Sting Assisted To The Back After Slammiversary (Video), Jeff Jarrett Congratulates Kurt Angle

– The official YouTube account of TNA Wrestling has released post-Slammiversary footage, which features Sting being assisted to the backstage area by two referees after being struck with a hammer by Bully Ray to conclude the No Holds Barred World Heavyweight Championship main event.

– At Slammiversary, it was announced that Kurt Angle would be the second inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall Of Fame taking place during Bound For Glory weekend in October. Through Twitter, fellow TNA legend Jeff Jarrett congratulated the Olympic Gold medalist on the honor.

“Congratulations to the 1 n only @RealKurtAngle 4 being inducted n 2 the #TNAHallofFame!” Jarrett wrote. “Inside the ring, there’s never been anybody better!”

– Two TNA stars celebrated birthdays at Slammiversary as “Cowboy” James Storm turned 36-years-old while Velvet Sky turned 32.

Daniel Pena

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  • Forceton Banfodder

    still loling @ TNA Hall of Fame.

  • JESUS Is My Hero

    Sting should take time off and only do appearances like undertaker with a new crow gimmick. IMO thats the best way to use sting at this point. Tired of him in the world title picture.

    • Pozessed

      That is probably why they have done this. It was Stings last chance for the world championship. It was a great match though for sure.

  • Al Oli

    I bet Double J wanted to put ” even though I shoulda been inducted.”

  • Dickcheese

    The TNA Hall of Fame, along with being a joke (return more than a 1.5 rating, consider your organization famous, THEN make a HoF), is nothing more than a way to suck up to current but old competitors in the hopes they stay with you. They did it with Sting last year after talks heated up further of Sting v. Undertaker, now Kurt Angle says he would be OK with retiring in WWE, and he’s magically entered into the HoF.

  • RandomAssPost

    aw now let me guess, Jeff Hardy is next for the TNA HOF? God that’s a joke. JF isn’t even in it and that’s ridiculous.

    • RandomAssPost

      JJ* idk why I did F :l