Sting Appears On The WWE Network


Wrestling legend Sting appeared on the WWE Network on Tuesday night in a recorded segment for Night 1 of Warrior Week.

Sting talked about his memories of Warrior, telling a story that when they first started training together, Warrior used to put tuna fish and orange juice in a blender and tell him that he was getting his Warrior dose of protein & Vitamin C.

This is Sting’s first-ever appearance for WWE.

Rare Photo Of STING & WARRIOR Before They Started Training Together

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    It’s weird seeing the WWE logo and Sting in the same picture.

    • Flying Hippo

      Even weirder for SEScoops to make a report about Sting/WWE being accurate

      • Old Age Outlaws


      • pharmxy

        I vote this comment for best one liner of the year

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        *waits for Mr 561 to reply back with how this site has legit info and scoops on anything inside of WWE*

        love ya man! just don’t kill me with your admin powers.

      • Barbarosevich

        Even weirder that tuna fish/orange smoothie.

      • Mr 561

        Good one ;) There’s definitely been a lot of ‘false starts’ with the Sting signing with WWE deal

      • justbookit

        The reason why I don’t count it was they report it after the fact. Hell anyone with the network could’ve reported this lmao

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    well sh*ttttt wwe, way to ruin a cool debut. There goes any shock value now.

    • Hollywood Cena

      aint like they said when he’s debuting on raw,

    • The Rockett

      Hey dbag- give it a rest. I thought the millions of other people here told you to chill out and get some fresh air…

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        oh look, a pu$$y talkin smack behind an empty username ;]

    • Chris Zaia

      they didn’t ruin crap in case you didn’t know sting was warriors former tag team partner he is just remembering a friend

      • askbillmitchell

        To say they were friend’s is a bit of a stretch. Warrior a couple of years ago trashed Sting for not acknowledging him (Warrior) at an airport sighting when Sting held the TNA title. Warrior didn’t have many flattering things to say. Sting has always taken the high road when asked about his past with Warrior.

        • Fernando Silva

          care to share a source?

          • Topshelfhempburner

            History.. The two weren’t best friends… It was respectable for Sting to share his story. But i can;t stand it when someone dies and all of their enemies come out speaking on them after they die like they were best friends.. If anything they feel remorse for being on bad terms with the guy for the last 20 years of his life. Warrior shouldve been back in WWE.

          • askbillmitchell

            2009 radio interview with Wrestle Talk Radio where he made those comments. He also has done a couple of shoot DVD/videos that basically blamed Sting for his lack of success early on.

          • Fernando Silva

            Thank you, I wasn’t aware…

  • WCWJobber

    Dave Meltzer be like “I told ya so” even though hes been wrong 586452 times LOOOL

    • Coltcabunny

      A broken clock is right at least 2 times a day…

  • captaindaddy72

    welcome to wwe sting, we awaited a long time for you lol

  • krazyrocker

    Another old wrestler! They are pushing aside their young rooster, just following the same footsteps as WCW did! Just sad!

    • J’vo

      You absolutely wrong,young wrestler got their chances to wrestling a lot in NXT,plus number of old wrestlers or i can say veteran in the WWE right now is not as much as the WCW in past,i believe Sting only work in few matches and
      kept away from title match or at least he get Intercontinental title match

    • Jimmy

      Rooster?? Cock-a-doodle-doo?!?

      • Triple X


      • Valo2k5

        maybe he meant…any-cock-will-do?!

    • gdaddy1971

      What are you talking about? Have you not been watching lately. YOUNG NXT talent is coming out of the woodwork. Pushing the young roster aside. It’s more like they are getting mowed over by the youngsters.

      • Chris Zaia

        yup and th eshield with ROH too

    • Coltcabunny

      I think you’ll find the Gobbledygooker has been in the WWE since 1990.

    • Chris Zaia

      um they are? i didn’t know the shield were old or daniel bryan or perhaps cesaro? hmm

  • payton


  • Buzzard Follower

    wow this is the greatest debut of all time. screw jericho, kane and the nexus this is it hands down bar none

  • Guest

    Anybody now where his segment appeared? Can’t find it.

  • FentonCrackshell

    Love Sting but damn, it’s too late now.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      Better late than never.

  • dray 1

    Sting Is Buy Far An Icon He Has Done It All And Had Some Of The Best Matches He Will Do Just Fine In The Wwe CNT Wait To See Him In Action @Team sting

  • Hollywood Cena

    he’s here

  • dante
    • NXTAmbrose

      Thank you Dante! You rock man

  • morph_3

    Why do I get this feeling that unless Sting has control over what he does in WWE, Vince will make Sting pay for his not signing with WWE earlier.

