Steve Austin Admits Interest In Brock Lesnar Match, Part Two Of Heyman Interview

During part one of Paul Heyman’s appearance on Steve Austin’s “Steve Austin Show” podcast on Tuesday, Austin admitted that he would be tempted to make a return to WWE for a match against Brock Lesnar. Heyman joked during the interview that this news would be the headline coming out of the show. Heyman continued to make a push for said-headline in a recent tweet on his official Twitter account. Heyman noted the following:

Speaking of Heyman on the “Steve Austin Show,” part two was released via the “Steve Austin Unleashed” version of the show on Thursday. The official description for that show reads as follows:

SASu – EP108 – WWE’s Paul Heyman Pt 2

“WWE’s Paul Heyman aka Paul E. Dangerously talks to Steve about the demise of the ECW, the WWE conference call that got him fired, the craziest workers in the business, the Heyman Hustle, think tanks, and Vince McMahon’s sneezing issues.”

You can download the show right now at

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