Talk Of Two Former WWE Stars Returning To The Company, Mick Foley Shows Off His Christmas Room (Video)

– It was reported Saturday that some familiar faces could be returning to WWE in the coming months as there has been a push from several top talents for the organization to bring back some “solid hand” wrestlers that were previously released. Two specific names in mind are MVP and Shelton Benjamin as organization officials have discussed bringing the former Superstars back to the fold.

Since being released from WWE in April 2010 in a cost-cutting measure, Benjamin has kept busy in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. MVP also competes in New Japan, where he teams with Benjamin under the tag team name “Black Dynamite.”

– Mick Foley displays his beloved Christmas room on the latest edition of WWE’s “Superstar Toyz.”


Daniel Pena

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  • Donte Shoshona Gopual

    Perfect if MVP returns as a heel with the same gimmick then he will probably win the world heavyweight championshp, shelton on the other hand……. hes a great wrestler but i dont see him fitting in, LETS SEE.

    • siberian_skies

      I think Benjamin was respected in the locker room. He has a reputation as being a good worker. He’s just not that good on the mic. He needs a partner who can talk on the mic, or a manager.

      • Pozessed

        A.W. would of been a good manager for him.. I remember Shelton’s heel run and I think A.W. would of suited that amazingly.

        • siberian_skies

          Was that when they had his “momma” on SD?

          • Bro88

            I think (and hope) hes referring to when Benjamin referred to himself as the gold standard with his hair bleached blonde. He was aggressive and violent but never had a good feud.

  • SomethingRhodes

    YES!! Bring back Shelton Benjamin and push him to the sky!!! Shelton Benjamin vs. Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title, MAKE IT HAPPEN WWE

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      lol i sense the sarcasm

      • SomethingRhodes

        No, I honestly love Shelton Benjamin. He’s insanely entertaining in the ring. Him vs. Rhodes, Ziggler, Punk, or DBry would be a PPV quality match

        • Donte Shoshona Gopual

          OH lol

        • rody

          you love shelton banjamin? you even enjoyed him in the ring? or his ring?

    • pwnez

      If they bring in Shelton then they should also try and get Haas back as well. Those two would boost the tag division by alot.

      • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

        Haas has really developed for me in ROH charisma wise…i hope he is brought back they could be a kickass Tag

      • zenwp

        you and your pathetic opinions! get a life, kiddo. what shitty username… pwnez

        • pwnez


        • Nelson Carvalho

          get a job

        • Nelson Carvalho

          you obviously doesnt know nothing about wrestling.

    • Nicolai

      shelton vs ziggler in a ladder match gives me a raging…………………

  • jackhandy

    Two guys who I personally want to see get one more shot is Carlito and Chris Masters.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Carlito can’t get along with HHH. Don’t look for him to return anytime soon.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I was really disappointed with MVP when he left. For two reasons. I was disappointed that WWE didn’t/couldn’t see how hard MVP was trying to go to the next level and be taken seriously as a World Champion contender. For that I was disappointed with WWE.

    I was disappointed with MVP leaving because I think had he stuck it out and waited for the current lull in talent WWE is suffering from, he would’ve been a World Champion by now.

    However I also understand that Japan was a dream of his, so I don’t blame him for seeking different opportunities. And let’s face it, Laurinaitis sucked at brokering deals to keep talent from walking. He blew several opportunities (losing Jeff Hardy, losing MVP, losing Batista) and it looks like it finally cost him his spot.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Batista was leaving because of the WWE Product with the PG Rating not because of John Laurinaitis and Jeff Hardy did drugs so he got fired because of his third strike so those 2 aren’t his fault but MVP was his fault.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Batista left because his contract was up. You can listen to his excuses for why he left, but the reality is that Laurinaitis did nothing to sweeten the deal to keep him from walking away. It was Laurinaitis job to keep these guys happy and get them to resign their contracts.

