reigns Rock 1 with Rock doing the professional job as always and putting over the younger superstar Reigns.

            • Noah

              Reigns vs Rock would probly never happen.I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

            • Patrick

              Why wouldn’t it?

              Reigns is a huge star in the making.

              They’re both related to one another.

              Rock has always been very professional and has always been in favour of interesting match ups.

              That would be one helluva entertaining match!

    • Generic jackhammer

      I think stone cold is in better shape then undertaker

    • Dee Ligh

      He should westle