Survivor Series News: Rumored Finish For The Main Event, Cody’s Status & More

WWE Survivor Series is just a few hours away and we’ve got a backstage update on what’s being planned for tonight’s big show.

After suffering a concussion last week and undergoing an MRI on Friday, there has been no official update on the status of Cody Rhodes. If he is unable to compete tonight, his rumored replacements are Tensai and Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo is using Twitter to push for his inclusion in the match, tweeting the following over the weekend:

He’s also encouraging fans to tweet the hashtag #RRforSS to show support for him.

The Prime Time Players are not booked for a match as of this writing, but they are expected to work the show in a match involving Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Titus O’Neal tweeted on Sunday:

As for the WWE Championship main event between CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback, CM Punk was booked to retain as of a few days ago and we haven’t heard anything about changes to that plan.

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Brad Davis

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  • Tommy

    Any guess to who will be in Rhodes spot for Team Ziggler?

    • Josh Foley

      apparently its tensai

      • ewd

        its not dickhead. Why would they have him when he has been jobbed countless times, use your brian maggot. It’s someone such as otunga

        • The Guest

          Yeah. Use your brian, Josh. You dickhead.

          • Ryan Walker

            Fucking hell, Josh. Get your shit together!

  • Guest

    Ryback is scared of GOLDBERG Ryback is NEXT

  • Teefolks33

    Maybe its someone who is coming back

  • Teefolks33

    I agree!!!!

  • T-Dog95

    Someone returning?

  • tommy

    I figured Tensai, didn’t seem like alot of choices when actually looking through the roster and they have altered the ppv two or three times already. I still think they will add another eilimination match that will include rey/sin cara and prime time players, and I noticed they changed the pre show back to team co bro vs 3mb so could also include gabriel and kidd in elimination match

  • Tommy

    well so much for Tensai we have David Otunga folks

  • #heel420


    • Joseph Russello


  • ewd

    so here we go, undertaker and lesnar as well as Seth rollins and ambrose have been spotted + matt striker on twitter said something about someone being injured ( not rhodes) check it out. This is gonna be fun

  • Joseph Russello

    Can someone put on the link for the paper view so I could watch you please

  • Jordan

    Anyone got a link for a stream without having to take a survey?

    • gyugyugghyujh

      google adthe and the link should be there

  • Joseph Russello

    I need a link

    • Guest

      I have one..

  • steelerfan5183

    Me So Horny!!!!

  • synkara

    What a waste of Tensai. Glad to see Gabriel and Kidd get some major match time. Would love to see them against Rey and Sin Cara. Can’t believe Dolph didn’t cash in after Big Show’s beatdown. They could have basically been the start of the Team Ziggler match.

  • Joey Gittemeier

    anybody have a link to a stream if u do tell me pleez

  • synkara

    Why are superstars so easily beaten and pinned in these Survivor Series matches ? I want to see an EPIC match that just seems to never end. 5 matches in 1 !

  • HellNoNO

    DEAN FUCKING AMBROSE!!! HAHA! I Smell an Alliance with Paul Heyman! #365

    • #LOLZ


    • jay

      lol As soon as they said it was dean ambrose I knew in my head that a whole slew of indy fan boys had a collective nerd-gasam

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  • Leashkeeper

    I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this can’t Punk Win on His Own what a waste of time watching!!!!!

  • Brian Clark

    Good now you nerds can STFU about Dean Ambrose. As much hype as he has
    gotten he better be damn near main event status before Wrestlemania.

    • Sisisi!

      Or what? It’s not like he’s going to make things any worse.

  • Angie

    so glad i didnt waste my money on the same old cheater punk. this is joke and makes me want to throw. come on wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY !!!!!

  • Sjerke23

    WWE has become like one of those soap operas with predictable, recycled and back from the dead storylines. Maybe WWE’s glorydays are over and its time to call it quits…….or at least get some new creative minds.

    • Jason

      Leash, when has WWE not been a soap opera? I mean come on…

    • KAZ

      That was actually a pretty damn good PPV, matches were long and decent. And every match kept the fans on the feet, even the women’s match. You just want to sound cool by saying it sucked when it actually didn’t.

  • Commentor

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      • PunkMC

        “HAHAHA thanks that comment made my day i love internet thugs” Ummm, you kind of started it. Wouldn’t that make you an ‘internet thug’. How does your foot taste moron?

  • angie

    please watch cuss words my son is 7 and loves wrestling but i cant let him see this and he is trying to tweet please

  • ynmarcell

    DEAN AMBROSE BABYYYYYY!!!!! (Chris Jericho voice)