        Also, Jeff Hardy was never fired. He left when his contract was up because he wanted time off to recuperate with every intention of returning. When WWE ran the angle of CM Punk trashing him as a drug addict after he left, Hardy decided to pen a deal with TNA instead. The WWE has maintained since he left that the door is always open for Jeff Hardy to return if he chooses. Notice that Jeff never trashes the WWE in interviews, it’s because he has no intention of ever burning that bridge.

        As Vice President of Talent Relations it really was Laurinaitis’ job to keep the top level guys from walking away from the product. Laurinaitis got a lot of heat for letting those contracts I mentioned lapse. And there’s a reason he’s not in that position anymore. After he almost lost Rey Mysterio his fate was pretty much sealed.

    • GodsLoyalSon

      While I would love to see WWE make produce another black world champion, I’m afraid that it will take a while for MVP to get there. Had WWE kept him heel and continued his mega push after he lost the US strap then he would have been a great world champ, same with Benjamin who should have won the ECW strap at least once before the show went under.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        While I agree to some degree… MVP was great on a mic and was comfortable in the ring and I think would make a very good transition to world champion pretty quickly.

        However, Shelton remains stiff on a mic and has never looked comfortable talking in front of a crowd, his wrestling was great, but I don’t know if he would’ve helped or hurt ECW by that point. Abraham Washington sure as hell wasn’t helping.

        However, the best match I ever saw was at a Smackdown Live event with MVP vs. Benjamin. Have to say they stole the entire show til the main event. Awesome show, but their match stuck out as easily the best of the night.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      I agree. I felt like he left at a bad time. I felt like WWE was very close to turning him heel and pushing him to the main event, but then he left.

      I felt like Shelton was getting a bit of a push as well. IIRC his last singles match was a Money in the Bank qualifier where he beat CM Punk clean.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Shelton Benjamin is 38 years old. WWE lost their chance with him when he was young.

  • Kg247

    They killed mvp being a baby face he was such better heal and prob other way firbshelton he could not play a heal

  • kant

    bring back scotty goldman!

    • morrisonfanone

      Um, who? I’m sorry, I feel like I’m not old enough to know who that is.

  • kant

    but i love how they are probably going to bring back mvp and shelton! YES! cant wait to see mvp entrance again.!

  • Steve James

    I look forward to seeing Shelton. He was the highlight of countless TLC matches, and Haas/Benjamin was a pretty good team.

    • scoopsOfShit

      so you like a threesome?

  • that guy over there

    i thought it was gonna be batisra and chris jericho

    • Bro88

      Neither has held the US title in WWE

      • lol

        bro88, nobody cares about the us title

        • Bro88

          Plenty of people care, they just arent in the WWE

  • Adam Ejaz

    I honestly want both Benjamin and MVP to return…..that could definitly boost ratings and they’d be more entertaining to watch as a team even than Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio!

  • Steven Harris

    Both have improved since being away, although i cant see them ever getting pushed higher than a mid-card level, there older now and a think they would really help the newer and younger midcarders, kinda like what christian is doing, well atleast when he comes back

  • Bro88

    I’m liking that they’re bringing these two back. They were both solid in ring and MVP was good on the mic. They could def help WWE

    • morrisonfanone

      They couldn’t hurt it any worse, that’s for sure.

      • Bro88

        Its been decent recently, not great mind you but better than what it could be as well

  • abinniss

    I could imagine MVP leading Darren Young and Titus O’neil.

  • whos john cena

    MVP!!! MVP!!! MVP!!!

  • Trevor

    Bring back Colt Cabana or we….keep watching RAW

    • morrisonfanone

      Is that supposed to be a threat? It’s kind of backwards.

  • king of the octagon

    now is this what i want to hear, two of the greatest underrated superstars returning

  • morrisonfanone

    I was hoping it was Morrison. I’m so upset now.

  • [email protected]

    Getting rid of two guys in 2010 was a cost-cutting measure ? Were those two guys making the $90 million that Linda wasted ? WWE should fill out the roster more with Mason, Zeke and Yoshi, get Dibiase back on TV, and then later have the returns of John Morrison and Vladmir Koslov.