Sting Says It’s An “Honor” To Be Part Of WWE, Talks RAW Video, Undertaker & More

Wrestling legend Sting spoke to this week to promote his appearance in the upcoming WWE video game. Here are some highlights of what said about:

How It Feels To Be Part Of WWE: “It’s an honor. It’s something I always hoped I could do — to somehow or another be a part of the WWE family in some capacity. And here I am.”

Will He Be Appearing On WWE TV? “I’ll just say that I’m all in and very willing to participate. Believe me.”

His Favorite WWE Superstars: “I’m a strange breed. When I got into the business I really didn’t know anything about wrestling. I never watched wrestling on TV because we didn’t have it in the area of Southern California where I grew up. So it’s amazing that I even ended up wrestling. I still don’t watch a whole lot. Thirty years and I never really watched anything — I never even watched myself. I’m just now at a place where I’m like, “Let me start to learn some of these newer guys coming up.” I always heard that when John Cena started, a lot of people looked at him as the new Sting. That was flattering. As far as some of the new guys, I love the look of Roman Reigns and I think he has all the ability in the world. Daniel Bryan, I’ve seen him perform. Bray Wyatt, I’ve seen him. Unreal what they do.”

Wanting To Wrestle The Undertaker: “I would love to have that match. I think for wrestling fans it’s a dream match, but really it’s been a dream match of mine for a long time, as well. I know that the streak was taken away by Brock Lesnar at this last WrestleMania, but I hope [Undertaker]’s not done. I don’t believe he is. And if he is going to be around, I’m hoping for an opportunity.”

His WWE 2K15 Promo Video: “One of the interesting things I read about the promo video was that for anybody who thought the generational gap would be not in Sting’s favor, well, we can put that to rest. The way the crowd reacted was amazing — and even the younger kids who don’t know who I am. The painted face, that video — I’m the sort of guy who’s really hard to please, but when I saw that video, with the violins playing, it was great.”

Fearing WWE Would Misuse Him When They Purchased WCW: “Honestly, back then I probably did make rumblings like that. But the truth is that I had a contract with AOL/Time Warner. WWE didn’t assume those. I had 18 months left on that contract, and AOL had to pay me the money they owed me, and they did. I also did an audit for merchandise and got another lump of money there. After 18 months, I had a conversation with Vince. Long story short, when I spoke with Vince it was great, then when the attorneys got involved it wasn’t so great. It never materialized. I let it go at that point.”

Does He Regret Not Signing With WWE Sooner? “Yeah, you know what they say about hindsight. I can look back now and wonder why I didn’t do this earlier. But it is what it is, and I’m excited right now. It’s like Vince used to say every time I came close to signing but never did: “Don’t forget to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and someday we’ll do business together.” And here we are. It’s a video game, but that’s for starters, and we’ll see how it develops from here. I’m glad it turned out the way it did.”

How Many Matches He Has Left In Him: “One more match. That’s what I’m hoping to do, and I’d like it to be Taker, and then I’ll hang it up.”

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

  • Meddler65

    I get why Sting is doing all these interviews, but to me it kind of ruins the mystique of the Sting character.

    • Mr 561

      .. at least it looks like Sting vs. Undertaker is probably happening

    • Herald

      the mystique ended around 1998 or 1999

      • Jesse

        I thought it ended in 1989…

  • God’s Diamond

    I’m iffy about sting signing. I just hope it’s handled correctly and despite his advanced age it will still be worthy of the legend of sting. I don’t want it to end up like starrcade 97 or the sting vs. Bret matches where people end up being indifferent to what was given

  • pwnez

    Much like Bret Hart, every Sting interview is practically the same. He’s asked the same questions over and over again.

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      Just imo he doesn’t sound bitter like Brett.

      • Flying Hippo

        You would be too if you were asked the same questions over and over again

        • essinodub


        • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

          Maybe, but his comment regarded Brett and Sting. Not the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla

      • The Best there is!


  • Bushwald Sexyface

    So many Sting articles….and it all covers the same things. It’s so consistent, it’s confusing.

    • Pozessed

      I think it looks pretty certain this time that he will join.

  • K Dot

    He should have done this 5 years ago at the least. It’s too bad he let himself rot in TNA, but oh well. Hopefully we get a good 5 or so matches out of him.

  • omega riddler

    If Sting does come back I hope they update the theme they used in the promo for the game but not rape the hell out of it, for example just do what was done with the Uncharted intro theme throughout the three games, they just build on it so it feels more epic but it is just the same theme, nothing too drastic. If you go on youtube and listen to all three versions, you’ll know what I mean. That is what they should do with Sting’s theme.

    • yrabadi

      The one in the promo video is pretty epic compared to the actual tune used in WCW. Assuming he’s on at WM, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a live orchestra to perform it. That, I believe, would be pretty epic.

  • insomniacreviewer

    Oh god i wish Sting would just retire, give him his wrestlemania match and retire.

  • 5er

    I think Sting should wrestle the Legend Killer Randy Orton for his final match. The story writes itself; and Randy could gain some much needed heat off of it.

    • I speak Truth…do you


  • Dixie Carter

    I think WWE Network could do the 5 worst matches in WWE history. I think it would be great since they do WCW one’s. The worst storylines in WWE history on the WWE Network. Be great to watch

  • Flying Hippo

    Everyone knows Sting is a part of the WWE but people really want to see him debut/return (depends on your definition) and, most importantly, be booked appropriately for being “The Icon”

  • Buzzard Follower

    would the match be good maybe not but the excitement from the fans could make this match huge

  • Lone Wolf

    Would had loved for Sting to be WWE/WHC just once then retire but after him and The Undertaker wrestle I think it should both of their last matches.

  • brad

    One more match means Undertaker vs Sting will most likely happen.

  • Mr. Beardsly

    I have mixed feelings about this. It’s cool that we are going to get to see Sting in WWE FINALLY, and even the most jaded people in the IWC are quietly marking out over it, at least a little. Still, I wish he would have done this years earlier when he had more gas in the tank. At this point, the best we can hope for is that he still has one more good run in him that will culminate in a match with ‘Taker at Wrestlemania.

  • John Cena’s Golden Shovel™

    Sting vs Undertaker?

  • Keek

    Sting says it’s an honor to look at the contract without signing it

  • Coach

    I wish he would signed with WWF when they bought wcw. He could have a real wwe legacy. It would have been great to Sting break the Undertaker’s streak instead of Lesnar. As Fae as Cena being the nr t Sting, there’s no way in hell that would have ever happened.

  • Ryder Hmos

    Really don’t wanna see taker v sting they both old and taker just can’t go like he use to the match will be slow and prob a sloppy match it will end up like Brock v Goldberg

    • satishwarne708

      or worse

    • I speak Truth…do you

      nope it wont! they are both professionals! they know the magnitude of that type of match. They both have respect for the fans….they know they couldnt go out there and stink it up in front of the fans! and sting is no brock lesnar, so undertaker will be way safer and more durable in that match!

  • satishwarne708

    Sting vs. Taker would have been awesome 12-13 years ago when they were at their best.It’s now just a ‘what if’ match,like what if Stone Cold and punk squared off?When it happens it’s too late.Still draws a lot money via nostalgia.