Taker vs. HHH Confirmed For ‘Mania, Batista’s Movie Role Details

— Updated advertising for the March 12 Raw SuperShow at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio confirms a bout pitting The Undertaker and Triple H at WrestleMania. The description on the official website of the Quicken Loans Arena says, “What will HBK have to say about the confrontation between his long-time friend (Triple H) and WrestleMania foe (The Undertaker)?”

— Former WWE performer Dave Bautista (a/k/a Batista) will be playing the role of Diaz in the upcoming Chronicles of Riddick 2 movie starring Vin Diesel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He will appear in “9/10ths of the film” once filming and editing is complete.

— Christian wrote the following on Twitter about an individual claiming to be Edge for a scheduled appearance in New York later this year:

“If ur planning on going 2 meet Edge @ autograph session @ Omega Sports, Queensbury, NY Apr 21 he WON’T be there..Unfortunately owner of store was fooled by someone claiming to represent Edge.. Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • http://twitter.com/TeamAwesome418 Team Awesome

    Honestly when Undertaker came out to interrupt Triple H from firing John laurinaitis. The first half of my prediction went well, the whole patting Taker on the shoulder and then leaving the ring. From there thought Undertaker vs. Triple H III was a tease and then the following week we have a New Opponent for Triple H. Thought was ruin when Undertaker was given that new video package for Triple H which i thought was impressive though, just wish they did a spin-off with a different opponent. With HBK now in this mix, a bit skeptical but can it be possible for him to turn on Triple H at WrestleMania 28 if he was placed as a Ref or do turn on The Undertaker.  


    Sorry but I’m just not interested in taker-hhh III. Even with shawn michaels possibly involved I still don’t find it intriguing. Punk vs Jericho is all I’m thinking about when it comes to wrestlemania.

    • NoachShana626

      He (Shawn) should’ve been the ref last year. This is boring and pointless. HHH doesn’t need the win to give him a boost. Undertaker is old and can’t go much longer. Cena needed to be the guy this year, but the WWE had to make Cena-Rock official right after Mania 27.

      • ALDO the APACHE

        Exactly. Dosent matter how well this build up is; triple h is not an up and comer. He’s not gonna win period. It should be someone who would be a real threat to the streak. I think wwe just couldn’t find anyone so they just went with hhh again. I hope this isn’t undertakers last match. His final match be exciting and make you wonder if his streak is in jeopardy. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Cena needed to be the guy? Really? Do you honestly believe Cena could have 75% of the match with Taker that Trips had last year? No, he couldn’t. The match was so great because it was 2 guys who know each other’s in and outs and they both know how to call a great match. 

        I never want to see Cena in the same ring with Taker at Mania. Obviously the WWE shares some of that feeling seeing how they haven’t made it happen. And if you think for a second it’ll happen next year, you’re in for a major disappointment. 

        If, and that’s a big If, anything, Rock vs. Taker would have been 20 times more intriguing than Cena vs. Taker.

      • Punk4LifeNWO

        Cena shouldn’t be the guy to face taker this year! it should be STING!! think of it  ICON VS ICON.. it would’ve went so well last year but wwe went with hhh instead. -__-

    • KevinB773

      Thought Taker-Kane woulda been pretty sweet

    • Kaylyn Owens

      No one is. I’d rather see almost anyone else vs. Taker. Give the spot to Randy.

  • DestructionofBrothers

    Not the outcome I wanted forTaker but hey, we only get to see him in action once a year now so I guess we should just get on with it. Realy hope he goes 20-0 but I am optamistic with HBK in the mix. Taker ftw

  • pwnez

     ‘Taker vs HHH III wasn’t that interesting to me before but since HBK is most likely going to be involved i’m really not interested now. I’m hoping the build up for this match is at least good but then again, we’ve seen this before last year.

    • DestructionofBrothers

      I agree but to be fair I am just looking forward to seeing Taker in action again(and probably for the last time), even if they have gone about it the worst possible way. We can only hope they have something good and surprising planned.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        I predict right when Triple H is about to get the 3 count, Michaels screws him.  *yawn* 

        • DigitalWWE

          Pretty much what I said. HHH will technically break the streak but shawn screws him.

          • Forceton Banfodder

             That…  or, Kevin Nash comes running out of no where at the very end and hits Undertaker with a powerbomb and Triple H refuses to use his help to beat the streak…  

          • pwnez

            This is why I would rather not have HBK be thrown into another main storyline, I don’t think it’s going to make anything more interesting. Yep, I could see the entire Kliq getting into this match and that wouldn’t help the situation at all.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2L653QU6DPTC6WQSLK26BO4YU M.E.B

            Scott and Pac come out to save taker. but on a serious note that would piss me off lol

          • TheKillingMoon

             Huh?! That will be a script from a TNA writer.

          • Bob Babob

            Other way round, Shawn tries to screw Taker, but taker still takes them both out and another ref makes the count

    • Lester Foxx

       Yeah it’ll be as interesting as the 1000th times DX reunion.

      Especially when HBK screwed HHH again and leading to a HHH vs HBK match in SS….

  • Rob

    The Undertaker never got revenge on Kane or Wade Barrett for getting buried alive.

    • Shashy626

      yeah but how often does the wwe use continuity? as always they’re insulting our intelligence by expecting us to have forgotten those events…

    • nanu1115

      Chris Jericho also never got revenge on Randy Orton for punting him “away”. But what else is new with the WWE.

  • pwnez_star


  • Jay

    I bet u they will put on a decent match… lets face it, it’s not like all 19 of Takers matches at WM were must see.

  • Drpepper

    I Don’t Like this

  • LittleJimmyGotGot

    Undertaker match could be so much better if it was a diffrernt opponent. If Drew McIntyre got a decent push this year he could’ve tried against the streak. They should’ve had Wade Barret do it this year. They could’ve also had Stone Cold vs Taker and have Austin come back for his last match next year against CM Punk or Lesnar. Kane vs Taker would be better than HHH, it’d be cool if the had a twist like Paul Bear and James Mitchell show up and have them turn out to be related also

  • Kage

    I hope HHH had nothing to do with this match, but it’s obvious that he did though.

  • wwetnadudez

    Wow, interesting to see how many people hate on this match. Look, most of the WWE fans are not a part of the IWC, they are actual fans who want to see this match, think about it, HHH and UT are two of the biggest names in the WWE and for them to continue a saga like this one seems good to most fans, like my cousin the minute I told him about this he was like “Hell yeah I hope it’s as great as the last one” a typical fan wants a good show they don’t care if it’s the third time if there getting there moneys worth. To some this is as great as getting another Star Wars, Jaws, Terminator..etc.

    • nanu1115

      Nobody wants to see Taker vs Triple H against because its not “rubber” match worthy. Taker beat Triple H not once, but twice. Under normal circumstances, the winner of Two out of Three matches is the Winner in a feud. They did it with Christian earlier this year. And they did it with Show and Henry as well. This should not be any different.

      Is it a good match? yes, its just that its become predictable now what the match is gonna be like. Its just near fall after finisher near fall after finisher for an hour. Sure it was great last year, but people will become desensitized to it when it actually happens this year.

      Besides, Taker vs Triple H is gonna cause alot of time constraints on the card if they go another hour this year.

  • indywrestler22

    Last minute card change.Just kidding.I’m 50/50 on this match but my view is the streak will finally be broken& I don’t want that to happen.That(in my opinion)will kind of tear down the mystique of The Undertaker&he’s too grand of a legend for that to happen to him.But however the outcome,a record like that will never be duplicated.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Call me crazy, I thought if it was tagged under Edge, it’d have more to do with Edge.