Superstar Billy Graham Says He Wants To Be Removed From The WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has published a new Facebook post explaining why he wants WWE to remove him from the Hall of Fame:

“In 2011 I became one unhappy retired wrestler when WWE inducted into its Hall of Fame Abdullah the Butcher (Larry Shreve). Not just because Shreve had never worked for the WW(W)F or stepped foot inside Madison Square Garden, not just because my good friend Randy “Macho Man” Savage was passed over in the honors list of that year, but because Abdullah actually is a butcher in a disturbingly real sense.

Now we all know that pro wrestling is largely make-believe. The trouble is that many of us end up losing the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. The temptation to become in real life the characters we create in the ring can sometimes become just too overwhelming. I’m afraid that’s the case with this WWE Hall of Fame inductee. For decades Larry Shreve has played the blood-lusting Abdullah the Butcher, a maniac psychotic enough to qualify as a Canadian-born Hitler, another Fuehrer.

Well, losing touch with reality is one thing; losing respect for other wrestlers’ rights is another, and in my view the “Butcher” has blotted his copybook big time by becoming a suspected spreader of Hepatitis C through his negligence when blading in the ring. The Butcher, who is Hepatitis C positive Genotype 2 is currently facing allegations of negligence, assault and battery in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice stemming from an unsanitary blade assault in a 2007 professional wrestling match. Nicholson is being represented by Ronald Caza in the case. Caza, of the Caza Saikaley law firm is one of Canada’s most eminent lawyers.

In this link ( you will see how Shreve, in a match against Hannibal (Devon Nicholson), cut his own head with a razor blade and then cut the forehead of the unsuspecting Nicholson. It’s alleged that the end result of this assault was Nicholson, a healthy young man at the time who was just beginning a promising career, contracting Hepatitis C. How many others wrestlers have contracted Hepatitis C thanks to Abdullah’s indifference to the danger he poses regularly to his fellow workers? Nicholson is now in the middle of a 9 month regimen with disturbing side effects to rid him of this disease.

In my opinion every time “The Butcher” behaves in this utterly irresponsible way, cutting the foreheads of other wrestlers, it is as if he is attempting murder, because the fact is the Hepatitis C can kill. I take no pleasure at all in saying this. Larry Shreve was once a friend of mine and it has saddened me to see him sink into such anti-social behavior. But right is right and wrong is wrong and never the twain shall meet. WWE, with its powerful influence on our vulnerable youth in these increasingly immoral times, should be strongly condemning life-threatening gimmicks in the ring, not rewarding them, and Larry Shreve needs to take stock of his actions and the tragic effects they have had on others. The world of pro wrestling is a rough and tough one, and none of us has a lily-white record when it comes to personal behavior. But carelessly spreading a deadly disease in the name of “entertainment” is beyond a joke. So hopefully now you will all have a better understanding of exactly why I asked WWE to remove my name from the WWE Hall of Fame list when Abdullah was inducted two years ago.

Superstar Billy Graham”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • fatneal

    …these old wrestlers have nothing better to do

  • bayarea08

    that’s like saying The Joker (Heath Ledger) shouldn’t win best Supporting Actor.

    And the thing with Nicholson, he and many others helped paved the way for a safer wrestling environment.

    • The Guest

      What the fuck are you talking about?

      • bayarea08

        did you not read the article above? or did you skim through it?

    • Bodacious Bob

      First, are you high or drunk? Second, is that you Jack Swagger?

  • Reality

    It shoud have been “I want to be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame because I’m such an embarassment for them and feel bad about it”

    • SOBI

      or Rather “I want to be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame because I’m a whining old man who has nothing better to do then to bitch and cry”

  • arcade_arson

    and i heard he had nice things to say about him in his book although i don’t think abdullah the butcher should be in wwe hall of fame

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I have questionable family members that are embarrassing. I don’t want out of my family. Who fucking cares if you’re both in the HOF? It’s not like you have to sit next to him once a year. Hell you don’t even do anything for WWE except bitch and moan about them, so you should be happy you’re even being acknowledged still.

    • TheKillingMoon


    • The Guest

      Has any of your family members knowingly spread hep c? This isnt about someone being “embarrassing. ” what Abdullah did and still does to this day is straight up criminal.

      Ot was a bad call for HHH to suggest him for the HoF. I’m sure he didn’t know Abdullah knowingly spreads hep c. If he did, I’m sure he would feel the same as Superstar about Abdullah.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Did Billy Graham personally get infected with HepC? Otherwise he’s getting butthurt on behalf of others who I DON’T hear bitching about Abdullah being in the HOF.

        He needs to quit being offending on behalf of others and take some serious stock in how he’s been acting for almost a decade now.

        • The Guest

          What the fuck are you talking about? There are others that Abdullah has allegedly infected that bitch and cry all the time. There is a documentary (Don’t Bleed on Me) that is about Abdullah and others bleeding on people and spreading hep c. They show video of him cutting himself then cutting those now infected with the same blade!

          Btw, yes, Billy Graham does in fact have hep c. You didn’t know that?

          • Forceton Banfodder

            No I didn’t.

            Okay, so answer me this. Did Abdullah personally give Graham HepC? How many years did Graham wrestle with HepC before he was diagnosed? How many times did he blade?

  • raVen

    poor guy thinks the wwe hof actually means anything to anyone…sad.

    • Jeremy

      The HOF DOES mean something…oh hell I am expecting IWCTards to be smart. Sorry, I should have known better.

      • that guy over there

        the wwe HOF has been shit since 2011 when they inducted abdullah and drew carey the HOD doesnt mean anything anymore im not gonna be surprised if evan bourne gets inducted into it somewhere around 2040

      • jccox01

        The hall of fame is a joke now. Whenever they start letting in celebrities for their one or two appearances at a ppv was the day it died.

  • TNAfan87

    wow anythign anti WWE and you guys turn on them i find it funny ….GO SUPERSTAR

    • Jeremy

      TNA is shit.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      You’re obviously new.

      Billy Graham says the same shit every other month. He’s a whiny bitch. Doesn’t mean we hate the guy, but he needs to quit bitching already, that or certain wrestling sites need to quit covering this same tired story.

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Macho Man was not passed over, his jobber of a brother wants the whole family inducted, Lanny Poffo in the HOF would be a joke.

  • Jeremy

    Won’t miss you.

  • Seth Bob

    When are people gonna get it through their thick skulls that WWE has TRIED & TRIED to put Macho Man in and they can’t. It was Macho’s decision.

    • BOOCH

      Those people will never figure it out cause they’re retarded. they’re the same people who said “Its about time” when Bruno Sammartino got inducted. WWE has wanted to do this for years it was Bruno who didn’t want in.

      And Lanny Paffo is the one preventing Macho Man from going into the Hall Of Fame. And Owen Hart’s wife is the reason Owen isn’t going into the Hall Of Fame.

      WWE has Wanted these 3 men in the Hall Of Fame for years (got their wish with Bruno) But the decision was and still is out of their hands.

      • Seth Bob

        Thank you. So much.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Superstar is right, Abdullah did something just horrible to another on purpose and that is not cool. As for him not being in the HOF, we, the fans, get so little from these guys and if he understood how we felt, he would understand we want him in because he deserves being there and we want those who deserve to be in the hall stay in the hall.

  • Count Of Trolly Cristo

    Thats a kind of lameassss news qualified to be posted in some third rated immigrant sites like