    Vince has a way of humiliating people who were once not on his side (ie. Bischoff, Heyman (initially), etc.
    I hope the Stinger has it in his contract for control.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      I think he does I don’t think he would sign otherwise.

    • Donny Octave

      That’s the reason he never signed for all those years, he saw the humiliation Vince was putting on people who were against him in that time period. If Vince were to pull something, Sting would probably be outta there faster than he could say, “Hey!”

  • lazarus87

    Love it!

  • John K

    Tuna and orange juice in a blender? I’m gonna try it!

    • raVen

      add a raw egg and you won’t sleep for two days

  • ddp

    This officially confirms that he either has or has not signed with the WWE

    • yrabadi

      lol… Exactly. It’s likely he’s signed, but an appearance on the WWE Network doesn’t mean much. I’ll buy it when he shows up on RAW.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    “This is Sting’s first-ever appearance for WWE.”

    Okay yes, if you don’t count Sting’s match with Flair in the final WCW episode (WWE purchased WCW, so everybody at that time worked for WWE now).

    • Razmos

      I hate when people keep saying that he worked for WWE, it was a WCW programme, he was still under his WCW contract, when WWE put their own contracts in place after the takeover, Sting along with many others didnt sign, so he has NEVER worked for WWE in the past.

      • Coltcabunny

        It’ pure semantics. IIRC he did *technically* work for Vince Macmahon (but not WWE) in that final episode.

      • Chris Zaia

        you are correct. technically it still is wcw until the confirmation wwe has bought the product out and that was not known until Shane came on and announced it

        • askbillmitchell

          It was known a few days before the final Nitro. WWE announced it to shareholders causing a brief spike in their stock price. Plus Time Warner told AOL, and AOL told their employees internally. The only people that seemed to be in the dark about the whole thing was the talent themselves.

    • raVen

      god this argument…

  • Progressed_Now
  • Noah

    If Sting appeared on the WWE Network,Then yes he’s signed with WWE.It’s crazy seeing Sting’s name beside the WWE logo.I love it!.Sting has arrived!!!.

    • Progressed_Now

      it would be utterly stupid if that was the case, spoiling such a surprise factor……..sort of.

      • Chris Zaia

        they didn’t spoil a surprise he was HIS FORMER TAG TEAM PARTNER who was remembering a friend

      • Noah

        He was remembering his old tag team partner.I didn’t have a problem with it.They didn’t spoil the surprise.They didn’t say when he would debut on Raw.

  • steven harris

    Well, interesting.

  • satishwarne708

    He finally appeared in a WWE promo,its very unusual but exciting too.

  • Patrick

    Dave Meltzer is reporting that Sting has only signed a 1 week contract with the WWE to coincide with the ultimate warrior week. More on this story developing in the newsletter! Be sure to sign up!


    I thought it was fine… He was Warrior’s tag partner when they first started. I was cool with that being Sting’s first appearance.

  • Curtis Axel FACE of WWE

    Did UW have some sort of leg problem ? I notice the camera always stayed above his waist when he was walking, and even that made him seem out of breath before he started talking… was wondering if he had severe bone problems ? It is an unbelievable tragedy that he didn’t get to enjoy another year or two. He sealed the deal and returned to The Galaxy of Destrucity !

  • yrabadi

    I get that this likely means Sting has signed, but I’m still not buying ‘Sting in WWE’ till the dude shows up on RAW.

  • jjstubbz

    Sting better drink some warrior juice cause this aint tna dorthy

  • Ryumoau

    It was great to see Sting associated with WWE. Its just sad it had to be for this unfortuante event. :(

  • syn kara

    Match in progress, Sheamus and Sin Cara, Sting comes down and drops them both !

  • Dixie Carter

    So excited. Pat Patterson rang me and said they have posted out a WWE creative contract to my 2nd mansion. Get ready for the new era. The era of Dixie Carter, when I sign with WWE.

    • Progressed_Now

      you suck.

      • Dixie Carter

        I have haters but they make me stronger knowing I’m on your mind every day!

        • Progressed_Now

          failtroll of failtrolls. was that supposed to annoy me? lol

          • Dixie Carter

            envy myself and my accomplishments

  • NXTAmbrose

    At this point, I highly doubt Sting would stick around this long (four months) chillin’ with the WWE, then not sign and show back up in TNA. At this point Sting is looking to solidify his place in pro wrestling history and finally wrestle for the biggest wrestling company