Sunny Cancels Weekend Appearance, Battling Drug Addiction

WrestleReunion announced Thursday that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s scheduled appearance as a vendor guest for American Icon Autographs at this weekend’s convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been canceled.

“Feel free to ask them why in person if you need specific details,” WrestleReunion states. “However, as we noted, she also no showed two different promotors in Miami two weeks ago.”

American Icon Autographs representative Zach Benson stated via e-mail that Sytch is currently dealing with “personal issues,” which is preventing her from appearing at the event. Following her third cancellation, they have no intention on working with her again.

“The truth is, we are also losing quite a bit of money over her cancellation, not to mention how dissapointed our company is as well. Sunny has cancelled on us twice now, and we have no intention of giving her another opportunity at this point,” Benson stated. “She seems to be having “personal issues”, and for whatever reason she is unable to attend. Cancellations are one of the few pitfalls of this business when you have to rely on celebrities. This late in the game we are unable to replace her with another guest, because we had no warning that she might not attend. It just isn’t cool no matter how you look at it.” representative Michael Bochicchio claims Sytch is currently battling drug addiction. He stated via e-mail: “Sunny was a vendor guest, so there is no replacement (on our end) since we weren’t the ones to bring her in. She likely couldn’t get through the border because of her recent record and had an attorney working on the issue until recently. She is also battling drug addiction and was making it very difficult on the vendor. She missed 3 appearances this month already, so I cannot say I”m shocked that she is not attending this convention either.”

The WWE Hall of Famer has been battling health problems in recent months; she has stated multiple times on her personal Facebook page being hospitalized. Sytch was hospitalized as recently as two weeks ago, which caused her to miss her scheduled appearance for NWA Ring Warriors.

Daniel Pena

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  • LittleJimmyGotGot

    Apparently if you’re a past wrestler who’s not relevant in today’s wrestling world, you become hooked on drugs or need rehab. Sunny, Hall, Tomko, Helms, Anvil, Maven and so on. Does life after wrestling really suck that much?

    • Vino Sinnathurai

      Shes alway been into drugs. Didn’t u hear the stories of how she sucked off a bench of guys in the back to get some coke?

      • Dustyfholes

        No. Do tell, please.

        • Aiii

          She sucked off a bunch of guys in the back to get some coke.

        • freykit

           Supposedly she sucked off Sabu and jerked off Joey Mercury at the same time to get some drugs. She denies it happening, but many other people say otherwise.

          • Systematic

            The homicidal, genocidal, spermicidal, std defying maniac… Sabu

          • Count_Da_Money


      • Fathead


        • cappa37

          haha i wish! god she was hot… but she did do some nude videos. Google it. It’s good for a nestaligia wank haha.

  • olbaiD4283

    Im tired of people ruining there lives…

  • olbaiD4283

    Give me the opportunities you have been given and I promise I wont dissapoint

    • CleverNameTaken

      All her opportunities were based off of her looks, and she used to be pretty hot.  It would be pretty hard not to disappoint.

  • Guest

    I met her a month back at a show and she seemed healthy and was in good spirits. She was very friendly and talkative with everyone. My thoughts are with her.

  • PauperPrince

    Sunny is a drug addict…there are 7 days in a week…don’t eat yellow snow

  • Kaylyn Owens

    If that’s true, that’s very upsetting. Drugs are the worst thing to ever happen to the WWE.

  • Harvey

    There’s no new news at all about Sunny cancelling appearances, this has been going on for years & years. The Wrestling Vixxxens had a signing at Tower Records in Chicago back about almost ten years ago. Sunny was a no show…Missy Hyatt was an absolute pleasure to meet & was VERY cool to the fans. Krysty Myst was easy on the eyes too :)—Sunny who??