Talk Within WWE Of Mick Foley Wrestling Again, Trish Stratus Lands 93rd Magazine Cover, Best WWE Slaps Video

– reports Wednesday that WWE officials are contemplating a match pitting Mick Foley against CM Punk at next month’s TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view event in Brooklyn, New York. Monday’s Raw angle with Jerry “The King” Lawler points in that direction, and the idea has been discussed for over a month.

– Celebrating her Greek heritage, seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is featured on the cover of OPA!, an Australian lifestyle magazine. It marks as her 93rd magazine cover, and can be viewed her.

– WWE has released the following compilation video highlighting the best slaps in company history.

Daniel Pena

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  • Two Cents

    Where’s the backhand slap to Triple H from Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • BrickHouse

    You don’t finish off the year with CM Punk against and aged out of shape Mick Foley. Yo just don’t.. That type of match is shit, and it belongs on a RAW, not a PPV. It is in no way shape or form PPV quality, I don’t care what anyone says! To hell with that nostalgia shit. I never put nostalgia ahead of quality matches, ever! What they should do is have Punk and Cena end their feud for good in a TLC match where Punk wins and goes on to face the Rock at RR.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Are you kidding me? Seriously? Apparently you never saw the TNA street fight between Flair and Foley. Foley can still go, and the LAST thing people want is ANOTHER match between Cena and Punk.

      • Dan Kincaid

        Just asking because I honestly don’t remember, but how long ago was that match?

        • Craig DeBoard

          Roughly a year and a half ago, give or take a few months.

      • Sam Waldron

        that was also 2 years ago… and besides, did u see foley during the rumble? he could barely walk to the ring. That match is for hometown pandering and nostalgia, nothing more.

    • SJP315

      Dude Foley is still great at getting PPL super over even more so than they already are just ask Edge and Orton edge credits his hardcore match at WM with Foley as the main and biggest reason the fans accepted him as a main eventer for life. That match with edge was one of the most career defining moments of edge and kept you glued to the TV and I as a fan would absolutely LOVE to witness that match live as I’ll be attending the PPV.

    • comic_book_fan

      like punk and cena for the 9992 would be any beter of a match.

  • thahitman42

    so i guess ryback isn’t winning

  • liljimmy

    The rock better appear on few raw’s before the goddamn title match at royal rumble. I can’t wait til the build up to rumble begins if its cm punk vs rock i’ll be ordering rumble if its cena vs rock 2 then i might depending on the other matches. But if i get cena vs rock 2 and sheamus vs big show randy vs del Rio then I’m definitely not ordering the ppv.

    • liljimmy

      Where is Christian? And zack ryder has more twitter followers than miz a former wwe champion.

      • JamieEvsxx

        Christian’s injured…hopefully should be back by the end of this year…=)

      • Craig DeBoard

        Shut up Liljimmy. No one likes you anymore. We want R-Truth as a heel.

      • Nova

        Christian also has an appearance for TNA sometime yeah>?

  • Shockmaster

    I don’t know about Punk and Foley at TLC. I think I would rather have Cena beat Punk then, then Rock take the belt from Cena at the Rumble, and the Punk face Rock at Wrestlemania.

  • TheTruth

    The Rock will not have the title ANYTIME soon. So…. CM Punk over at Survivor Series. CM Punk over Foley at TLC. CM Punk over the Rock at RR (due to John Cena interference) . Ryback wins the RR match goes on to face Punk at WM and Rock vs. Cena II at Wrestlemania.

    • liljimmy

      That will ruin the wrestlemania for me im tired of cenas crappy promos cena should continue the angle with aj and host a live sex show at wrestlemania with aj borrowing a page from edge and stay the hell away from wwe championship or the wrestlemania main event. It should be punk in the main event he has worked his ass off all this year and he deserves that top spot.

      • Josh Foley

        agreed, cena has been in the backburner all year, hasnt really done anything compelling compared to punk, not to mention punk is much better wrestler all around, style techniques moveset

        • liljimmy

          Do you think cena will step aside for punk to main event wrestlemania like he did with ryberg?

  • Conrad Kushman

    Foley match can go either way…I think they could even have a Foley endorsed Kofi Kingston vs CM Punk for the WWE Title in a TLC match.

    • Noach

      interesting idea, since kofi and punk are friends in real life, so they’d probably have good chemistry in a match.

  • Doug Funnie

    WWE really backed themselves into a corner…again.
    Can’t have Rock lose… Can’t have Punk go over Rock unless its WrestleMania… Does Cena wanna go 0-2 to Rock… Why would Cena interfere…wouldn’t that turn him heel? Do people really want to see Rock/Cena II headline? What about Punk being in the closing WM 29 match?

  • GodsLoyalSon

    How’s about making it a triple threat match?

  • JamieEvsxx

    ok I think this is the right place to comment since Disqus is like…fucked…=P…but yeah if they are definitely going for the 2 scenarios then they should go with the 1st one with Punk vs Rock 2 at WM because if I’m honest I’d rather not see Cena vs Rock because of the simple fact that they advertised it as Once In A Lifetime and therefore should be a 1 off thing…and besides I think Punk vs Rock would be a better match and I wouldn’t actually mind seeing that twice (just as long as they don’t advertise that as Once In A Lifetime as well because I don’t believe in false advertising)…xD

  • Brian Clark

    Honestly, stop making it seem like WWE writers are really dumb. Why would they Rock/ Cena at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania? More than likely Wrestlemania will be a Triple Threat Match with Rock/Punk/Cena. This way Cena can do 3 things that he could not do for the past two years in one night and that would be beating The Rock, beating CM Punk, and winning back the WWE Championship.

    • Peter Griffin

      agree with you completely except for the ending about cena winning lol ….idk why everyone thinks Rock will win at RR(not saying his losing but there is a chance) in my opinion I think if Rock wins at RR Punk will get his rematch at WM29 and cena will get himself into the match some how….if Punk wins at RR i don’t think it will be a clean finish Punk might get himself DQ or something but either way this would allow Rock to get another rematch at WM29 and cena getting himself into the match some how either way I think the main event for WM29 is going to be a triple threat The Rock vs Cm Punk vs Cena for the WWE Championship.

  • dae

    All I can say is I hope C Me Dump loses the title at Survivor Series. I am really tired of his “I’m the champion so you should respect me” crap. His whole storyline is becoming lamer than the AJ/Cena/Vickie copy of the Styles/Daniels/Dixie/Whateverhernamewas over in TNA.

  • StraightEdgeSolution

    Have rock beat punk at rumble and cena win rumble (sigh) and have rock v cena and have punk cash in his rematch clause for mania making it a triple threat match!

  • Reality

    Rock vs Cena III… lol?

  • rowdysk316

    What I want to see: Punk wins at Series, TLC. At Royal Rumble, Rock vs Punk in a no contest or Punk wins by DQ due to interference from Brock Lesnar. Punk vs Lesnar at Elimination Chamber and Rock or Cena win a contender-ship Chamber match. Winners face at Mania. Or a fatal four way between those four at WM.