Steve Austin Speaks On The Shield Breaking Up, Offers Advice To John Cena, More

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was recently interviewed by Here are some highlights of what he said about:

The Shield Breking Up: “They’re gonna break up The Shield one of these days after these guys get a little more seasoned…The guys are still great in the business and they have wonderful potential.”

John Cena: “Here’s the thing about John Cena…that guy’s walking on the edge of a razor blade. Some people love to hate him, some people love to love him. But let me tell you something about John Cena; they all respect him. That guy has done a tremendous job for that company. He’s a guy that always shows up, he’ll work in pain, he always has a smile on his face. He goes to the nth degree to promote that brand. I’ve got nothing but respect for that guy. Really the way the fans take him. Some people say, ‘Would you please stop pushing this guy down our throat?’ But they’re not. He’s the face of the company. What do you do? Make number one the Blistering Heel? I tried that back in the day and I was Stone Cold. I was that grey area between black and white. Cena’s the face of the company, you don’t do that. When you turn down the cameras, the lights…he’s the face of the company. John Cena is a young veteran. He’s been in the ring, he’s told some great stories, he’s had a lot of high profile matches. He’s a young man, but he’s a veteran. You gotta work smarter, not harder. John, take care of your body.”

Getting back in the Gym following Surgery: “Right now I haven’t been workin’ out too much. I had a few set backs, but to answer your question [I work out] usually 5-6 days a week. Normally, I’m in there for about an hour and if things are going well I will add in 30 mins of cardio. I live about 2 miles from Gold’s [Gym]. I’ve been training there for many years, but I started training at a little hole in the wall place when I was healing up my shoulder a couple year’s ago.”

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Matt Boone

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  • Randy Orton the best ever


  • Jbabyface

    lov how steve says cena is the face of wwe as in he says it 3 times cena is a good worker but his drop kicks suckkkk

    • Muhahaha

      He’s not lying, Cena is the face of the company and he is a good worker, that doesn’t mean he’s a good wrestler. That said Cena does have in ring skills, we’ve seen it in the past, but for some reason he chooses not to use them and instead tries to do moves that he shouldn’t do like dropkicks and hurricanranas

      • Lee Stewart

        You figure they limit his move set because he has to wrestle 300+ days a year and they can’t afford to lose him to injury so they tone down the high impact moves.

        • Muhahaha

          Good point. I hadn’t thought of that. I still have my issues with his move set, i mean adding a power bomb or spear is a lot less risky than dropkicks and hurricanranas. But it makes sense that they wouldnt want to risk injury.

      • RyanStewart2007

        ITS CALLED THE Cenacantrana!

  • raven

    why is everyone so hungry to see the shield break up?
    right now they are still one of the hottest things n wrestling, they put on great matches together. they haven’t really had a good long fued yet. why do you want them to break up and get lost in the shuffle???

    • Seachai Chan


    • Andrew Campbell

      Agreed. Nothing against the Usos, but The Shield deserve to be in
      matches against bigger name stars. They’ve proved they can deliver kick
      a$$ match after kick a$$ match.

      • raven

        imagine what they could do for a mania match together

    • Michael Carter

      Well, people know that The Shield is just a launching pad, a starting point for these guys. I’d say it’s just curiosity really. People wondering what direction these guys are going to take once they get their singles career on track.

      I’d say The Shield still has some life left in them. I’d like to see them together for at least another 4-6 months before we see signs of the group disbanding. Fun to think about what the future holds for these guys. Guess that’s why some people jump the gun a little and want them to break up.

      • raven

        so let them launch. do you know who seth rollins is? when was the last time he spoke or showed his personality past celebrating a win? how about reigns? do you know who dean ambrose is? last time that guy got to show his strongest attribute, talking, was when the shield first appeared. they don’t get promo time they don’t do the backstage vids anymore, they don’t fued with anyone long enuf to show that they are challenged. they haven’t got on the shuttle yet. the team is very popular and has had success but the characters are still at 1st base. why rush the process and lose what makes them great?
        but your answer was very good and makes sense. people love to jump the gun. the slow burn is dead in pro wrestling because all the fans hav ethe attention span of a 8year old. wwe could be blamed for that tho since that’s what they target and what they give us.

  • pwnez

    When Shield breaks up I see Ambrose being the guy with the most potential.

    • TZ

      Agreed, I can also see Roman Reigns being a surprise solo star.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Roman Reigns will be a huge star if he improves his mic skills. He already has the look WWE loves. Ambrose is clearly the more ready out of the three for success as a singles star at this moment in time though.

    • KenKen Beats

      I see Reigns. He’s got the size and ability. Im willing to bet they’ll push him first.

      • BrahmaBullRKO

        I wouldn’t be too sure, given the fact that they’ve pushed Ambrose as the singles star, even going as far as having a one on one match with The Undertaker of all people. It can go either way, but I don’t see Rollins getting pushed as quickly as the other two might.

        • Marvin B.

          I think they pushed him as the singles star simply because he’s supposed to be the leader of the Shield to be honest.

        • Marvin B.

          I think they pushed him as the singles star simply because he’s supposed to be the leader of the Shield to be honest.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            I don’t think there is a leader of The Shield. I think they’re all supposed to be equal. Ambrose got his singles push mainly because he’s the best talker and can therefore hold his own on the mic.

  • Ninjastar

    the shield sucks, they havnt done anything impressive yet, power bomb a few guys ??? woooo big deal ,

    • pwnez

      Yeah, they only had a really good match at TLC and several good matches on raw. Nothing impressive at all, heh.

    • raven

      storyline wise I agree. from the matches they have had I could not disagree more. these guys put on 5star matches every night

  • WZ

    Seth Rollins is going to be the next Big Star, Full package athletic, decent size, and can talk!! Ambrose mid-card cause of his mic skills not cause of his wrestling or god forbid his horrible stature, and Reigns is just gonna be another big Guy!!

    • Muhahaha

      I genuinely see Ambrose as the next Foley, in that I think he will be a success that is outside of the mold. With the right character Reigns could be huge as well but I think you are right, he will get a push after The Shield because he is a big guy and then he will fade into obscurity unfortunately. As for Rollins, i say WM 31 Rollins vs Ambrose for the WWE title.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Rollins is definitely the most underrated out of the group. I think he will do very well on his own aswell.

  • Kayne Corey

    I’m not a John Cena fan but I respect him.

  • Just FYI

    How Stone Cold really felt>>>>>>>>>
    the Shield? who in the he** are those guys? … Oh right.. right, the big Samoan, the guy with the funky hair, and that other dude that reminds me of Kiefer Sutherland.. ha ha ha ha… oh he** yeah… they got a huge future.
    John Cena? Man, I’ve got a lot of respect for the cat… he’s paid his dues and earned his stripes, but damn is he one boring sonovab*tch. I mean Sh*t son… those promos aren’t pi** poor, but sh*t… it’s the same sh*t over and over again. And come on… nobody sports a ball cap and a pair of jorts like me ha ha ha ha. People always ask me if I’m coming back, or when am I coming back… I tell ya… some want me to face CM Punk, and I’ve got no problem doin that. CM Punk vs. Steve Austin is money, and it would be a he** of a match… But f**k… sh*t son… I’d rather open up a can of whoop a** on John Cena’s corny a** and walk it dry!
    ::::::drinks steveweiser:::::

  • Stew-ED!

    They need to feud with the Wyatt Family and The Ascension before they break up.

  • John Mcknight

    seth rollins got the most potential outta the three watch out hes the next punk

    • Marvin B.

      Lol keep dreaming.